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Colege resume ppt

  1. 1. A COMPLETE LIST OF ACCOMPLISHMENTSAND ACTIVITIESMrs. NeelyAmerican LiteratureEnglish IIIStudent Résumé
  2. 2. Create your student résumé by including allaccomplishments and activities from your:freshman yearsophomore yearjunior yearWhen you’re a senior, include activities youwill undertake during your senior year.
  3. 3. ACHIEVEMENTS TO INCLUDE Academic Achievements and Honorsexamples include making the honor roll, being a MeritScholar, earning a high class rank, successfullypassing Advanced Placement (AP) tests, etc. School Activities and Honorsexamples include joining Junior Statesmen of America,participating in varsity sports, joining clubs that helpyour local community such as Key Club, joiningscience club and yearbook, performing duties as aclass office
  4. 4.  Leadership Positions –were you a class officer, club leader, yearbook editor,school newspaper editor, or sports team captain? Community and Church Activities (volunteerwork)examples include tutoring elementary school students,helping senior citizens, serving others at a rescuemission, helping at events for at-risk youth, etc.ACHIEVEMENTS TO INCLUDE
  5. 5.  Travel Experiences (domestic and foreign)have you traveled in the United States or to foreigncountries to learn or to help others?ACHIEVEMENTS TO INCLUDE
  6. 6. Your student résumé shouldemphasize your strongestachievements first.STUDENT RÉSUMÉ HIGHLIGHTS
  7. 7.  Your student résumé should emphasize yourstrongest achievements first. If your grade point average (GPA) is excellent, list it first alongwith the difficulty of your high school curriculum (show thedifficulty of curriculum by listing or describing the AP, honors andcollege prep classes you’ve completed). Along with your excellentGPA, show all of your academic achievements and honors (such asmaking the Principal’s List, being a Merit Scholar, passing an APTest, etc.). If your GPA is not strong, but your school and extracurricularactivities are outstanding, list and Talentsexamples include participating in Community Theater, joining a bikeclub where you take weekly bike rides as a group, guitar or singinglessons, taking a community college course, etc.STUDENT RÉSUMÉ HIGHLIGHTS
  8. 8.  If your grade point average (GPA) is excellent,list it first along with the difficulty of your high schoolcurriculum (show the difficulty of curriculum bylisting or describing the AP, honors and college prepclasses you’ve completed).Along with your excellent GPA, show all of youracademic achievements and honors (such as makingthe Principal’s List, being a Merit Scholar, passing anAP Test, etc.).STUDENT RÉSUMÉ HIGHLIGHTS
  9. 9.  If your GPA is not strong, but your school andextracurricular activities are outstanding,list your activities first (such as being a class officer, anofficer in Junior Statesmen of America, the leadvolunteer with a community organization, sportsteam captain, or demonstrating years of dedicatedcommunity service, etc.).STUDENT RÉSUMÉ HIGHLIGHTS
  10. 10.  If your SAT or ACT test scores are truly outstanding,show them at the top of your résumé. Admissions officers don’t always realize theimportance of some of your achievements, so makesure exceptional achievements are fully explained. In addition, use bolded text or other symbols (such asasterisks) to: Identify activities you find most important and those youplan to continue in college. Bring out important honors, exceptional commitment, orunique characteristics about you.STUDENT RÉSUMÉ HIGHLIGHTS
  11. 11. TIME TO BEGIN TO WRITE YOUR OWN…AchievementsActivitiesLeadershipVolunteerWorkTake 5 minutes to begin to fill in your chart…