IMPORTANT CONTACT DETAILS         TBLI and Innovator Capital present
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Investor Salon
                                                                                           May 5, 6, 7

    Geneva, Switzerland                            Amst...

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• Southeast, Northeast and West Coast offices – sourcing deals nationally

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ning. Ecologic Shine™ is a biodegradable proprietary process that produces no
This light small size vehicle complements the capabilities of battery technologies

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Innovator Capital Limited (London) is a multi-disciplinary corporate finance        TBLI GRO UP™ raises consciousness of s...
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TBLI INVESTOR SALON™ is an invitation-only, half-day meeting, held on regular intervals in various European cities that educates investors on the latest trends and future outlook in the field of impact investment, especially in alternative assets and non-regulated stocks.

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  1. 1. IMPORTANT CONTACT DETAILS TBLI and Innovator Capital present INNOVATOR CAPITAL LIMITED. T: +44 20 7297 6840 E: info @ TBLI INVESTOR SALON™ Cynthia Hung May 4, 5, 6 2010 Arran de Moubray Munich, Geneva, Amsterdam TBLI CONSULTING T: +31 20 428 67 52 Robert Rubinstein (M) +31 62 246 4104 robert @ Fabian Roobeek (M) +31 64 358 5241 fabian @
  2. 2. Investor Salon May 5, 6, 7 Munich, Geneva, Amsterdam Thank you for (once again) taking the time to join us the TBLI INVESTOR LOCATION LOGISTICS SALO NS™ - our marketplace for innovative funds and companies in the realm of impact investing and cleantech private equity. Munich, Germany Hotel Bayerischer Hof This May series we celebrate a milestone, as it is the fifth time since our start in January 2009 that we try to light the way towards financing TUESDAY 26TH JANUARY a sustainable economy. H aving started organizing the Investor Salons in a period of fundraising drought, the fact that you are here, joining us, 08.45 Coffee and early-morning networking proves that rain is on its way. 09.15 Opening remarks When TBLI talks about a ‘sustainable economy’ it is not all about going green. 09.30 Sorenson Housing Opportunity Fund It entails ‘doing good’ but in a way that you are not just good to yourself. It SJF Ventures III, LP means completely restructuring the economy, and the world of haute finance 09.40 in particular, to the extent that the term ‘profit’ starts to refer to environmental 09.50 FE Clean Energy and social gains, too - without losing the financial upside. 10.00 Q&A in smaller groups Yes, investment opportunities that provide market beating financial returns Coffee Break 10.40 whilst having tremendous impact on the social and environmental balance exist - and by coming to our fifth series of TBLI INVESTOR SALO NS™ you 11.20 Czeers are one step closer to finding one that fits exactly your scope. 11.30 Ecologic I wish you a morning filled with inspiration, and please, next time: 11.40 Hiriko bring a friend. 11.50 Q&A in smaller groups Yours Sincerely, 12.30 Closing remarks Robert Rubinstein 12.35 Networking CEO TBLI GRO UP™ 2 3
  3. 3. LOCATION LOGISTICS LOCATION LOGISTICS Geneva, Switzerland Amsterdam, Netherlands Hotel de la Paix De Bazel WEDNESDAY 27TH JANUARY THURSDAY 28TH JANUARY 08.45 Coffee and early-morning networking 08.45 Coffee and early-morning networking 09.15 Opening remarks 09.15 Opening remarks 09.30 Sorenson Housing Opportunity Fund 09.30 Sorenson Housing Opportunity Fund 09.40 SJF Ventures III, LP 09.40 SJF Ventures III, LP 09.50 FE Clean Energy 09.50 FE Clean Energy 10.00 Q&A in smaller groups 10.00 Q&A in smaller groups 10.40 Coffee Break 10.40 Coffee Break 11.20 Czeers 11.20 Czeers 11.30 Ecologic 11.30 Ecologic 11.40 Hiriko 11.40 Hiriko 11.50 Q&A in smaller groups 11.50 Q&A in smaller groups 12.30 Closing remarks 12.30 Closing remarks 12.35 Networking 12.35 Networking 4 5
