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BA401 What's the BIG Idea?


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BA401 What's the BIG Idea?

  1. 1. July 2000 Sept 2000 Oct 2000 Mar 2001 May 2001 June 2001 Aug 2001 Sept 2001 Collins founds BIG First Hunt held D’Arbeloff becomes chairman First viewing of Tiny Totes concept Tiny Totes contract drafted Second Product concept sold, Initial meeting with Skil Third Product concept sold, Skil letter-of-intent signed Fourth Product concept sold, Tiny Totes debut at Pre- Toy Fair
  2. 2. Innovation Execution Innovation Insight
  3. 3. Stage an online consumer club to explore unmet needs and innovation opportunities. Insight clubs Make an informed pitch, this program delivers rich findings in less than a week. Pitch Insight Experience what users are doing, perceiving, and feeling with this program that puts the camera in consumers' hands. Video Insight Get fast consumer reactions to concepts, products, and more.Rapid Reviews
  4. 4. Generate hundreds of ideas for new products or services in as little as three months. Idea Hunts BIG can also tap our members for innovative branding and marketing concepts, producing dozens of fresh treatments. Marketing Hunts BIG’s creative have proposed hundreds of names for new snacks, toys, tools, household appliances, and more. Naming Hunts BIG has designed and managed highly successful programs to engage employees and customers in innovation competitions. Innovation Contests
  5. 5. Quickly get a read on the viability of your new venture, line, or program from our entrepreneurial team and consumer panels. Opportunity Assessments Keep innovations on track on their way to market by consulting a panel of your target consumers. Rapid Reviews Turning to our network of global resources, we can help introduce your product to market. Market Launches Let BIG do it all—from assessment to launch. Drawing on our entrepreneurial experience and resources, we’ll independently build your raw concept into a successful venture. Business Incubation
  6. 6. STEP 1: Generating Ideas Hunts Industry Outreach Internet Request Programs Orphaned Product & Ideas Professional Inventors Outsourced Flow
  7. 7. STEP 2: Winnowing STEP 3: Refinement
  8. 8. STEP 4: Capturing Value License the Product Private Label Bundle Concept
  9. 9. Hunts Industry Outreach Internet Request Programs Orphaned Product & Ideas Professional Inventors Outsourced Flow Superior Deal Flow 1000+ Winnow 100+ Refine 20-30 Monetize 5-6 deals per year vertical