Pitch Perfect


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This presentation was given to marketing and PR students at UTS in preparation for their semester communication project (to be pitched to real clients).

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Pitch Perfect

  1. 1. Pitch Perfect
  2. 2. IntroJules HallFounder of the hallwaywww.thehallway.com.auTim BuesingCreative Director Publicis Mojowww.publicismojo.com.au
  3. 3. Whatʼs your favourite film?
  4. 4. Whatʼs your favourite film?
  5. 5. What makes a pitch great?Great pitches are like great films.Theyʼre great stories.
  6. 6. What makes a pitch great?Great films are engaging, absorbing, they capture you,you remember them, you want to tell your friendsabout them.This is exactly what we want to achievewith our pitch.
  7. 7. What makes for a great story?Good plotWell structuredStrong characters
  8. 8. Good plot
  9. 9. Good plotRelevantMeets the needs of the audienceTransformativeIn the case of your pitch you need to move your clientfrom having a problem to not having a problemEmotional“While reason leads to conclusions, emotion leads toaction” - Donald CalneAnd you need action from you clients.
  10. 10. Well structured
  11. 11. Well structured1, 2, 3Tell them what youʼre going to tell them, Tell them, tellthem what you told themBeginning/Middle/End Beginning = set up Middle = Action (idea & execution) End = Leave them wanting more…end with impact, usually on a highManage the time
  12. 12. Intro to “Lord of War” - Life of a Bullethttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHn1zogeyO4
  13. 13. Strong characters
  14. 14. Strong charactersMore than oneMost great stories are made up of multiple charactersMomentumThey all bring something to the story, moving the storyforwardMixing itItʼs the combination of these characters, and the waythey interact, that makes the stories interesting
  15. 15. Strong charactersDonʼt double upEveryone must bring something additional to the storyYour personalityIt is your biggest asset. Donʼt be shy of expressing it(within reason!). Clients want to know what youʼll belike to work with.Know who you are pitching toThey are characters as well, and different charactersrespond to different stimulus
  16. 16. In summaryGreat pitches are great storiesGreat stories... have a good plot are well structured have strong characters
  17. 17. The best way to prepare Watch movies!
  18. 18. Where do we watch them? Watch movies!
  19. 19. First person to answer this correctlyWhich one was the....number one film on IMDB(at the beginning of our presentation)?