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What's The Future of Advertising?


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This is a presentation I gave September 19, 2008 to the Birmingham, AL Ad Fed membership. The event was promoted this way: "What is the future of advertising? Perhaps the better question today is, 'What is advertising?' In less than 10 years we’ve witnessed never-before-seen mutation in the marketing and advertising industries. Technology, consumer empowerment and media fragmentation are helping redefine the rules and methods of what defines an ad, how they’re made, who makes them and what kinds of impact we can expect to achieve. Tim Brunelle thinks this state of affairs is wonderful and hopes to convince you it is, too. His presentation mashes up management consulting, philosophy, copywriting, design, interaction, strategy, media negotiations and, most important—the primacy of ideas—to help you evolve your work in this new age."

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What's The Future of Advertising?

  1. 1. Ad Fed | Birmingham September 19, 2008 What’s the future of advertising? Presented by Tim Brunelle Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License
  2. 2. Thank you Ad Fed: Mason Guttery, Rhonda Bower, Jeff Roe, Dale Brakhage Birmingham Social Media Meetup: David Griner, Andre Natta, Angela Stewart, Stephen Curry
  3. 3. What’s the future of advertising?
  4. 4. What’s advertising?
  5. 5. “I define it as a conversation starter. Interruption doesn’t cut it either get people talking...or nothing happens.” —Marshall Ross, CCO, Cramer-Krasselt