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Empathize, define, & ideate 8.12.13


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Empathize, define, & ideate 8.12.13

  1. 1. SAY In elementary school I wanted to be an elementary school teacher because I loved my teachers and wanted to be like them I knew I wanted to go to grad school after college because both my parents went to grad school and education is really important. I wanted a stable profession because growing up my parents could really provide and that showed me that when I have a family I wanted the ability to provide for that familyOne direct career path was less important than the career path that would provide the financial stability Wanted highly regarded school and worked hard in high school – wanted to use that to get into a good college No idea what I wanted to major in. Started with an econ major because my dad was and I’m very similar Switched to poly sci because I had to choose by Sophomore year – at that point I realized I took a lot of geography and could double major. Junior year declared double major with geography Sophomore summer set up internship – come back home at the point not knowing and having no interest in the financial world law school turned into academia and becoming a professor in geography because of research they offered me a job but I decided that I didn’t want to be in NYC Stressed out about where I wanted to be and less about what job… at the same time I knew from the fall that I had a back-up job Since high school I think about the future all the time… I write so many lists about different options and scenarios about how different paths can play out It’s really important for me to have my own career and own accomplishments Everyone was looking for whatever job they could get because they want to be in NYC DC or Boston We are engrained our whole lives to get a change very frequently… it was always something new At times I look for jobs in places where my friends live… it would be an easier transition
  2. 2. THINK I need to grow up and be successful like my parents I want to do what people I envy do I know what my parents did to be successful and so I can follow a similar path for success I need to be able to continually provide for my family or others in all situations Getting into a good college will make me more successful and happy in life I need to have things mapped out or understand my next move to be successful Being vulnerable is uncomfortable and is not me performing at my peak I don’t need to have a path or career in mind – I just need to have the options and ideas of what’s next FEEL Uncomfortable with not knowing the future Happy with childhood and parents Excited at the chance to try new things Closely connected with family and need to use them for advice and guidanceScared of looking financially dependent and professionally insuperior Required to succeed in the future Uncomfortable with adapting to big changes – must have family/friends connection Alone without family support
  3. 3. PROBLEM STATEMENT A career driven, family guided, smart and hardworking financial advisor, who enjoys trying new things and seeks the next step in life and the future needs a way to because She has always been driven by family and those around her. She follows their guidance (and sometimes footsteps) to lead her to her next move (both professionally and academically). She likes trying new things but is uncomfortable with the vulnerability because it’s not part of the frameworks she has grown up knowing. let her passion guide her decisions instead of her past experiences and upbringing
  4. 4. Ideate 1. Have guidance from family 2. Quit her job and do what she wants to do 3. Get side job 4. Do what she wants to do at her current 5. Become the first geographer financial planner 6. Go back to school to figure out deeper passions 7. Not thinking about the next move 8. Go back in time and not be raised in the strict pathway 9. Have her parents quit their jobs and lead by example 10. Have her watch success stories with following passion 11. Have her see people not following normal career advancement 12. Have laws require a cap on salary 13. See other cultures with less emphasis on advancement and success through business 14. Have her start self reflection and meditation to figure out her path 15. Become more decisive on her decisions 16. Gain confidence in her career moves without relying on others 17. Starts a geography exploration company 18. Starts a university with geography 19. Travel the world and gain interest in geography 20. Meet world famous geographers for inspiration
  5. 5. 1. Start teaching business and get inspired to continue 2. Audit courses at colleges for geography 3. Get inspired by her bosses to follow her passion 4. Talk to people who did not follow their passions 5. Learn that success comes with passion 6. Go see a career counselor to guide her in the right direction 7. Have her ask herself what she wants to do without thinking 8. Have her live more spontaneously 9. Be comfortable with the unknown and the future 10. Change society to not be so focused on success through careers 11. Change society to be more focused on happiness 12. Create a cheaper economy 13. Give everyone so much money that they only follow their passions and do what they want 14. Force everyone to do what they want coming out of college 15. Leveling all pay for all jobs to ensure fairness in anything 16. Make geographers the most valuable jobs to society 17. Create a growth in geographer demand 18. Overpoulate working force for business requiring search for something new 19. Pay all in academia comparable to business and finance 20. Determine passions at a young age and follow that throughout school
  6. 6. 1. Create society to be all teachers 2. Get rid of the need for financial advisors by building that into curriculum and learning 3. Go forward in time and see what would happen if she continued being a financial advisor 4. Become truly okay with not following social norms 5. Feel success from happiness 6. Become optimistic about all situations 7. Believing the power of decisions and self expression 8. Live by passions only 9. Have her parents tell her to quit her job and support her financially 10. Mandate everyone to follow passions 11. Become successful through advising and then do what she wants
  7. 7. Practical: Become successful through advising and then do what she wants. This option is the least risky and a way where she can both be successful through the norms while doing what she wants eventually. This is not the optimal decision because it will lead to a period of unhappiness. Disruptive: Leveling all pay and success measures for all jobs. This is the most disruptive to society as we are engraved to think of competition and think numerically. This would further encourage people to do what they want instead of using the lens of success and money. My Favorite: See other cultures that don’t follow the same societal norms. This is my favorite because it expands her mind while it also will push her to do what she wants. She doesn’t always need to see it in the same way.