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Good Digital Marketing


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TBS is one of the leading Digital Marketing Agencies with 1000 plus happy clients and proven track record providing result-oriented services. Get in touch now!

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Good Digital Marketing

  1. 1. Digital Marketing Services
  3. 3. DIGITAL VS TRADITIONAL MARKETING Traditional Marketing 1. 2. 3. 4. Face to face approach Business Post-cards Poster and Hoarding ads Newspapers Digital Marketing 1. 2. 3. 4. Business Website Electronic Mails Pop-Ups and Banners Webcasts and videos
  4. 4. DIGITAL MARKETING Mixing digital media, virtual channels and interactive content to create a strong marketing campaign
  5. 5. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION SERVICES Helps get your website listed on top pages of search engine Position is gained naturally, nothing borrowed, nothing paid Position once obtained is retained for a longer time
  6. 6. SOCIAL MEDIA SERVICES It opens up your brand promotions on the Social media and Social Network Social networks are best to create a buzz and connect we the crowed It helps build connections and motivates active participation
  7. 7. PPC MARKETING One of the fastest and cheapest way to be seen on top of search engines Its sponsored advertisement where one pays only when ad is clicked Its a success today because it is easy to manage and track
  8. 8. HIRE AN EXPERT To design profitable online campaigns To have a loyal customer base for your brand Lead the arena of search engines Go gain a competitive edge over your competitors
  9. 9. CONTACT US Address: 201, 2nd Floor, Amar House, Near Sharda Cinema, Dadar East, Mumbai 400014,Maharashtra, India Tel: +91-22-3263 2494 Email: Website: