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Program ID #27: Kuder


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Program ID #27: Kuder

  1. 1. About Kuder, Inc. • Provides today’s students and adults with proven solutions to navigate through life’s journey. • Solutions are based on the visions of Dr. Frederic Kuder, a pioneer in the career development industry. • Millions worldwide rely on us for reliable education and career planning solutions • 150 million people have used Kuder’s solutions • 3 million new users annually
  2. 2. About Kuder, Inc. • Our Mission: • To raise student aspirations and to provide career options to students and adults through self-assessment and education. • Goals: • Guide students and parents through successful 8th grade and post-high school transitions. • Increase retention and graduation rates. • Provide lifelong career guidance and development.
  3. 3. About Kuder, Inc. • Reliable and valid research: • Kuder users demonstrated an increase in school performance since they started using the system (as compared to non-Kuder system users) • Over 90% of Kuder users transitioned into postsecondary education • Up from the 67% national average • Kuder users are completing college faster than non-system users because 60% of system users never changed their college major choice • Using Kuder’s systems has led to an 18% increase in school retention • After 1.5 years, 92% of system users persisted in college while only 73% of non-Kuder system users stayed in college
  4. 4. Kuder® Career Planning SystemAbout Kuder® Galaxy • Play, Watch, Do, and Explore! • Simplifies career awareness into fun games, videos and songs, downloadable activities, and interactive problem-solving tasks through a flexible online format • Students complete activities at their own pace and progress • Students gain a self-understanding of their interests and identify the relationships between tasks and occupations • Meets NCDA and ASCA early career awareness goals • 75% aligned to the National Common Core Curriculum • Parent Dashboard and Teacher Dashboard • Promotes active involvement in career and educational guidance • Monitors and tracks user progress
  5. 5. Kuder® Career Planning SystemAbout Kuder® Navigator • Provides a reliable foundation for career exploration by assessing a user’s skills, interests, and work values • Delivers simple, age-appropriate content through evidence- based career guidance • Career Planning Timeline checklist and access to a lifelong e-Portfolio (can be shared with family, administrators, and employers) • Research occupations and schools, create an education plan, learn about options after high school, prepare for work, find available jobs • Free parent accounts for Navigator users • Promotes active and supportive in career and educational guidance • Facilitates realistic decision-making efforts
  6. 6. Kuder® CareerJourney forAbout Kuder® Planning SystemPostsecondary Schools & Adults • Provides a reliable foundation for career exploration by assessing a user’s skills, interests, and work values • Flexible, step-by-step career and educational guidance that is tailored to the unique needs of each user • User Types: Upcoming or recent graduate preparing for the workforce; career changer; laid-off worker; veteran or military member; ex-offender; adult with a disability; retired person • Research occupations, schools, and college majors, utilize educational resources, learn about financial aid and scholarships, complete job-seeking skill development tools • Supplements career preparation and placement programs based on data-driven resources • Access to a lifelong e-Portfolio
  7. 7. Kuder® CareerAdministrativeAbout Kuder® Planning SystemDatabase Management System • Included with the purchase of Navigator and/or Journey • Promotes individual, hands-on career guidance between administrators and students • Monitor and track user progress, gaps in career interests and skills, and note aggregate trends • Generate customized quick, advanced, and usage reports • Facilitate workforce and economic planning • Manage courses, utilize curricula, and access lesson plans • Link to educational and career development resources • Communicate with and assign tasks to users • Free on-site and virtual training available
  8. 8. Kuder® Career Planning SystemImplementation Example Sallie Lawrence, Career Dev. Coordinator, Birmingham City Schools Birmingham, AL
  9. 9. Kuder® Career Planning SystemImplementation Example Ned Serleth English Teacher, Stone Memorial HS Crossville, TN
  10. 10. Kuder® Career Planning SystemImplementation Strategies • Plan determined by: • Requirements • Resources • Individual needs • Tools and Resources: • Career Planning Timeline • Lesson plans • Direct Your Future • Training • Customization • Flexibility plan: • Utilize each feature independently • Lifetime access
  11. 11. Kuder® Career Planning SystemKuder Training and Support • Free ongoing, proactive, and responsive support by Kuder’s Customer Support team • Experienced • Online training • Face-to-face training • Webinars • 877.999.6227 or
  12. 12. Kuder® Career Planning SystemImplementation Exercise How would you implement the to attain the greatest outcomes?
  13. 13. Kuder® Career Planning SystemImplementation Exercises • Determine how to implement a career development plan for students utilizing Navigator • What resources are available? • What obstacles must you overcome? • What features would you utilize? • Who is your target audience? • Students • Parents • Community • What measure would you use to determine outcomes? • When would you implement the system?
  14. 14. Kuder® Career Planning SystemTHANK YOU! Have a great conference!