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Year 10 coursework.docx sheet

  1. 1. Year 10 coursework <br />Tasks Tick off when you have discussed the areas Analyse how a music video appeals to its target audience Key areas Must show awareness of: Media language Forms and conventionsAudienceThe responses to media texts, including explanation, should total approximately500 words.You will need to analyse how the video is reaching its target audience and how it is appealing to them. You will need to have a clear idea of who you think the target audience is. You will need to think about how it is doing that. Target audience - Age, gender, profession – Who might be the secondary audience been? The unintended audience. USP- What is the unique selling point? Celebrities? Interesting video? Sexualisation? Media language- This is the visual language that creates meaning. Think about connotations of symbols, colour, camera position, mode of address of the star Narrative- what is the style of the video? In terms of narrative is there one? If so what is the impact on the audience? Narrative videoPerformance video Narrative and performance videoConcept video Genre- What are the genre conventions and why might this draw in an audience? Boy bands, dance routines Camera angles- Do they for example crop certain parts of the body? If so why? What is the impact? Mise en scene- Lighting, costume, props, setting/ location Uses and gratifications theoryConsider what the uses and gratifications for the video would be: Entertainment- the text provides pleasure for the audience, this is often characterised as being 'escapist'. social interaction: films, the news or last night's television programmes are common topics of discussion; we use the media to feed this social interaction. personal identity: we can get a sense of ourselves and our peer group from films. We may identify with particular film stars, who we may even use as role models.information: the media are full of information which we are at liberty to use.Relation to lyrics IllustrativeAmplifyingContradictory Mode of addressHow is the artist interacting witht he audience? Direct mode of address- singing/looking at themIndirect mode of address- Not showing awareness of the audienceWhat is the impact of this? HOW CAN I RECORD WHAT I HAVE FOUND? AnnotationsScreen grabs- These can be used as key examples of visual evidence for how the video appeals to its target audience. Continuous proseRemember that you only have 500 words so it needs to be tight and concise- there is no room for anything else. At the start of the video we have a medium shot of the lead singer. Her costume and make up are minimal perhaps to show the seriousness of the topic that she is discussing........The video is shot in black and white. Perhaps the audience are meant to see the situation in a sense of everything being black and white? Maybe considering the lyrics it is in fact ironic as the situation shows that things are not always as black and white as they may seem. Throughout the music video, it appeals to its male secondary audience through the use of the male gaze theory. The cropping of the scenes to focus on sexual elements of the pop start suggest that this is how we are mean to view her, as a sexual object. <br />