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FATE2013 Posthaus presentation -- Outdoor Vision Fest, Innovating Collaboration

The PDF of the slideshow accompanying my paper presented at the biennial Foundations in Art: Theory and Education conference. Topic: "Outdoor Vision Fest: A New Approach to Innovating Interdisciplinary Collaborations"

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FATE2013 Posthaus presentation -- Outdoor Vision Fest, Innovating Collaboration

  1. 1. Outdoor Vision Fest: A NewApproach to InnovatingInterdisciplinary CollaborationsTerry BorstProfessor of Screenwriting, Film@SFUAD
  2. 2. Santa Fe University ofArt and Design
  3. 3. Outdoor Vision Fest (OVF)
  4. 4. The AcademicInterdisciplinary Trap● Collaboration in academia: ○ often defined as being "interdisciplinary" ○ often a "top-down" initiative● "Interdisciplinary" becomes a "name only" pursuit: descending into turf battles, fuzzy mandates and poorly defined, shifting objectives● Nevertheless, the boundaries between "disciplines," especially in art schools, are crumbling around us
  5. 5. Beginnings
  6. 6. Initial Vision
  7. 7. OVF 2011
  8. 8. OVF 1st Year Departments ● The Film School ● Graphic Design ● Studio Art ● Photography
  9. 9. OVF 2012
  10. 10. OVF 2013● The Film School● Graphic Design● Studio Art● Photography● Digital Arts● Contemporary Music● Creative Writing
  11. 11. Faculty-Driven● No mandates or abstract goals● Focused on delivery of product● How can we wow?
  12. 12. Mentor-Apprentice ● Faculty truly serve as mentors ● Department boundaries dissolve ● Interdepartmental communications enhanced
  13. 13. An "Innovation Lab"● New ideas, new approaches● Bonus: specific projects drive equipment buys
  14. 14. Global Collaboration I Legoretta Alive
  15. 15. Global Collaboration II
  16. 16. Enhanced Civic Engagement
  17. 17. SummaryCollaborations as projects, not mandates
  18. 18. Summary21st century art is about convergence andcollaboration
  19. 19. SummaryFaculty collaboration creates its own "wake" inthe academic seas
  20. 20. To Keep Up With OVF