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mod-geocache / mapcache - A fast tiling solution for the apache web server


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MapServer MapCache (formerly known as mod-geocache) is a new member in the family of tile caching servers. It aims to be simple to install and configure (no need for the intermediate glue such as mod-python, mod-wsgi or fastcgi), to be (very) fast (written in c and running as a native module under apache), and to be capable (services WMTS, googlemaps, virtualearth, KML, TMS, WMS). When acting as a WMS server, it will also respond to untiled requests, by merging its cached tiles vertically (multiple layers) and/or horizontally.

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mod-geocache / mapcache - A fast tiling solution for the apache web server

  1. 1. MapServer MapCache (f.k.a mod-geocache) A Fast Tile-Caching Solution for the Apache HTTP Server14 / 09 / 2011 Thomas Bonfort (Terriscope) Stephen Woodbridge (iMaptools)
  2. 2. What’s a tile cache? Source Services Tileset Grids requests Cache
  3. 3. Yet Another Tile Cache ?•  Mature / feature-full solutions already out•  High performance needed•  Started out as a small project, to validate the concept•  Integrated into the MapServer stack for next release
  4. 4. Apache module•  Module = code run by the apache processes that treat requests•  Native code•  No overhead (e.g. CGI, FastCGI)•  Does not require spawning an interpreter per concurrent request•  Caveats: –  Thread/process synchronization –  Memory management –  Security
  5. 5. Features•  Metatiling –  Cross process/thread locking ensures you can enable metatiling on an unseeded tileset•  Image recompression / optimization –  JPEG quality –  PNG compression level –  PNG quantization –  “Mixed” format: PNG+JPEG
  6. 6. Features (cont)•  Expiration handling –  HTTP cache controlling headers –  Last-Modified, If-Modified-Since –  Automatically regenerate stale tiles•  Custom error reporting –  Message –  Empty image –  Status code (+optional HTTP header)•  Watermarking
  7. 7. Features (cont)•  Dimensions –  Single values –  Intervals –  Regular Expressions•  FeatureInfo forwarding•  FastCGI / CGI option for use outside of apache
  8. 8. Services•  TMS•  WMTS•  WMS / WMS-C•  Google Maps XYZ•  VirtualEarth Quadkeys•  KML SuperOverlays
  9. 9. “Demo” Interface•  Lists all active services•  Easy way to check configured caches•  Simple OpenLayers slippy-map•  Cut-and-paste definitions for Layers•  http://localhost:8081/mapcache/demo
  10. 10. Grids•  Extent•  Projection•  Resolution per level•  Tile size•  Comes preconfigured with popular grids•  Supports grid aliases•  For limited areas, use grid subsets, not your own grid!
  11. 11. Data Sources•  Extensible, anything able to provide an image for given: –  Width, Height –  Extent –  SRS –  Optionally dimension•  WMS is the only implemented source –  Custom query parameters –  Custom headers
  12. 12. Caches•  Extensible mechanism, backend must provide api to get/set a tile for a given grid, x, y, z (+dimension)•  Higher level locking mechanism allows on- demand cache generation•  Backends provide different performance / manageability tradeoffs•  Currently implemented: filesystem, sqlite, memcached
  13. 13. Disk based caches•  Tilecache hierarchy: –  /tmp/osm/g/17/000/027/304/000/081/334.png•  Custom hierarchy: –  /tmp/{tileset}/{grid}/{x}-{y}-{z}.{ext}•  Support for symlinking blank tiles•  Watch out for filesystem limitations ! –  Max files per directory –  Max number of inodes –  Blocksize
  14. 14. Sqlite caches•  Store tile data as blobs in sqlite db•  Slower than disk caches, but prevents filesytem headaches•  Flexible storage options: –  Provided custom schema –  MBTiles schema –  Custom schema, provide your own queries: •  select tile_data from tiles where tile_column=:x and tile_row=:y and zoom_level=:z"); •  insert or replace into tiles(tile_column,tile_row,zoom_level,tile_data) values (:x,:y,:z,:data)"
  15. 15. Vertical Assembling Save bandwidth, request a single tiled layer !&LAYERS=OSM&… &LAYERS=NEXRAD&… &LAYERS=OSM,NEXRAD&…
  16. 16. Horizontal AssemblingSupport non-tiled clients
  17. 17. Tile Assembling•  CPU bound operation: image format (PNG/ JPEG) encoding and decoding•  CPU acceleration (MMX,SSE,…) of pixel manipulation operations (scaling, blending)•  Configurable resampling•  No reprojection support•  Missing spec for TMS and WMTS support
  18. 18. Proxying support•  Transparently add tiling / fast WMS support to existing services•  Intercepts GetTile / GetMap requests•  Configurable forwarding to other services based on request parameters
  19. 19. Seeder•  Use multiple threads to load the source WMS•  Reseed tiles older than a specified date•  Seed only tiles inside given geometry –  OGR for data access: filter based on SQL queries, e.g. FIPS_A1=’USA’ , pop_density>1000 –  GEOS Prepared Geometries for fast intersection calculation•  Delete mode•  Specify dimension values
  20. 20. Benchmarks•  Server: 4-core, 8GB ram, SSD storage•  ab tool used over Gigabit Ethernet•  “warm” filesystem•  All requests on exact same image data
  21. 21. TMS requests / secThroughput very dependent on image size Concurrent MapProxy Geowebcache MapCache requests wsgi 1 1 280 800 1 780 10 17 000 9 000 30 000 20 18 000 8 000 40 000 100 17 000 7 100 40 000 250 16 500 6 800 40 000
  22. 22. SQLite backend, TMS•  MBTiles backend•  10 threads: –  TileStream: 900 –  MapCache: 8300
  23. 23. Horizontal assembling•  Workload: ~20 png decompressions + 1 jpg compression•  10 threads•  With bilinear resampling –  MapProxy: 29 –  MapCache: 43•  With nearest neighbor resampling –  Geowebcache: 35 –  MapProxy: 40 –  MapCache: 48
  24. 24. Vertical assembling•  Workload: 2 png decompressions, 1 jpeg compression•  10 threads: –  Geowebcache: unsupported –  MapProxy: 435 –  MapCache: 640
  25. 25. What’s next?•  MapServer Stack integration –  Docs –  Code sharing (image I/O, build tools)•  Ideas: –  Source assembling at the tileset level –  OGC ServiceExceptions –  HTTP options: •  HTTPS •  Authentication •  POST
  26. 26. Want More?•  Soon up to date project page:•  Soon defunct project page:•  Get the code: –  Mapserver trunk svn –  Mapserver 6.2•  Contribute !•  Twitter: @tbonfort