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Civic issue

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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  1. 1. Taneisha R. Bruessard *
  2. 2. * *One pair of shoes for the whole year, all four seasons *Can’t afford to participate in fun school activities that sell things or field trips that cost *Best meals come from school *Space heaters being your only source for heat *Having no control over roaches or mice where you have to live *Not feeing safe walking in your own neighborhood *Mental anguish and stresses that most children shouldn’t have to face *Feeling ashamed constantly
  3. 3. *Struggling Parents *Children *Locally owned businesses *Politicians promising change *Big stores and corporations paying low wages and can beat local prices (ie. Wal Mart) *Neighborhood gangs *
  4. 4. * *After school programs that end at 4:30 or 5 *Summer programs that end at 4 *Small playgrounds in largely populated areas *Plans and proposals that never get implemented *Great programs that the poor can’t afford *Shelters that separate families *Section 8 and affordable housing in poorly kept areas
  5. 5. * *SELF PRESERVATION!!!! *CHANGE HOW WE THINK & DON’T ALLOW OURSELVES TO BE VICTIMIZED *Improve resources; utilize aldermen, congressmen, media *Support local businesses *Support and utilize food panties *Clean our own streets… somebody gotta do it! *Improve education; help at home, show up at school meetings, volunteer and get involved (if we show we care others will notice and prioritize accordingly)
  6. 6. * nDetail.aspx?ID=60954&GUID=9143E 96C-800A-40DF-A603-811813DEBE6D * Michelle Harris, My current alderman * nDetail.aspx?ID=64184&GUID=87578 3E9-DC70-42DC-89DC-B97825056D37 * Roderick Sawyer, My previous alderman *
  7. 7. *Teach youth how to take care of what is home *Be an example for neighboring communities *Room for growth and ability to flourish *Increase in local jobs *Better funding for schools, better programs, more action towards solutions for any problems *Affordable/free summer programs *Incentive for new businesses
  8. 8. * *It’s going to take strength and resilience *Everybody get involved!!! *Unite organizations with a common goal; utilize each others resources *Bring attention to issue: tv news, newspapers, online news, blogs, etc. all love to surface political flaws * 80 religious nations and community groups fighting poverty across the world * 13 organizations fighting hunger * Chicago based single organization fighting for neighborhood improvement and uprising
  9. 9. *