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Meaning in the film crash


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Meaning in the film crash

  1. 1. Meaning in the film crashLearning outcome: by the end of the lesson, I will be able to analyse theimpact of micro elements specifically mise en scene in a key scene
  2. 2. • Starter:• What is mise en scene ?• What is performance?• What is diegetic sound?• What is not diegetic sound?
  3. 3. Expectations• All homework is completed• All homework links in to prepare you for coursework so it is imperative that you do it• Homework should be taking you at least 45 minutes- if its not you are not putting in the required time• If you are analysing a two minute clip there should be at least a side of a4 minimum
  4. 4. • 81Y&feature=relmfu• How is performance used within this scene to create meaning for the spectator?• Find 4 screen grabs to analyse that sum up the use of performance in this scene• Remember performance is facial expression, body language and movement, tone of voice.
  5. 5. •
  6. 6. 1.The composition of the frame ensures that the gun isprominent in the scene connoting the sense of danger. Theblurriness creates suspense as the audience do not knowwho he is going to attack. The blurriness could alsosymbolise his anger and that he is blinded by itThe black of his outfit is in stark contrast to the white vanand highlights the vast difference between the twocharacters.2. The frame is cropped so that the audience focus in on theuse of performance to create meaning for the audience. Hisshocked face and the way that he pulls back from the gunhighlights the shock that this is happening to him- it createsthe feeling that he is innocent and helpless- a stark contrastto the gang member that Sandra Bullocks character pinnedhim as at the start of the film.3. The use of lighting in the scene connotes the way hisdaughter sees him- god like and we are forced to realise theterribleness of the situation if he were to be killed. The miseen scene in the background reflects normality- with theChristmas decorations on the lawn- this further highlightsthe idea that this film is talking about real life and thatracism and not caring about each other can impact all of ourlives. Body language from both of the characters highlighttheir feelings towards each other.
  7. 7. The close up further highlights the mans anger,the secondary characters face is blurred toensure that all focus is on the man with the gunand his anger. The clip relies on body languageto create sympathy within the audience- thepositions of the character highlight the powerstruggle and further reinforce that the Mexicanman is the victim.The inside images and the daughter create ajuxtaposition between the safety and joy ofinside to the situation unfolding outside.As she runs from the house is incredibly brightas it is around the dad rainforcing thepreciousness of her and the innocence of her- itfurther creates suspense for the audience asthey fear for what will happen to the girl.
  8. 8. Performance is key for creating the emotionalresponse that the audience have in this scene.The camera movement and editing furtherreinforces the dads reaction bring the imagecloser and closer to the audience, despite theaudience wanting to look away from it.The brightness of the day further reinforces thedirectors point that this could happenanywhere- we are not protected from theseproblems in society. His facial expression is keyto highlight the shock at his actions. The use ofslow motion effect on their performance andthe long takes on them before the cut furtherimpacts their pain on the audience.
  9. 9. Extended task• Consider how a range of micro elements work together in this scene to create meaning.• You will need to use the exemplar to support your own analysis of this scene.• dkg&feature=related
  10. 10. • For a level 4- excellent understanding of the micro elements used and clear anaylsis of how each of the elements is used to create meaning for the spectator (as with the exemplar)• For a level 3-micro elements are identified, some analysis of the impact of the micro elements is considered as is the impact on the audience.• For a level 2 –the micro elements are identified but there is little consideration of the impact they make on the spectator
  11. 11. Plenary• What have I learnt today?• What do I feel confident about?• What a I unsure about