Colour connotations


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Colour connotations

  1. 1. Beauty CourageLove Strength Passion Warning PowerBlood Anger Lust
  2. 2. Plain DullSimple Dark Sad Dusk GloomMetallic Subtle Shiny
  3. 3. Happiness BrightConfident Radiant Hope Cheerful JoyHazard Danger Cowardice
  4. 4. Evil SophisticatedDark Elegant Serious Conventional StylishSexy Mysterious Rebellion
  5. 5. Warm CoolRoyalty Nobility Magic Imagination DynamicInspiration Superiority Wise
  6. 6. Simplistic PureYouth Innocence Light Perfection CleanlinessNeutral Cold Fresh
  7. 7. Stability TrustLoyalty Wisdom Relax Intelligent CalmTranquillity Masculine Power
  8. 8. Natural EarthHarmony Safety Freshness Ambition GreedJealousy Endurance Money
  9. 9. Joy SunshineEnergy Enthusiasm Fascination Success CreativityDetermination Stimulation Hot