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LinkedIn for Lawyers Looking for $Loot$


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Presented to the Legal Marketing Association, Midwest Chapter in Detroit, 2013.

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LinkedIn for Lawyers Looking for $Loot$

  1. 1. Presented byTC Public Relations
  2. 2. Attention Legal Marketing Professional!Want fame and fortune from usingat your firm?
  3. 3. “LinkedIn leads all other socialnetworks in professional usage andperceived credibility (88%)….”2012 In-House Counsel NewMedia Engagement Surveyby Greentarget, InsideCounsel, Zeughauser Group
  4. 4. “For law firms and lawyers an effective LinkedInpresence is as important as a telephone. Don’tbuy that? Well, it’s more important than aMartindale-Hubbell listing was, something we allbelieved critical and for which we paid big dollarsfor decades.”Kevin O’Keefe, Lexblog
  5. 5. Trade Shows/ProfessionalEvents/Civic OrganizationsLinkedInMake New Connections Make New ConnectionsIncrease the “Know,” “Like” and“Trust” with New ConnectionsIncrease the “Know,” “Like” and“Trust” with New ConnectionsShare too many printed materialsthat likely will be tossedShare information that staysaccessibleLeverage strategic indirectprofessional activities when youcan’t “sell”Leverage strategic indirectprofessional activities when youcan’t “sell”Months of preparation andthousands of dollars of costsPut new relationships on a fasterdevelopment track
  6. 6.  Define KPIs for LinkedIn Data Used to Make Decisions Leverage LinkedIn Data Content Marketing Reduce Costs to Study Your Prospectswhich means we now need to ask…
  7. 7. Should Do MaybeNew Invitations Total ConnectionsLinkedIn Profile Views Likes and Comments on UpdatesFirm Page Followers Search ResultsRequests From Prospects Inbox ActivityGroup Topics Relevant to Firm’sPracticesRecommendations
  8. 8.  Attractive Profiles Active Corporate Pages Growth – Followers and Connections “Good Groupie”
  9. 9.  Dress up before you go out◦ Add a professional headshot◦ Update professional headline to include keywords◦ Summary - Include keywords used in your headline, repeatkeywords using a combination of full sentences and bulletpoints◦ Skills and Areas of Concentration
  10. 10.  Current clients Referral sources Connected prospects
  11. 11.  Eye-catching Call to Action and Link◦ Rotate among different linkable banners on“products & services” page Add Legal Practices and/or Industries toProducts & Services Page◦ Case Study, White Paper, PowerPoint, Webinar Use Target Audiences for Specific Updatesby…
  12. 12.  Remember you’ll need at least 100 followers, so….
  13. 13.  Leverage Owned Media:Draw attention to your LinkedIn company page to increase yourfollowers with a blog post about LinkedIn in firm’s industry andinclude a link to your company page. It should provide value, suchas the 10 top Groups in your industry. Add Company Page Link to Your Email Signature:Email is still the preferred communication medium for most businesses,so don’t miss the opportunity to include a link to your LinkedIn companypage at the end of each message. Encourage other employees to do thesame. Add Company Page Link to Your Group Post Signature:Rather than sign your Group messages with a link to your website, linkto your company page. People in LinkedIn are more likely to view a pagein LinkedIn than go look at your website.Adapted from
  14. 14.  Marketing materials Press releases Advertising “Cold calls” Facebook/Twitterduplicate posts
  15. 15.  Summary: Where you can see information such as numberof members, comments made in the last week, locationand job function of the majority of members, and rankingof position titles. Demographics: Section breaks down analytics acrossseniority, job function, location, and industry for themembers of the group. Growth: In the Growth view you can see how the group hasgrown over time, the number of members in the group,and the number of new members in the last week. Activity: See comments, discussions, jobs, and promotionsover the last week. Includes a monthly chart to see thenumber of comments and discussions over time.
  16. 16.  Who is there already? How are they doing? What engagement iscoachable?
  17. 17.  Known Liked Trustedon
  18. 18.  Three to six month commitment Building a reputation is business development Recruiting relationships without “Rules” = Ruin No place to copy and paste your bio
  19. 19.  In-House Counsel New Media Engagement Survey◦ Social Media Examiner◦ Executive Guide to Social Networks◦ Linked Into Business◦ Lexblog◦
  20. 20. Tom