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distro - 1

  1. 1. A Brief History of Stone...
  2. 2. • Opened in 1996 • Co-founded by Greg Koch & Steve Wagner • Welcomed by local breweries SIMPLE PLAN: • Brew beers we want to drink • Don’t sell out
  3. 3. • Released Stone Pale Ale, Stone Smoked Porter, Stone IPA and Arrogant Bastard Ale in our first two years. • Fans loved us, but distributors... not so much. • They didn’t understand our beer or know how to sell it. • Left with one choice: self distribute
  4. 4. • Stone Distributing Co. was launched with a underpowered Ford Aerostar • Gave us the chance to give beer the care and dedication it deserved in San Diego • Added our first affiliate brand in 1999 • Let’s fast forward...
  5. 5. Present Day…
  6. 6. We Deliver Craft Beer to Southern California San Diego County | Orange County | Los Angeles | Riverside County | San Bernardino County Covering 40,000 square miles and a population of over 20,000,000
  7. 7. Over 90 men and women, passionate about delivering great craft beer to Southern California
  8. 8. Four semi-tractors, 8 trailers and 42 refrigerated delivery trucks, all running on bio-diesel
  9. 9. Two warehouses totaling over 85,000 square feet, with 36,000 square feet of cold storage. And growing.
  10. 10. Sales Team of 50 People, supporting over 6200 accounts
  11. 11. skilled positions include: Financial Analyst, Business Development Manager, Sr. Event Coordinator, and Database Administrator that generates detailed reports including VIP
  12. 12. We represent 32 different breweries from around the world
  13. 13. For many of our suppliers, we are the largest distributor outside their local market
  14. 14. What Sets Us Apart…
  15. 15. We handle and deliver craft beer properly Only Southern California distributor to refrigerate beer in storage and during delivery Strict adherence to code lengths
  16. 16. We are knowledgable about beer Over 95% of Sales Reps are Cicerone Server certified Active in Local Craft Beer Community Participate in over 450 local Charity Fundraisers and Beer Festivals annually Leaders in the Culinary Scene Beer Tastings, Beer Dinners, Instruct at Culinary Schools
  17. 17. We adhere to laws and conduct ourselves in an ethical manner We strictly follow California ABC law No free goods - ever No unlawful discounts We do not “pay to play”
  18. 18. We only represent breweries we believe in. Beers we want to drink and are proud to deliver Brewers that share the spirit and ethics of the craft beer movement
  19. 19. What our suppliers say about us…
  20. 20. “Progressive craft brewers are only truly understood by other progressive craft brewers. Stone Distributing Co. understands us and our need for success in the SoCal marketplace.” - Adam Avery
  21. 21. “We love the fact that our beer is always kept refrigerated, both in the warehouse and on the delivery truck.  This adds a significant cost to their bottom line, but they know it is the right way to distribute beer.  Stone runs their distributorship from a brewer’s perspective and their commitment to handling beer properly is second to none.” - Vinnie Cilurzo
  22. 22. “In Southern California we had many options, at the end of the day - we knew the best decision was keeping it local and working with our good friends at Stone Distributing Co.” - Tomme Arthur
  23. 23. “Stone Distribution sold more beer for us in the first quarter than our previous distributors sold the entire previous year.  Their knowledge of the market and passion for all craft brands is something we have always been impressed with”  - Rick Chapman
  24. 24. “Stone increased sales of Oskar Blues’ beers by 60% in only nine months.  Educated sales staff, motivated team leaders and a keen knowledge of craft beers has led Stone Distributing to sell our brand with a willingness and passion to bring the best products to beer enthusiasts in Southern California.” - John Bryant
  25. 25. “We chose Stone for several reasons, but one that stands out is their attention to detail to our family of brands. We couldn’t be happier with their understanding of the market, selling prowess and ability to execute in all channels of trade. We truly view Stone as the best choice for Southern California.” - Simon Thorpe President CEO Duvel Moortgat USA
  26. 26. Let’s talk numbers...
  27. 27. Case Equivalents
  28. 28. Points of Distribution Currently 3,000 Off Premise, 1,500 On Premise
  29. 29. Case Equivalents Broken Down Stone Suppliers
  30. 30. Deep Authorizations with our Key Accounts 170 SKUs50 SKUs 227 SKUs220 SKUs136 SKUs
  31. 31. Our Sub-Distributors Allied Dist Co LLC | Classic Distributing & Beverage Group | Mission Beverage Co Crest Beverage Co | Haralambos Beverage Co
  32. 32. What this means…
  33. 33. We take great pride in what we do and are passionate about the craft beer industry
  34. 34. We have a proven history of growing brands, deep respect from key brewers in the industry and we service one of the largest metropolitan regions in the United States.
  35. 35. Thanks.