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Co Op Graphic Designer

  2. 2. DigitalArts Creative Resource Co-op Full-time Access, Part-time Investment How does the DigitalArts Creative Resource Co-op work? • It is designed for small and medium sized businesses that have frequent creative marketing needs, but whose businesses do not justify a full-time employee • Businesses leverage their limited creative marketing budgets with other business’ budgets to fund a full-time access creative resource • DigitalArts Co-op also allows businesses to leverage their spend on printed materials and - p r o m ot i o n a l i t e m s w i t h t h e s p e n d o f o t h e r C o - o p b u s i n e s s e s t o g e n e r a t e b e t t e r b u y i n g p o w e r Business Cards Brochures/Flyers Website Design and E-Marketing Letterheads and Envelopes Advertisements Photography Newsletters Presentation folders s Books / Magazines / Pamphlets Logos / Branding Strategies T-Shirt Design and Screen Printing Promotional Materials PowerPoint Presentations Tradeshow Displays and Material DigitalArts is a full service graphic and website design company that helps your company's special image stand out in today's complex, competitive marketplace. We specialize in creative graphic and web design that will enhance your unique product/service to move target audiences and customers into action. Full-time Creative Resource Access $299/mo *Co-op is designed as a tool for small business to cost-effectively share a resource with other businesses that have similar deisgn needs. This offer is contingent upon mutually agreed upon time expectations that will allow for maximum benefit for all co-op partners. ADDRESS D i g i t a l A r t s | 6 8 9 8 1 2 3 rd L a n e Indianola, Iowa 50125 CONTACT (515) 240-7714 |
  3. 3. www.b BMP C 4503 Ms, CO 8062 mpcon Evan onstru Corporate Identification essina 0 structi ction S et onsyste Stre ystem s N! OWED I TY WORK ! erosio GET SN THE DIR n contro l| www.b snow remo DON’T TO DO mpco va nstruc l | landsca 4x6 Mailer tionsy p stems e maintena S ALL U .com nce C 4503 Messin 4503 Messina Street Evans, CO 80 a Street 620 Evans, CO 80620 Phone: 303.99 Fax: 970.30 0.4888 Rory Love 1.4126 Owner www.bmpc on erosion cont rol | snow re moval | land scape maintenance 4503 M Evans, essina Stre Website CO 80 620 t e Phone Fax: : 303.990.48 970.30 88 1.4126 Logo Development Erosion control | Landscape Maintenance | Snow Removal ADDRESS D i g i t a l A r t s | 6 8 9 8 1 2 3 rd L a n e Indianola, Iowa 50125 CONTACT (515) 240-7714 |
  4. 4. giantstepcharitiesinc gian Tr Presi oy Anni t step char PO Box 27090 ities in c dent s giantstepcharitiesinc & CE West Des Moines, IA 50265 West PO B O D es M CD Marketing PO Box 27090 P 515-249-9853 oines ox 27090 West Des Moines, IA 50265 , IA 5 P 515 0265 P 515-249-9853 -249- troy.a 9853 Leave Behind nnis@ g www iantstep .gian c tstep harities.c chari o ties.c m om w w giantstepcharitiesinc s inc itie char tep gia nt s Fundraising Program Here are several possible fundraising programs that have been very successful for Giant Step Charities’ clients. As with all Foundation matters, events are organized based on scheduling availability and Start-up Expenses at a pace that is most comfortable for the board. The following start-up expenses will be incurred upon the establishment of The Kyle Orton ADVISORY GOLF CELEBRITY Foundation COMMITTEE TOURNAMENT BOWLING TOURNAMENT Giant Step Charities will Establish an annual Establish an annual work with the board Celebrity Golf Tournament. Celebrity Bowling members to identify and An auction will be held in IRS Application Fee & Organization $2,250.00 Tournament. This even recruit an Advisory conjunction with event. can draw a different State incorporation Application Fees & Organization 750.00 Committee made up of Estimated annual amount market. Estimated annual Logo Design 500.00 w w at least 10 people. raised: amount raised: Each advisory $50,000.00 Stationary 500.00 Committee member will $25,000.00 Includes design and 500 letterhead and envelopes be asked to donate Web Site 2,000.00 (or raise) $7,500 per year 5K RUN & WALK BENEFIT DINNER Includes hosting (12 