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Loading tools for sporting guns


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This is a presentation delivered by Ken Hocking to a monthly meeting of the Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association (HBSA) of Great Britain in London, UK. Website:

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Loading tools for sporting guns

  1. 1. Loading Tools for Sporting Guns A Collectors View
  2. 2. Re Loading Tools for Sporting Guns Collecting My way to bring some order to the field 1 Single function tools – Can be considered the earliest 2 Multi- function tools – usually only two but latter can be complete process 3 Tools meant to be “power” or of large capacity – intended for commercial use and small gun makers
  3. 3. • Dixon Climax Tool
  4. 4. • Modern “Table Top” Kit
  5. 5. • More Complex “Table Top”
  6. 6. • WW II French Resistence
  7. 7. • WWII
  8. 8. • Small Workshop