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DIR - A tribute to Standards and Guidelines... (Laurens van Rijn)


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Why ABAP code quality is still relevant (including the tools to achieve that)
sitNL presentation

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DIR - A tribute to Standards and Guidelines... (Laurens van Rijn)

  1. 1. DIR A tribute to Standards and Guidelines sitNL | 25 november 2017 | Laurens van Rijn SAP Inside Track presentation
  2. 2. About me Working as a software developer: ―Uniface, Oracle, JDEdwards (1994-2005) ―SAP (2005-∞) Interested in code quality: ―2005: Anything goes ―2008: Performance matters ―2013: Code Inspector ―2014: ABAP Test Cockpit ―2015: Fanatical…  DIR
  3. 3. Doing It Right What is DIR: ―A holistic approach to (technical) scuba diving ―Originates from the Woodville Karst Plains Project Core principle: ―Standardizing equipment configuration and dive-team procedures to prevent and deal with emergencies DIR
  4. 4. A closer look at gear configuration It’s a simple concept: ―Don’t bring it if you don’t need it ―If you need it, bring two ―Reduce drag Examples: ―Use a long hose ―Donate your primary ―One-handed sign language
  5. 5. Doing It Wrong? Divers using the Christmas tree configuration
  6. 6. Doing IT Right Required components for developments: ―A structured process • “Senior Gate Keeper” ―Clean coding ―Documentation ―Testing DIR
  7. 7. Senior Gate Keeper It’s not a transaction ―A senior developer ―One of a team ―Works in the trenches ―Focused on quality and consistency ―Desperately wants to avoid this scenario…
  8. 8. Extended Syntax Check (SLIN) How good is your code anyway? ―Static checks ―Source code based What if you can’t fix an error or warning? ―Use pragma codes rather than pseudo comments ―Translation: ABAP_SLIN_PRAGMAS ―Exception for the Code Inspector: "#EC CI_* ―Can be abused DIR
  9. 9. Code Inspector (SCI) SLIN’s successor ―Static checks on code and DDIC objects ―Definition of custom checks ―Object sets ―Dynamic SQL by combining ST05 ―HANA readiness (PERFORMANCE_DB, FUNCTIONAL_DB, S4HANA_READINESS) DIR
  10. 10. ABAP Test Cockpit (ATC) Managing the quality of your developments ―Quality gate ―Exemption approvals (four-eyes principle) ―Scheduled checks ―Integrated in Eclipse and SAP Solution Manager ―Advanced filter options for the results DIR
  11. 11. ABAP Doc Generates the documentation for your coding ―“! Indicates comments for ABAP Doc ―Part of Eclipse only ―Reduces documentation effort ―Synchronizes with SE24 / SE37 short texts (NW 7.5 or higher) ―Export as HTML pages (NW 7.5 or higher) DIR
  12. 12. ABAP Units Automated testing ―Works great with Test Driven Development ―Code Inspector integration ―Many simple test cases, easier to check ―Promotes modularization / reusability ―ABAP Code Retreat, Saturday 20 January 2018, Nieuwegein DIR
  13. 13. Last reminder: Don’t overdo it! Come join us: ABAP Code Retreat, Saturday 20 January 2018, Nieuwegein, the Netherlands
  14. 14. Say hello to questions, remarks & comments