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Integrating SAPUI5 with ArcGIS Maps (Leon van Ginneken)


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SAP Inside Track talk by Leon van Ginneken on using SAPUI5 and ArcGIS. Alliander power outage registration system.

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Integrating SAPUI5 with ArcGIS Maps (Leon van Ginneken)

  1. 1. Combining SAPUI5 with ArcGIS maps Alliander’s power outage registration system Leon van Ginneken DX257
  2. 2. End-users 6 mn Revenue 1,6 bn Employees 7100 Reliability of supply 99,99% Electricity Gas
  3. 3. Transition to sustainable society Success of electric transportation Increase in solar panels Companies with own wind turbines
  4. 4. Improved intakes We need to know as soon as possible: • What is the problem? • Where is this problem? • What is the cause? • What is the potential danger? • How many customers are affected?
  5. 5. Improved intakes For this we need: • Information from other systems • Geographical information
  6. 6. Mapping & Analytics Platform ESRI is global market leader in GIS “the world’s most powerful mapping and spatial analytics software” ArcGIS
  7. 7. Combining frameworks UI5 ArcGIS javascript API • Well-known at Alliander • Well-suited for UI building • Well-known at Alliander • JS-framework for ArcGIS systems
  8. 8. Combining frameworks Arcgis UI5 custom control Philosophy: only core functionality • Render the map • Render UI5 buttons on top
  9. 9. Resources TechEd Lecture DX257
  10. 10. Combining SAPUI5 with Arcgis maps Alliander’s power outage registration system Thank you!