Magazine analysis lesson 1 a


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Magazine analysis lesson 1 a

  1. 1. Straight to your seating plan on the computer. Open up a word document and complete the starter. Magazine analysis lesson 1A L.O By the end of the lesson you will have used an
  2. 2. starter• Task one: Write two PEES about the following magazine based on how meaning is created.
  3. 3. Homework due in- your own analysis of a front cover in the genre of your choice.• Task: Looking at the two exemplars written by TXC- create an analysis on a front cover yourself. It must be at least a side of A4 and reference the key technical terms (use the annotations you did last lesson if you can not remember them)
  4. 4. • A grade: Your analysis uses all the correct terminology when you are discussing the magazine and how it creates meaning. You are using the word connotes and analysing the impact of the reader and why it makes them want to buy the magazine. You have consider the idea of representation• C grade: Your work uses at least 5 key terms and you are able to discuss some of the meaning that is made for the audience by these key terms. You will have also shown the impact on the readers.• D grade – Your work uses some technical terms but you may not be clear in your reference of the imapct created by them. You will have shown some awareness of the audience and how they might react to the front cover.
  5. 5. See me before you start this task.• Extension task-• Taking one of the magazines within the same genre, I want you to analyse firstly the representation of gender given on the front cover. Then I want you to consider how the representation is continued throughout the magazine. This could be through the use of articles, the content of articles, the use of language and photos.
  6. 6. Plenary• With the person next to you, share at least one of your point evidence explain examples with them and discuss what grade you think you would get.• Assess on the bottom of your work the grade you think you got and give a reason why.• How do you feel about the work you have achieved today?
  7. 7. • Homework:• A4 analysis of a front cover of your choice• Due Wednesday