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Go Green Go Delta Sig2


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Rush Flyer I created for Fall 2009

Published in: Education
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Go Green Go Delta Sig2

  1. 1.   FA-09 FALL RUSH SCHEDULE MONDAY, SEPTEMBER      TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER      WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER    YOU CAN BE A PART OF   THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER      FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER  Fun Factory in Franklin!  OF TRADITION and HISTORY at WCU! Meet at the 800 house at 6 pm    For more informa+on, contact:  SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER    Invite Only Event (off campus)  Tyler Tadlock             (704) 258‐8737   12‐4 pm    Caleb Chandler        (704) 813‐4726    Johnathan Moulton    (828) 808‐2973