months), initial design, credit card over a two-year term Establish a 5k Run & Walk. & AUCTION Capabilities and reservation of ($15,000 total). These are not major Establish an annual The Committee has no fundraisers, but rather a Benefit & Auction, with GRAND TOTAL $6,000.00 fiduciary way to get students and proceeds going to the responsibility and is those who do not Foundation and a local primarily involved to raise money for the necessarily have significant funds to get charitable partner. These events can be major Corporate Identification Foundation mission. involved. Estimated annual fundraisers. Estimated Estimate annual amount amount raised: annual amount raised: giantstepcharitiesinc raised: $75,000.00 $5,000.00 $100,000.00 giantstepcharitiesinc and Website ADDRESS D i g i t a l A r t s | 6 8 9 8 1 2 3 rd L a n e Indianola, Iowa 50125 CONTACT (515) 240-7714 |
  5. 5. Website Corporate Identification Logo Development ADDRESS D i g i t a l A r t s | 6 8 9 8 1 2 3 rd L a n e Indianola, Iowa 50125 CONTACT (515) 240-7714 |
  6. 6. Corporate Identification Notepads Logo Development innovations 515 N. JEFFERSON, SUITE G | INDIANOLA, IA 50125 ADDRESS D i g i t a l A r t s | 6 8 9 8 1 2 3 rd L a n e Indianola, Iowa 50125 CONTACT (515) 240-7714 |
  7. 7. Corporate Identification Targeted Marketing Materials Logo Development ADDRESS D i g i t a l A r t s | 6 8 9 8 1 2 3 rd L a n e Indianola, Iowa 50125 CONTACT (515) 240-7714 |
  8. 8. Find out how you can too! 888-9-NEW-WAY (888-963-9929) Signature Wireless Internet 7177 Hickman Road, Suite 10 Urbandale, IA 50322 Brochure Marketing Leave Behind Marketing ADDRESS D i g i t a l A r t s | 6 8 9 8 1 2 3 rd L a n e Indianola, Iowa 50125 CONTACT (515) 240-7714 |
  9. 9. Website Logo Development ADDRESS D i g i t a l A r t s | 6 8 9 8 1 2 3 rd L a n e Indianola, Iowa 50125 CONTACT (515) 240-7714 |
  10. 10. A FUNDRAISER FOR Career Seminar THE URBAN FARM ART FOR THE ANIMALS UP! STAND S AT U R D AY, S E P T E M B E R 2 6 T H OUT! AT D E N V E R U R B A N H O M E S T E A D I N G TOGETHER! 2 0 0 S A N TA F E D R I V E WINE AND APPETIZERS WILL BE SERVED “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade” LIVE MUSIC A RT P R E V I E W A N D R E C E P T I O N AT 5 : 0 0 A RT L O T T E RY AT 6 : 3 0 Art for the Animals (AFTA) is an annual event and is just one way that the farm raises funds. Proceeds from AFTA are used specifically to feed the STAND UP – Get started on a job search that has purpose and is intentional with specific action animals. Tickets are sold for the event which entitles two guests to attend and enjoy light fare and wine. Each ticket also determines the order in STAND OUT – Separate and sell yourself so they cannot afford not to hire you which guests will choose from one of a kind art including framed photographs, jewelry, portraits and figurines donated by local artists and STAND TOGETHER – You are not alone in this, how to leverage your resources for yourself and to help others galleries. Last year there were over 100 attendees with this year’s event The Mission of Project Lemonaid promising to be even bigger. Educate – Relevant, real, tangible, information people can turn in to behavior for success Equip – Provide resources and tools they can walk away with and use NOW! Connect – Create a forum that allows people to share connections and networks to find a career Purchase Tickets at Contact Lisa Love with questions: 303.501.9364 The following items are going to be talked about: • Find the jobs that are not advertised and get the interview • Learn a new way of creatively connecting with people in the business community • Sell yourself with confidence and purpose The Urban Farm is a 16 year-old 501(3)c nonprofit organization with a • Face your Fears and overcome them in your search mission to teach agricultural and environmental education to urban and • Identify your talents and strengths with new clarity • Take home actions and a new perspective….. Make it Happen! at-risk youth and their families. The Urban Farm operates year-round and is funded through grants, corporate contributions, individual donations, and Registration begins at 7:15 and we will start promptly