  4. 4. FUND SORENSON HOUSING OPPORTUNITY FUND - INDIA DESCRIPTION INVESTMENT SUMMARY The Sorenson Housing Opportunity Fund (SH O F) is a for-profit private equity fund that Min Investment / Unit size: $5M institutional/ $1M indiv. aims to establish an economic ecosystem (housing, finance, and building services) for Management Fee: 2.5% of committed capital the provision of affordable housing solutions to the working poor in India while targeting After investment period, 2.5%, with a floor of 1.25% attractive returns for investors. SH O F will address the 25M unit housing shortage. Carry: 20%; 6% preferred return to LP. Current estimates place India’s low income housing market at US$270B. Term: 10 years & two (2) one-year extensions TARGET FIRST CLOSE July 2010 KEY MANAGEMENT/CONTACTS TARGET FUNDRAISING Target Size $100M, up to $150M Srinath Srinivasan • $25M soft commitments MD, SH OF; Former MD & Head of Ind. Invest. at RMB PE and of PE of Reliance Capital • $5M to reach first closing target, $75M to reach Target Size Mayank Jain • $150M hard cap. VP, SH OF; The Monitor Group Jim Sorenson Co-Founder, Sorenson Capital; CEO, The Sorenson Group of Real Estate Companies; INVESTMENT FOCUS Geoff Woolley • Housing construction and real estate development projects and companies Co-Founder, Dominion Ventures, Kreos Capital, & Unitus Equity Fund • Housing finance and housing finance-related Ashish Karamchandani • Construction technology, other allied businesses CEO, The Monitor Group (Ind) Robert Gay GEOGRAPHICAL FOCUS India Founder, H untsman Gay Global Capital; Former Mgmt. Comm. Chairman & M D, Bain Capital FUND STRATEGY Aanandjit Sunderaj Historical performance: Fund Advisor; Former Senior Director & Head of Real Estate, ICICI Venture; Fund: none Former CIO of India Property Fund Executives: see below Current portfolio: None James Magowan jamesm +1 310 430 0235, STATISTICS/RETURNS SUMMARY Tim Colllins Projected returns commensurate with commercial PE timc +1 415 290 2324, Elizabeth Cooper elizabeth.cooper@ +1 415 515 8461 6 7
  5. 5. • Southeast, Northeast and West Coast offices – sourcing deals nationally but often off-the-beaten track • SJF Ventures I & II portfolio of 31 cos. • SJF Advisory Services partnership broadens reach of SJF Ventures FUND • 15 SJF events/year @ 2,000 attendees SJF VENTURES III, LP • Annual deal flow: 2,000+/year DESCRIPTION SJF VENTURES HAS HELPED BUILD INDUSTRY LEADING FIRMS SJF Ventures III, LP, is a venture capital fund focused on delivering superior financial returns groSolar National solar installation and distribution firm built through three by investing in high-growth companies pursuing sustainable strategies. These strategies acquisitions and organic growth, projecting $115MM in sales for 2010. SJF led include providing renewable energy, energy efficiency, water and materials recycling and the Series A investment in 2006, during a time in which downstream solar was efficiency, winning workforce innovations, and company cultures and brands of enduring underappreciated by most venture investors. quality and integrity. CleanScapes Recycling, organics and waste collection firm helping Seattle region pursue zero waste strategy with $40MM in 2009 revenues. SJF only VC investor FUND METRICS in company, leveraging deep SJF • Stage: Venture growth Ryla Teleservices A customer contact firm that has grown to $100M in 2009 • Fund Size: $75 to $100 MM revenues and 2,500 employees with a winning workforce culture. SJF was founding • Geography: North America investor when firm had less than $2MM in sales. • Target Close: Q4 2010 Rustic Crust Only shelf-stable organic pizza crust firm, recently acquired • Investment Target Return: >20% IRR American Flatbread, $13MM in sales projected for 2010. • Minimum: $1 MM • Fees: 2.5% / 