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Toeic test preparation program achievement chart

  1. 1. TOEIC Test PreparationProgram - Achievement ChartWe come to improve and increase your English Test Scorewww.tciap.comTEL:+662-6197272
  2. 2. You can use the below charts to find out how many hours of study it will take to reach a target TOEIC levelfrom your current level. For example, if your current level is TOEIC 400, and your target is the 700 point level,it will take you approximately 750 hours of study to achieve your goal. It is important to note that it takesmany more hours of study to raise ones TOEIC score at the upper end of the scale than at the lower end. Forexample, it takes about 100 hours of training to raise a score from 200 to 300 points, but it takes anestimated 400 hours to raise a score from 800 to 900 points.TEL:+662-6197272
  3. 3. TCIAP preparation course was very helpful for me to improve and increase my TOEIC score.The extra English exercises were perfect to support my training.The simulation test helped me practice.I received 780 points in the TOEIC test and I am very happy.Please also thank my trainer for supporting. Thank you very much.We come to improve and increase your English Test Scorewww.tciap.comTEL:+662-6197272
  4. 4. Estimated Hours of Study Needed to ProgressBetween TOEIC LevelsTOEIC 200 TOEIC 300 TOEIC 400 TOEIC 500 TOEIC 600 TOEIC 700 TOEIC 800 TOEIC 900--> 100 hrs 250 hrs 450 hrs 700 hrs 1000 hrs 1350 hrs 1750 hrs--> 150 hrs 350 hrs 600 hrs 900 hrs 1250 hrs 1650 hrs--> 200 hrs 450 hrs 750 hrs 1100 hrs 1500 hrs--> 250 hrs 550 hrs 900 hrs 1300 hrs--> 300 hrs 650 hrs 1050 hrs--> 350 hrs 750 hrs--> 400 hrsXWe come to improve and increase your English Test
  5. 5. Advice for students about to take the TOEIC testThe first reason is that their level of English knowledge and ability is simply not high enough for the scorethey need to achieve. Many of these students take part in TOEIC preparation courses, but they fail to realizethat their English ability is not good enough; also that "preparation for a test" is not learning English.Through preparation a student can increase the TOEIC score level they achieve by becoming accustomed tothe TOEIC test, by planning a strategy for the test sitting, and by improving their accuracy and speed whenanswering questions. Indeed, preparation can allow a student to score 20% - 50% more in the TOEIC test,but this depends on each individual student.We come to improve and increase your English Test Scorewww.tciap.comTEL:+662-6197272
  6. 6. TEL:+662-6197272
  7. 7. We come to improve and increase your English Test Scorewww.tciap.comThe second reason is that students take far too long answering the first question types in the reading part of the test.Normally a student will be motivated and dedicated to answering the questions correctly; they will scrutinize the initial"incomplete sentence and text completion questions" before committing themselves to an answer; even though they mayknow the answer immediately. BUT what they do not realize is this....In the reading part of the test a student must answer 100 questions in 75 minutes. This actually means that on average, astudent has only 45 seconds per question!! The problem comes towards the end of the reading part; "single and doublepassage questions", because a student will find they may need a lot of time to read the associated texts.So you may ask yourself how is it possible to not run out of time. The answer is simple; in the initial incomplete sentenceand text completion questions, try to answer each question in under 45 seconds. You will then save “spare time” and whenyou come to the longer reading questions, you will have enough time to answer them all. Naturally this is where planning agood test strategy helps!
  8. 8. Estimate Test: Students can see an estimate of their TOEIC level and where to learn.Practice Test: Students can get accustomed to the TOEIC test with thousands of 2 hour test simulations.Preparation Exercises: Exercises for every part in the TOEIC test, with review, to show students theirmistakes and help them learn fast.English Language Exercises: To improve a students English and get an even higher TOEIC score level.Proficiency Exercises: to help students improve fluency and speed when listening and reading.Tips and Advice: Clever tactics and important information on the best way to complete the test. Advice foranswering questions, plan timing and what to expect on the day of the test.We come to improve and increase your English Test Scorewww.tciap.comTEL:+662-6197272