at 8:00 AM. revenues earned from classes, workshops, and special events, such as After registering take advantage of having a professional photograph taken to use on your networking sites Drawings for free professional services such as: Art for The Animals. Children from all sectors of the metro area • 5 - 30 Minute Free Career Coaching participate in programs but The Urban Farm focuses its outreach on those • 5 - 1 Hour Personal Leadership Coaching • 5 - Free Video Resumes children and families who live in neighborhoods within close proximity to • 3 – Free 30 minute Social Media Personal Consulting Sessions Stapleton; many who attend low-performing schools and more than 65% Plus more.... qualified for free and reduced lunches. Programs include horsemanship and livestock education, 4-H, literacy programs, and urban and community Date: July 20, 2009 | Time: 8:00AM – 12:00PM | Location: Staybridge Suites WDSM supported agriculture. Please send a RSVP to: Art Lottery Ticket General Admission $150 (for 2 guests) $25 (per person) Limited quantity Purchase in advance or at the door ! Non-Profit Fundraiser 888.422.1969 w w w. d i g i t a l a r t s u s a . c o m ADDRESS D i g i t a l A r t s | 6 8 9 8 1 2 3 rd L a n e Indianola, Iowa 50125 CONTACT (515) 240-7714 |
  11. 11. Sponsorship Buchanan House Registration Form for Iowa Homeless Please check level of sponsorship Event Sponsor* - $300 Youth Center Tee Box Sponsor - $200 Golf Tournament | 8/26/10 Green Sponsor - $100 Raffle Sponsor Gift Bag Sponsor Foursome Team - $200 Individual Player - $50 Non-Profit Charity BUCHANAN Payment Type: Golf Fundraiser P R OOpportunities Restoring JECT Send all registrations and payment to: Marquis Builders Attn: Courtney 2806 SE Peachtree Dr. for our Youth Ankeny, IA 50021 Phone: (515) 965-0063 Check is enclosed Total $ (Please make check payable to Iowa Homeless Youth Center) Buchanan House for Iowa Homeless Player Registration Youth Center Golf Tournament Card Credit Visa Sponsorship Total $ MastercCard Sponsored by Marquis Builders Form and Trashout AMEX Opportunities Discover Contact Information Ankeny Golf and Country Gift Bag Sponsor - Provide item to be put Club Card Number in gift bag to beExp. Date given away. Youth Center Golf Outing Company Name Ra e Sponsor - Provide item or service Presented by • 4 Person Best Shot Print Name to be ra ed o . Sponsor’s name will be $50.00/person or announced during ra e and signage will Marquis Builders and for Iowa Homeless Buchanan House Contact Person $200.00/teamSignature be provided next to item. Trashout 2806 SE Peachtree Dr. Date Green Sponsor $100.00 - Includes • 20 Team Maximum Ankeny, IA 50021 Marquis Builders Address Cardholder Cell Phone Recognition on Flag for Hole. (First Come, First Serve Basis) Tee Box Sponsor $200.00 - Includes City State ZIP • 8/26/10 at 3:00 – Shotgun Address Signage at the Tee and Table/Area for Start display of Information or Activity. Restoring Oppor tunities Event Sponsor* $300.00 - Includes for our Youth Cell Phone Number • Prizes City State ZIP Signage at the Hole, Recognition in the E-mail • Dinner and Gift Bag Program and at the Awards Ceremony, Award given on your behalf. provided to all players Sponsorship is on a rst come, rst serve Player #1 • 8” Hole basis. If you are interested in sponsorship Name: • Registration Deadline opportunities please contact Courtney at E-mail: Marquis Builders o ce at 515-965-0063. 7/30/10 Player #2 Name: • All players must be paid in E-mail: full at this time Player #3 Name: Se n d re gi s t ra t i on t o M arqu i s E-mail: Bu i l de r s ’ offi c e or c al l Cou r t n ey a t M arqu i s Bu i l de r s ’ offi c e a t Player #4 Name: 5 1 5 -9 6 5 -0 0 6 3 t o re gi s t e r. E-mail: P l e as e make c he cks p aya b l e t o I owa H ome l e s s You t h Ce n t e r ADDRESS D i g i t a l A r t s | 6 8 9 8 1 2 3 rd L a n e Indianola, Iowa 50125 CONTACT (515) 240-7714 |
