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99 Tips E Version

  1. 1. Safekeeping company Reputation 99 Tips
  2. 2. Great reputations are not accidental Good 5 Ceos must Ceo apologies or regrets are 10 Communicate in A cover 8 be the first expected corporate line of defense heavy doses — people up is 7 reputation Reputation royalty are no Stop the 4 pays, bad reputation are hungriest for information when 9 Banish two worse than the longer words — bleeding times are tough invincible quickly costs Instill a sense “no comment“ crime of urgency 11 Think of 13 stakeholders Don’t Abandon any bunker Monitor as your underestimate mentality — make Do not Enlist your always turn the employees’ electorate your competitors board’s leadership accessible other cheek vital signs 12 or critics experience 20 21 17 23 To stabilize Reduce internal “Sunlight is the 18 reputation, expectations best disinfectant” massive Show concern Don’t believe and deadlines Keep an eye – U.S. Supreme Court temporarily out for crisis Justice Louis Brandeis intervention for those your own fatigue from is required affected propaganda (aka: Transparency is the best cure) Shift your team focus from 25 26 34 what has Break recovery Reputation happened to 27 Start up the research Reputation into easy is easiest to what should ask for Lessons engine — halos blind Learn from 24 to manage Learned from those pieces quantify when it happen next measure companies failure. Don’t is eroding or lost who have stumbled consistently waste a crisis to their inner Be prepared for the 30 Think of 31 demons 35 33 Buy Nearly all The public Be there employees as worst-case scenario or be unflattering embedded reputation is much less domain loss is forgiving talked about names ASAP journalists self-inflicted today 36 find the 37 Reputation damage Declare amnesty for those Expect coverage on raw news, 39 Hire 40 Don’t wait 41 every crisis has its own 48 Safeguarding Upside does not discriminate who tell rumors and innuendo right for a crisis to learn humility rhythm reputation is inexhaustible you what Sometimes it’s not the crisis but how leadership went Spend more time 45 46 The right culture is The CEO is the company’s wrong listening Make your the best reputation responds to crisis that recovery guardian No reputation 43 49 protection 42 than talking values-based is bulletproof harms reputation
  3. 3. 53 54 56 enhance Google is a reputation Take the high reputation by 51 Don’t let management system, there is ground when 52 the company the Internet’s Don’t shut managing not a search engine no magic out the reputation online 55 you keep allure Guard digital blogosphere against 50 – Clive Thompson blind you eraser complacency 57 58 59 61 62 64 Scarlet letters Break the rules Reputation do not fade on when you pursue a course Risk-free recovery the Internet have to Personalize 63 of purposeful communications “Hope 60 comes with no completion reputation are hard to the recovery Corporate web sites date is not a management come by story are digital plan.” 65 Hire a 68 69 66 67 ground zero for Be careful of – CEO battle-tested A half Make reputation- early success – Dave Barger, communications truth is a signs of building it can be your JetBlue officer if you “If you lose dollars whole lie progress friend or foe have to for the firm by – Proverb visible bad decisions, I 74 will be under- Reaffirm 75 Be alert. Look out for people’s 72 is Inoculate your standing. If you lose reputa- belief in Credentialize blind spots themselves Recovery reputation by tion for the firm, Review yourself with 70 I will be ruthless.” the strategy 71 “near misses” the right building a – Warren Buffett of small steps scorecards reservoir of 78 79 80 73 Change in Restoring reputation 77 perception takes time is an epic voyage full to catch up to reality of courageous daily goodwill Embrace You can’t go from zero Prepare for the “gotcha” actions, small victories 76 to hero in media moment and incremental deeds your luck 12 months 85 82 86 87 83 use social Use all inline media assets — online + offline Multiply Don’t forget that we all live in glass Embrace 84 your fans or Good corporate media to identify all your bad houses — there Advocates. citizens emerging 81 news by 10 or even 100 are no secrets Engage your Badvocates recover faster distress signals 88 90 93 Seize the 92 99 Every person Reputation and company recovery takes shift — be Instill and is indexed at least four aware of 91 Recognize the inspire a somewhere years shifts in Use the “R” permanency of business and common 89 Corporate word (recovery) the campaign perceptions judiciously Expect purpose — crusade daily responsibility surprises is more than Don’t around Second chances are 95 Reputation restoration is a a bandage to 97 leave your reputation up every rarely a matter of luck marathon, not a be applied Spin gold 96 Your digital to the roll of fingerprint sprint when injury from clay – the dice corner is eternal turn crisis into occurs opportunity
  4. 4. For more information on Safekeeping Company Reputation: 99 Tips, or any of Weber Shandwick’s Corporate and Reputation services, please contact: reputationRx@webershandwick.com