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Public Relations Measurement


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Public Relations Measurement

  1. 1. Measuring Your PublicRelations Success –Decoding Views,Variables, October 21, 2011and Value Presented by TC Public Relations
  2. 2.  By 2013, public relations spending will be up to 8billion dollars, which is a 55% increase from2008, according to the annual CommunicationsIndustry Forecast by private equity firm Veronis SuhlerStevenson (VSS). The $8 billion figure – cited in an Economist article onthe vitality of the industry – contains $3 billion that willbe spent on word-of-mouth marketing, which includessocial media outreach.
  3. 3. What you did (e.g. reachand frequency)What they thought KPM(e.g. engagement)What they did (e.g.traceable support)
  4. 4. Owned Earned PaidMedia Media Media
  5. 5. CEO Development Director MISSIONCommunications Director Public Relations Specialist
  6. 6.  “Believers” “Agnostics” “Atheists”
  7. 7. I – Who got this done?D – What are the results? Report that Centers on KPMS – What was the process? C –Why done this way?
  8. 8. D – What are the results?  Executive summary  List of measurements  ROI based on measurements
  9. 9. I – How was this done? Participation Sentiment Influence
  10. 10.  Steps taken  Methodology  CoordinationS – What was the process?
  11. 11.  Facts and Figures Data and Statistics Accuracy C –Why done this way?
  12. 12.  Overview Directives for time period or assignments Research directive and discovery Proactive and reactive messages Analysis of results
  13. 13.  Focus points of coverage/conversations Best example of KPM results Weighted value for “share of voice” Shining examples that justify efforts
  14. 14.  Lessons learned Recommendations for the future Supporting documentation ◦ Inventory of coverage ◦ Sample quotes from the media/comments ◦ Packaged coverage ◦ Dashboards from metric services
  15. 15.  A 2008 study of news stories in U.K. newspapers found that more than half contained mostly PR material. A study in the Columbia Journalism Review found that more than half the stories in an edition of The Wall Street Journal “were based solely on press releases.” USA Today
  16. 16. Name one takeaway from today’s program
  17. 17. Tom Ciesielka 312-422-1333