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Marek Kosycarz: "Supporting Youth Opportunity in Europe"


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Telecentre-Europe Summit 2012 - Parallel Session of Marek Kosycarz: "Supporting Youth Opportunity in Europe"

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Marek Kosycarz: "Supporting Youth Opportunity in Europe"

  1. 1. Supporting YouthOpportunity inEurope Marek Kosycarz CorporatePoland Citizenship Director Microsoft CitizenshipTelecentre-Europe SummitWarsaw 201217-18 October 2012
  2. 2. Tackling the Skills Mismatch• Only 53% of the EU labour force is confident that their level of computer skills are sufficient to look for a job or change job.• 1 out of 3 students in Europe are taught by teachers for whom participation in ICT training is compulsory.• By 2015, there will be a forecasted 700,000 unfilled job vacancies in the area of ICT.• There is a declining interest in ICT careers, despite the sectors good career prospects & high youth unemployment rates. Although the number of ICT graduates in the EU increased from 71,000 per year in 2000 to 127,000 in 2006, it decreased in the following years, dropping to 114,000 by 2009.EU Digital Agenda Scoreboard 2012
  3. 3. Industry is active: Microsoft YouthSpark
  4. 4. Industry is active: Microsoft YouthSpark Students 17,000 connected to Jobs via Student to Business program 350,000 Students in 183 16,000 new countries participated in start-ups the 2011 Imagine Cup supported in Europe via 630,000 trained & Certified via Microsoft IT Academy Bizspark on Industry needed skills, in last 10 years. 11Million reached via Microsoft Community Technology Skills program since 2008 in Europe
  5. 5. Transforming and modernizing educationThe way we learn is changing• Innovative education is critical to long-term global competitiveness• Technology is engaging students / empowering educators, connecting learning communities and improving operational efficiencyWhich teaching ‘Anytime, anywhpractices are ere learning’successful atequippingstudents with21st century skills?
  6. 6. Increasing employability: IT Academy• Microsoft IT Academy provides youths with the future technology skills & certification they need to be successful in 21st century jobs & careers and to increase long-term economic opportunities.• IT Academy provides educators & staff with professional development opportunities• There are more than 10,000 IT Academy members in more than 160 countries
  7. 7. Increasing employability: partnering with NGOs inEurope Creating opportunities for youth
  8. 8. Unleashing Future Innovators: Imagine CupImagine Cup• Encourages developers of the future through an annual technology competition.• Challenges students to use technology to address the United Nations Millennium Development Goals• IT Innovations on healthcare, development, disability, environment, disaster response… 350,000 students from 183 countries participated worldwide in 2011
  9. 9. Increasing Entrepreneurship: BizSparkBizSpark tech start-up program• Accelerating the success of young entrepreneurs.• Provides early stage start-ups with access to development tools & connections with industry players, including investors, to help young entrepreneurs start a new business. 16,000 innovative start-ups supported in Europe.
  10. 10. In ConclusionPublic/private Enhanced Exposure toendeavours to agenda on Technologyimprove science Innovation & Digital Skills for& technology in EntrepreneurshipEducation Youth
  11. 11. Be the spark of change.