DevReach: INETA - Voice of the .NET Community!


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These are slides from Tomislav Bronzin's presentation at DevReach in Sofia, Bulgaria:
The International .NET Association (INETA) provides structured, peer-based organizational, educational, and promotional support to the growing worldwide community of Microsoft® .NET user groups. Our mission is to offer assistance and resource to community groups. INETA welcomes developers, architects, project managers and IT professionals. Members can be user groups or special interest groups. This session will give an overview what INETA is and how you can join to this international club!

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DevReach: INETA - Voice of the .NET Community!

  1. 1. INETA: Voice of the .NET Community!<br />Tomislav Bronzin<br />Microsoft MVP & Microsoft Regional Director<br />INETA Vice President Community Activities<br />
  2. 2. About Tomislav Bronzin<br />INETAEurope Vice President Community Activities<br />Leader of Microsoft Community in Croatia<br />Software Architect – CITUS d.o.o.<br />Consultant and trainer on .NET migration and design<br />Recent projects:<br />Croatian Forests, Smarthome, Protect@Work, Competence Manager<br />Speaker:TechEd Europe, WinDays, Sinergija, NT Konferenca, Vizija, DevDays<br />Contact at<br />
  3. 3. What are User Groups?<br />Wesee User Groups (UG’s):<br />As central place for meeting people that have similar interests, goals and concerns<br />Sometimespeople live in the same geographical area<br />OtherUG’s distributed throughout the world<br />SomeUG’s are devoted to a particular technology, other to one product of specific company sometimes called “special interest group”<br />,,sid9_gci881409,00.html<br />
  4. 4. How to start User Group?<br />Frequent question<br />No one unique answer<br />Everyone of you have his/her answer<br />Ouris: put a lot of effort, be persistent and find a peoplethat will help you!<br />Call for you to get involved:<br />Share your experience with Community<br />Publish your best practices/checklists<br />Help UG to get attention/awareness of local Microsoft Office<br />Tell them to join global UG organizations like INETA<br />
  5. 5. How Microsoft MVP’s can help?<br />Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals<br />Already commiting their knowledge, time and experience to the Community!<br />MVP’s are:<br />Speakers<br />Trainers<br />Community influencers<br />Authoriteies in applying technology<br />Have organization skils<br />
  6. 6. INETA Europe<br />International .NET Association<br /><br />
  7. 7. Value Proposition<br />Audience in Europe <br />Quality and Diversity of Reach <br />Geographical / Technology areas / Credibility<br />October 2009<br />384User Groups / ~130.640 developers<br />November2008<br />363User Groups / ~120.000 developers<br />January 2008<br />291User Groups / ~79.000 developers<br />June 2006<br />222 User Groups / ~60.000 developers<br />
  8. 8. INETA Europe Goals<br />Community satisfaction<br />Delivering value to Community<br />Effective volunteer contribution<br />Direct voice from Community to Microsoft<br />Enhance organization<br />Increase WW interaction<br />
  9. 9. INETA Europe Board<br />Damir Tomicic, President<br />Tomislav Bronzin, VP Community Activities<br />André Obelink, VP Speakers Bureau<br />Sander Gerz, VP Technology<br />Jose Luis Latorre Millas, VP Sponsorship & Events<br />Miquel Lopez, VP Marketing<br />Dobriša Adamec, VP Membership<br />Mathias Raacke, VP Academic Relations<br />Christian Nagel, VP Finance<br /><br />
  10. 10. INETA CE Europe Country Leaders<br />INETA exists in following CEE Countries:<br /><ul><li>Damir Dizdarevic, Bosnia & Herzeg.
  11. 11. BranimirGiurov, Bulgaria
  12. 12. Bernard Ktic, Croatia
  13. 13. George Capnias, Greece
  14. 14. MarekLints, Estonia
  15. 15. Daniel Joskovski, FYR Macedonia
  16. 16. AurelianPopa, Romania
  17. 17. Ivan Pavlovic, Serbia
  18. 18. Miha Markic, Slovenia
  19. 19. ….
  20. 20. FYR Macedonia
  21. 21. Malta
  22. 22. Poland
  23. 23. Romania
  24. 24. Russia
  25. 25. Serbia
  26. 26. Slovakia
  27. 27. Slovenia
  28. 28. Ukraine
  29. 29. Bosnia & Herzegovina
  30. 30. Bulgaria
  31. 31. Croatia
  32. 32. Czech Republic
  33. 33. Estonia
  34. 34. Grecee
  35. 35. Hungary
  36. 36. Latvia </li></li></ul><li>
  37. 37. Speakers Bureau<br />User Group events - heart of community<br />Speakers are very important <br />INETA provide the UG’swith best (preferable local)<br />He/she is transmitting his/her enthusiasm and knowledge to the attendees<br />Opportunity: <br />Help to create local Speakers Bureau<br />Nominate speakers for global Speakers Bureau that are willing to speak for User Groups<br />Contact:<br />
  38. 38. Community Activities - summary<br />TechEd Developers (November)<br />Community CodeCamps<br />Technology Contests (EU Silverlight Competition)<br />INETA Europe Newsletter<br />Community Launch:<br />Visual Studio<br />Windows Server<br />SQL Server<br />Contact:<br />
  39. 39. Community CodeCamps<br />By and For the Developer Community<br />Always Free<br />Community Developed Material<br />No Fluff only Code<br />Community Ownership<br />Never occur during work hours<br />
  40. 40. Calendar ofCodeCamps<br />INETA UG’s are organizing CodeCamps in:<br />FYR Macedonia, June 09,<br />Croatia, June 09,<br />Poland, October 09,<br />Spain, October 09<br />Romania , October 09<br />Serbia, October 09<br />
  41. 41. Technology Contests<br />On national (country) and regional level<br />Example: Vista Gadget, WPF, Silverlight<br />ANNOUNCEMENT: <br />1. phase - on Country level<br />Country Leaders – appoint people that will execute<br />Need to find Sponsors / INETA can help but they should <br />Use of local resources/Microsoft Office<br />2. phase – on European level<br />Executed by volunteers and managed by INETA Europe Board<br />Contact:<br />
  42. 42. TechEd Europe (November)<br />INETA will have Booth in Community Area<br />BOF<br />Speaker Idol Contest<br />INETA supports<br />For new speakers!<br />English only<br />Contestant are required to record presentation and send it to jury / get elected / win prizes and recognition<br />Call for action: Mentor and encourage people from your Community to apply and compete – valuable local resource!<br />
  43. 43. CALL FOR ACTION<br />Help start User Group where is needed<br />Help them join global organization like INETA or Culminus<br />INETA Contact:<br />Nominate others (or yourself) for :<br />INETA Country Leader (direct contact with Board)<br />INETA Volunteer<br />Reference:<br />Interviewwith INETA VP’s: What INETA is?<br /><br />
  44. 44. Please fill in your feedback form<br />… and win great prizes <br />