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Resume action words worksheet


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Resume action words worksheet

  1. 1. Resume Action WordsThis is a beginning list of action words often used in resumes to providepotential employers with a clear and specific impression of what resumewriters have done and what they can do.As you continue your research on what makes a professional resume, addyour own additional action words that you find to the section below. You willuse these when drafting your own resume.AdaptedAdvancedAdvisedAssistedBuiltChairedCoachedCollectedCommunicatedCoordinatedConductedConstructedCreatedDeliveredDesignedDisplayedDraftedEncouragedEstablishedExplainedFacilitatedFashionedGeneratedIdentifiedInformedInspectedInstalledInstructedInterpretedLocatedMadeMaintainedMonitoredOrganizedOversawParticipatedPlannedPresentedProgrammedPromotedProvidedRaisedRecordedResearchedReviewedRevisedSelectedShapedSupervisedTaughtTestedTrackedTrainedUpdatedWorkedWroteYour Action Words: