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SSRS and Sharepoint there and back again


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A journey or quest to install and configure SSRS and Sharepoint for a reporting solution for major SAP integration project.

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SSRS and Sharepoint there and back again

  1. 1. SSRS and SharePoint - There and Back AgainTerry Bunio
  2. 2. Bunio
  3. 3. Evaluation Criteria WeightMBC Required Functionality 350Cost 100Future Commercial Viability 100High Availability 50Scalability 50Product Track record/Futurestability 50Technical Functionality 350Architectural Standards andConnectivity 50DBMS standard functionality 100Data Warehouse standardfunctionality 150Security/Encryption 50DBMS Management Functionality 50Ease ofMaintenance/Management 30Database Configuration 20People and Future Flexibility 50Future Migration/Flexibility 20Evaluation Criteria WeightStandard Technology/PeopleAvailability 30Performance Functionality 200Bulk Load Performance 20Bulk Update Performance 20Bulk Delete Performance 10Basic Query Performance 20Cross Product Query Performance 20Sub Query Performance 20Parallel Query Performance 20Analytical Query Performance 20Indexed Update Performance 20Indexed Delete Performance 20Non-Indexed Update Performance 10
  4. 4. MSSQL ExcelSSASSSMSDQS ReportBuilderVisualStudioSharePointSSRSSSIS MDS PowerViewPowerPivot