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TE Summit 24-25.10.2013.-Elzbieta Dydak-Support people


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Technology
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TE Summit 24-25.10.2013.-Elzbieta Dydak-Support people

  1. 1. How a telecenter can support people on a labour market?
  2. 2. Meeting in a library with a young professional
  3. 3. Welcoming Evaluation questionnaire (5 min.) Closing remarks „I was impressed by ….” (10 min.) Excercise „What a sucess is?" (10 min.) (5 min.) Warm-up „I could be a good... (speech terapist, carer, etc.) , because ….. (10 min.) Meeting with a young professional 2 hours 15-30 participants Quiz about labour market (20 min.) Break (10 min.) Young professiona lpresentatio n (20 min.) Q& A (10 min.)
  4. 4. Warm-up „I could be a good …… because ….”
  5. 5. Quiz on current situation and trends in the labour market
  6. 6. First place in an IT competition Being an organizer of an amaysing birthday party for Natalia A very good care about my dogs „Your Potential” Helping James in a physics class test Repainting a room by my own
  7. 7. Receptionist Copywriter Logistics specialist Office worker Tourist, hotel, catering specialist Project manager Transport specialist Computer graphic designer Culture animator Librarian
  8. 8. To know more: _z_biblioteka