Compare the impact and effectiveness of two promotional methods


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Compare the impact and effectiveness of two promotional methods

  1. 1. Compare the impact and effectiveness of two promotional methods (trailer and film poster) <br /><ul><li>Some key questions to ask about the poster and trailer What images of people, groups or places are representedHow does the influence of the institution differ in each product? What are the typical codes and conventions of the audienceHow does the product appeal to the target audience? How does each product appeal in a different way – a film poster and trailer are different as they will be viewed in different waysConsider the idea that the poster may be just to tease and add a sense of continuity for the film trailer- a sense of audience recognition Does each product rely on different techniques? – e.g use of star in one use of director in the other? How is this working as a promotional tool? E.g using release date Think about what the institutional values are of the studio- for example Disney has different ideas and representations that it wants to put out to the audienceDo perhaps big studios want to put out representations that everyone will understand whilst small independent film studios might be more challenging to conventions than a large studio appealing to a mainstream audience? How typical are the representations for your chosen genre? Think about the sense of campaign across the two types of media- how is this created? Remember you are being asked to compare! How do the representations appeal to the target audience? For example- how do the representations of teenagers in high school musical aim to appeal and draw in audiences to watch the film? Aspiration? Identifying with them? Is the audience getting the representation that they expect from that institution? Remember you are being asked to compare! How ‘good’ is each one? Is there a reliance on working together with a sense of synergy? </li></ul>Use the exemplar to help you- especially the two columns on institution and representation. <br /> DEADLINE<br />This must be completed for the 12th September. Also if I have given you back coursework, this must also be den by then. You should have your final music video analysis focusing on how the video uses techniques (media language) to appeal to the target audience. You also need your storyboard for your own music video with an evaluation of how you have used media language (camera angles, lighting etc) to appeal to your target audience <br />REMEMBER: YOU MUST RESEARCH AND BE ABLE TO DISUCSS YOUR INSTITUION AND THEIR ‘IDENTITY/BRAND VALUES/IDEOLOGIES’ <br />Starter ideas<br />I will be comparing a trailer and poster for the film.......................produced by the institution.................... I will be comparing the impact and effectiveness of two promotional methods and looking at how they appeal to their target audience and create a sense of a media campaign across different media platforms. <br />Main body essay points you could include (LOOK AT THE OTHER EXEMPLAR SHEET FOR THE LIST OF POINTS) <br />As an institution....................promotes ideas of ..................................and this can clearly be seen in the representations <br />The target audience for the film would be ................due to .............................<br />Throughout the film trailer, the hero is represented as........through the use of.........<br />This is challenging/reinforcing the stereotyped representations of the genre. <br />The use of mise en scene represents the idea that..........<br />The font on the poster, reinforces the idea that the ............<br />The trailer is relying on the use appeal to the target audience and therefore may be seen as more effective than the poster.............<br />The poster is a teaser trailer and works in conjunction with the trailer rather than being an effective promotional tool just by itself, it relies on the idea iof cross media promotion..........<br />The use of font for the stars name is.....and this connotes......representing the star as a key factor in the promotion and selling of the film <br />The institution is used more heavily in the trailer. The use of institutional logo is prominent at the start of the trailer. As it is a Disney produced film, this reveals to the audience ideologies and representations that the audience can expect to see in the film. <br />The institutional logo is also used to draw in an existing fan base.........<br />Conclusion <br />Both the film trailer and poster work well as promotional tools because.....<br />The film poster and trailer work well within their different markets......<br />IF YOU NEED HELP, EMAIL ME ON THE SCHOOL EMAIL AND I WILL GET BACK TO YOU AS SOON AS I CAN! <br />Have a nice summer! <br />Miss Casman <br />