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Azure Partner Opportunities


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Preso from Microsoft Big Picture event examining common application scenarios that are well suited to the Azure platform

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Azure Partner Opportunities

  1. 1. Finding Microsoft Windows AzureOpportunitiesTim Buntel & Margaret Synan
  2. 2. IntroductionsTim Buntel Margaret SynanAzure Platform Product Manager Windows Azure BDM Partnerships@tbuntel
  3. 3. A Quick Look at the Platform Windows Azure Platform Compute Storage Management CDN
  4. 4. Scenarios Web Sites / Web Mobile Applications Applications High Performance Social Applications Computing / Research Storage Access Up-sizing/ Database Migration
  5. 5. High Performance Computing Dr. Amandeep Sidhu, Curtin University
  6. 6. Database Migration
  7. 7. Mobile Applications Joshua Lipe Product Manager of Devices T-Mobile
  8. 8. Social Media Marketing Campaigns “performance and uptime has been fantastic and the rest of the experience has been great Web Services Manager, Coles
  9. 9. Highly Scalable Web Sites and Applications Kaine Escott, director of Harvey Norman Big Buys
  10. 10. Storage  StorSimple delivers an enterprise cloud  For Rockford Construction, SharePoint storage appliance certified by Microsoft. worked great until the information started  Delivers automatically tiered primary to grow exponentially. storage, cloud archival, cloud data  Needed a more cost effective solution to protection and cloud disaster recovery in keep blueprints, photos, documents, and one box. videos at many stages to scale for projects.  StorSimple installs in ten minutes, causes  Required little manual intervention no changes to on-premises applications and reduces storage infrastructure costs by up to 80%.  All data stored in the cloud has military grade encryption applied, ensuring complete data privacy StorSimple and Windows Azure as the best-of-both worlds -giving us SSD speed for the content we are actively working on in SharePoint, and simple offsite, live archives and data protection in the cloud Shawn Partridge, vice president of IT at Rockford Construction
  11. 11. Next Steps Accelerate Attach Earn Understand key Form relationships SIP, BIF, Co-marketing scenarios, then with LARs who are funds, and much more leverage unused DPS attaching Azure to EA with your Azure Circle days to undertake a Renewals membership POC with a customer