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Emerging Digital Marketing-The Brand Saloon


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Internet marketing is evolving rapidly with SEO, SMO and PPC techniques dancing at the rhythmic algorithms of search engines. Mastering the art of search engines and science of human psychology we promise you increased revenue in lieu of brand popularity and relevancy through high ranking and relevant traffic.Looking for Digital Marketing Services? TBS with years of experience offers end to end digital marketing solutions for clients across the globe. Contact now!

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Emerging Digital Marketing-The Brand Saloon

  1. 1. THE BRAND SALOON Digital Marketing
  2. 2. Search Engine Optimization Social Media Optimization Affiliate Marketing. Display Marketing Media Buying Viral Marketing Digital Marketing
  3. 3. Common Mistakes while Going Digital х Focusing on only one medium. х Badmouthing Competitors. х Unethical Practices. х Poor quality and Repetitive Content. х Considering Digital=Social. х Ignoring Customer queries and responses.
  4. 4. х Unrealistic goal setting. х Inconsistency in Updating website. х Not enough promotion. х Lack of Creativity. х Not investing adequate resources. х Inappropriate strategy. х Violating Guidelines.
  5. 5. Outcomes of poor strategy Loss of potential Customers. Diminishing page rank. Negative word-of-mouth. Declining conversion rate. Reduced Profitability. Loss of invested time, money and efforts.
  6. 6. Contact Details • The Brand Saloon Corporate Office 2nd floor, Amar House, Maratha Grantha Sangrahalaya Marg, Naigaum Cross Road, Dadar (E), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400014. • Phone: 022-2410 2331 / 3192 9248 • E-mail