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Camp Elk River


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Test screencast for TCLC Summer Camp 2009

Published in: Education, Sports
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Camp Elk River

  1. 1. Flickr user wsilver Slip and Slidecasting the basics of slidecasting TCLC Summer Camp 2009
  2. 2. Why Slidecast? - Explain with visuals & audio - Easier to create & edit than a screencast (which is a video capture of your computer screen with voice-over) - In both the slide file and the audio file, you can edit a small section without having to re-create the whole thing - Embed on your website so
  3. 3. You will need - A Powerpoint, Keynote, or PDF file - An MP3 audio file - An account on - A sense of adventure! Flickr user wsilver
  4. 4. Creating the MP3 - Audacity is a freely download-able audio editor - To create an MP3, you will also need to download LAME - LAME will allow you to export your audio file from Audacity to the MP3 format
  5. 5. Uploading and Sharing - In, upload your slides and audio file - Sync what audio goes with each slide - Share via a link or post a clip on your library’s website
  6. 6. The Return on Investment - Your first slidecast will take the longest to create - The set-up and the acclimation to the new tools takes time - After you’ve done one or two, you’ll be able to easily maintain and create new content - The payoff is sweet!
  7. 7. Questions? Ask your friendly presenters Diane Arnold at Lianne Hartman at Flickr user wsilver