Creativity with music video


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Creativity with music video

  1. 1. Music video <br />Lesson 3a <br />L.O to show your understanding of the three types of music video using creativity <br />
  2. 2. The task <br />Taking the lyrics given to you, design the music video to be either:<br />Illustrative-using the ideas to create a video that is symbolic of the ideas in the lyrics-uses metaphors<br />Amplifying- take the ideas of the video and amplifying and exaggerating them <br />Contradicting- create a video that is a concept which has nothing to do with the lyrics. <br />
  3. 3. You may also show that your music video is:<br />Concept<br />Performance (think Beyonce should have put a ring on it as amplifying) <br />Narrative <br />Narrative and performance <br />
  4. 4. You will need to be<br />Creative thinkers- Imaginative, develop existing skills, think of new ideas <br />Self managers- Manage your time, set realistic targets, prioritise your time and the tasks <br />
  5. 5. Recording it <br />Draw or write what will be taking place on screen <br />Picture of a girl crying <br />My video will be amplifying but I will also use a narrative <br />Camera angle and movement- the lyrics that will be in the background <br />Camera zooms in to a close up of the girls tears. <br />Lyrics “ Are you lonesome tonight do you miss me tonight” <br />Picture of the girl and boy happy in the park. Sun shining. Picture blurry like a flashback <br />Establishing/long shot to show them together, cuddling. Lyrics “Does your memory stray to a bright sunny day” <br />
  6. 6. The lyrics <br /> Are you lonesome tonight,Do you miss me tonight? Are you sorry we drifted apart? Does your memory stray to a brighter sunny dayWhen I kissed you and called you sweetheart? Do the chairs in your parlor seem empty and bare? Do you gaze at your doorstep and picture me there? Is your heart filled with pain, shall I come back again? Tell me dear, are you lonesome tonight? I wonder if you're lonesome tonightYou know someone said that the worlds a stageAnd each must play a part.Fate had me playing in love you as my sweet heart.Act one was when we met, I loved you at first glanceYou read your line so cleverly and never missed a cueThen came act two, you seemed to change and you acted strangeAnd why I'll never know.Honey, you lied when you said you loved meAnd I had no cause to doubt you.But I'd rather go on hearing your liesThan go on living without you.Now the stage is bare and Im standing thereWith emptiness all aroundAnd if you wont come back to meThen make them bring the curtain down.Is your heart filled with pain, shall I come back again? Tell me dear, are you lonesome tonight?<br />
  7. 7. Plenary <br />My music video is a video <br />I can show this because (give three examples) <br />Change with one other person and get them to evaluate the work that you have done so far. Is it clear the style of the video?<br />What could they do to improve? <br />Would the audience understand what you were trying to achieve? <br />
  8. 8. Homework <br />Complete storyboard for Friday<br />Friday we will be turning our storyboards into animaticsso you need to make sure that you have completed them! <br />