  12. 12. toxic mo ld Remediation Specialists Sales Brochure RECOGNIZE • REACT • RESPOND RECOGNIZE • Educate yourself on signs of mold ‘WE FLIP FOR YOU’ Corporate Identification • Visually inspect the property for signs of mold from the outside first Preservation & • Smell for a musty odor • If signs of mold – DO NOT ENTER Maintenance • When entering property scan for signs of mold Services • Do not touch surfaces PROPERY SECURING REMOVAL SERVICES We guarantee 24 hour property securing: • Trash-Outs – Removal of trash and/or debris from property REACT • Re-key and/or placement of lock box interior or exterior • Protect yourself and your • Boarding windows • Demolition – Removal of unsafe or unsightly structures from property client with approved • Secure all entrance points • Eviction Services – Assist officers in removing personal respirators and immediately • Window repair or replacement property • Installation of exterior steel doors remove yourselves from the • Hazardous Material Removal – Includes but not limited to chemicals, paint, batteries, oil, tires, etc. property and decontaminate WINTERIZATION/DE-WINTERIZATION Complete system winterization/de-winterization REHABILITATION SERVICES/REPAIR WORK RESPOND ODOR ELIMINATION • Interior/Exterior painting • Roofing or staining • Electrical work • Call Miller Property Preservation to ensure Removal of objectionable odors • Flooring • Plumbing proper remediation steps are taken immediately CODE COMPLIANCE • Window/Door repair or • HVAC Miller Property Preservation replacement Correcting code violations • Siding • Trim work HAZMAT SERVICES Organize contracted work by Certified Professionals PO Box 542 Ankeny, IA 50021 Miller Property Preservation Services are LAWN MAINTENCE Logo 3/C Our PMS 376C • Initial or ongoing lawn maintenance 515.979.9384 PMS 200C PMS 202C • Mowing and light trim work Unlimited! • Landscaping and dirt work BEFORE AFTER PROPERTY SECURITY | WINTERIZATION | ODOR ELIMINATION | CODE COMPLIANCE | HAZMAT SERVICES | LAWN MAINTENCE | REMOVAL SERVICES | REHABILITATION Miller Property Preservation Damage Reports and Pictures – Detailed descriptions of damage with pictures kept on electronic file for up to two years. Electronic Bidding and Invoicing – Email bids, invoices, damage reports and pictures. Notifications and Postings – Proper posting/notification of warnings, etc. associated with property preservation and maintenance. Logo Development MILLER PROPERTY PRESERVATION PO Box 54 Ankeny, IA 50021 'WE FLIP FOR YOU' 515.979.9384 ADDRESS D i g i t a l A r t s | 6 8 9 8 1 2 3 rd L a n e Indianola, Iowa 50125 CONTACT (515) 240-7714 |
  13. 13. J Book Cover Visit JOSHEL SCULPTURES. COM J oshel View additional photos and THE S CULPTURE S OF THE learn more about Suzanne W. SUZANNE W. E state Joshel, the sculptors, and the auction at Proceeds from the sales of the sculptures will benefit: • Opera Colorado • Denver Art Museum • Colorado Symphony • Mile High United Way • Parkinson Association of the Rockies • League of Women Voters S UZANNE W. J OSHEL (National, Colorado and Denver) • Friends of Chamber Music DIRECT INQUIRIES & • Denver Young Artists Orchestra • Denver Planned Parenthood Artist (1921-2009) was born in OFFERS TO PURCHASE UNKNO W N Berlin and was a survivor of LOCAL ARTIST Year Leslie Kaye, Esq., Personal the Holocaust. She and her Artist c/o Hutchins & Associates LLC Representative of the Estate husband, Lloyd, moved to 1 97 O 1675 Broadway, Suite 2750 c/o Hutchins & Associates LLC Estimate Suzanne W Joshel Denver in 1950 and devoted J EROME K IRK 1675 Broadway, Suite 2750 themselves to the arts. Year $1,7oo Denver, CO 80202 Denver, CO 80202 Phone 1 975 893-6500 to 2,8oo . / (303) Much of the Joshels’ art collection was Email /Estimate donated, but five outdoor sculptures are being OF $18,ooo THE E STATE auctioned by the Estate of Suzanne W. Joshel. Thomasto 25,ooo Maytham Bids are being accepted until March 1, 2010. ArtAdvisors LLC 3882 S Newport Way Denver, CO 80237 Phone / (303) 691-9590 Email / Artist CLEMEN T MEADMORE Artist Year B ORGE A PPROX 1977 J ORGEN SON Estimate Year $6o,ooo to A PPROX 1964 150 ,ooo Artist Estimate D EL GEIST $4,ooo Year to 8,ooo UKNOW N Estimate $7oo to 1,7oo Sales Brochure ADDRESS D i g i t a l A r t s | 6 8 9 8 1 2 3 rd L a n e Indianola, Iowa 50125 CONTACT (515) 240-7714 |
  14. 14. ADDRESS D i g i t a l A r t s | 6 8 9 8 1 2 3 rd L a n e Indianola, Iowa 50125 CONTACT (515) 240-7714 |