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Showcall Presentation


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Showcall is Washington D.C.’s premiere full service technical production company and we routinely produce high profile events all over the nation, as well as the world.

Showcall maintains one of the largest inventories of lighting, audio & video equipment in the Mid-Atlantic area along with a staff of experienced technicians and engineers prepared to deliver the environment our client’s demand and expect. In addition, we retain “in-house” the technical production elements required to execute these events. Showcall provides the technical coordination and production management for small, medium & large events, conferences and special projects.

We are a team of specialists who have successfully produced a wide variety of live events. Our successes range from Pope Benedict’s Mass delivered to 47,000 at National’s Park, to events for Fortune 500 corporations, non-profit associations, political party campaigns, and high profile US Government/White House Summits and Conferences at the national and international level.

Showcall is a group of professionals with years of technical production planning experience that is unmatched not only in our extensive experience, but in the personal, hands-on approach we bring to a project, regardless of its size and scope. From the big picture to smallest detail, the Showcall team delivers flawless execution on every project.

I would like to invite you and your staff to consider Showcall for your up-coming audiovisual production needs. We are interested in YOUR event - regardless of size.

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Showcall Presentation

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