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Handling the Human Side of E-Mail Administration


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Handling the Human Side of E-Mail Administration

  1. 1. Why is E-Mail such a touchy topic for people Introduction to the business risks of e-mail, IM, internet, and software use Risk Assessments Policy development, implementation and management Customer Service/Business Process Issues Role of the System Administrator mportance of end user education and awareness What Auditors Want On-Line and other resources
  2. 2. Why is E-Mail a touchy topic for people? Slide information courtesy of Stephen H Wissel, TAO Consulting
  3. 3. Elements of Risk
  4. 4. E-Mail Risks and Vulnerabilities
  5. 5. E-Mail Risks and Vulnerabilities
  6. 6. IM Risks and Vulnerabilities
  7. 7. IM Risks and Vulnerabilities
  8. 8. Internet Risks and Vulnerabilities
  9. 9. Internet Risks and Vulnerabilities
  10. 10. Software Risks and Vulnerabilities
  11. 11. Software Risks and Vulnerabilities
  12. 12. Are These Really Distinct?
  13. 13. Risk Assessments
  14. 14. Source: The ePolicy Handbook by Nancy Flynn
  15. 15. Risk Assessment Process Documents
  16. 16. Policy Issues To Be Addressed
  17. 17. Internal Risk Management Policies
  18. 18. Internal Risk Management Policies
  19. 19. External Risk Management Policies
  20. 20. External Risk Management Policies
  21. 21. Internal Risk Management Policies
  22. 22. Mitigating Risk Through Insurance
  23. 23. Policy Documents
  24. 24. Ccustomer Service/Business Process Issues
  25. 25. The Role of The System Admin
  26. 26. The Role of The System Admin
  27. 27. Personal Risks/Liabilities For You
  28. 28. Personal Risks/Liabilities For You
  29. 29. End User Education and Awareness “If you build it they will come” Users want their employers to be successful and survive. Enablement is the key to success. Why you need to mandate they sign acceptable use policies. Needs to be major emphasis on “Social Engineering” education and awareness. Employees need to understand that if they violate the policies, they may be waiting at home for some to pack up their personal belongings.
  30. 30. What Auditors Want
  31. 31. Audit Plan
  32. 32. Reviews and links available at
  33. 33. Questions, Comments, and Discussion How to Contact Me: Christopher Byrne Techies Cartoon Copyright 2000 Jeff Larson, All Rights Reserved, Permission Pending