20% STATISTICS/RETURNS SUMMARY Provided upon request INVESTMENT STRATEGY • Leverage ten-year-old brand, network, infrastructure and experience to identify leading KEY MANAGEMENT/CONTACTS growth stage cleantech and tech-enhanced services firms. David Kirkpatrick Co-Founder & Managing Director, >10 yrs of VC experience, • Contrarian cleantech strategy - capital efficient, downstream industry leaders >20 yrs operational and investment experience in cleantech, previously with Kirkworks • Avoid tech & capital intensive plays and SunShares • Tech-enhanced services strategy - workforce innovation & values driven Rick Defieux Co-Founder & Investment Committee Chair, >20 yrs of • Continue to win competitive financings by connecting uniquely with entrepreneurs’ VC experience, $97MM returned on $42MM invested in 25 deals, Cleantech Pioneer ambitions to build high growth, positive impact companies. Award for early cleantech investing, Edison Venture Funds I, II, III; Battelle Ventures • X-Factor alignment with entrepreneurs - “value-add as well as values-add” David Griest Managing Director, >12 years of venture capital and investment • Initial post-money valuations <$15MM banking experience, previously with Croft & Bender / C&B Capital • Not reliant on IPO market - reasonable M&A exits generate superior returns Alan Kelley Managing Director, >14 yrs of VC & investment mgmt experience, • Draw on strong venture experience and deep domain expertise to navigate markets previously with Trusco Capital Management, top quintile of Lipper Science & Tech and address challenged elements of venture model. Funds Universe Arrun Kapoor Principal, >12 years of venture capital, management consulting FUND HIGHLIGHTS and entrepreneurial experience, previously with Bain & Co. • SJF I & II investors include GKM Newport, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Cody Nystrom Senior Associate, >5 years of venture capital and investment Calvert, Bank of America, HSBC and Citibank. banking experience, previously with Ewing Bemiss • Third fund with continued focus on sustainable strategies that accelerate superior financial returns David Kirkpatrick • Investment team and investment committee have 50 years of dkirk, Phone (919) 530-1177 x407, VC experience, early leaders in cleantech investing 8 9
  6. 6. FUND FE • CLEAN ENERGY DESCRIPTION FUND STRATEGY A $250 Million fund focused on renewable energy projects and investments in Asia, H istorical performance: Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America. Fund IV – 18% Net IRR to investors after all expenses Current portfolio: FUND AUM $280M in four funds Sanchuan Energy INCEPTION DATE December 2007 (Fund IV) Impress Ethanol TARGET FUNDRAISING $250 M (Fund IV) Soham Hydro Eco Energy • $101 M closed Terra Global • $78 M committed San Carols Biofuels Inc. • $100 M additional to reach target • $250 M hard cap. STATISTICS/RETURNS SUMMARY Provided upon request INVESTMENT FOCUS • Renewable power generation INVESTMENT SUMMARY • Energy efficiency Min Investment / Unit size: Generally $5 million with some exceptions • Bio-fuels Management Fee: 2.0% of committed capital • Opportunities where project development expertise can add value beyond financial capital After investment period declines based upon outstanding contributed amount Carry: 20.0%; 6.0% hurdle with catch-up GEOGRAPHICAL FOCUS Investment Holding Period: 5 to 8 years Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, and Latin America KEY MANAGEMENT/CONTACTS George Sorenson - Chairman Fransicso Hoyos - Vice Chairman Lawrence McGrath - Managing Director Anand Prakash - Fund Mgr Asia Fernando Rivas - Fund Mgr LatAm Richard Roberts - Fund Mgr E. Europe Jose Luis Guerrero - Director 10 11
  7. 7. COMPANY CZEERS SOLARBOATS B.V. DESCRIPTION FINANCING STRATEGY Czeers Solarboats focuses on the development and sale of sustainable speedboats The two founders, Nils Beers and David Czap each hold 45% of the shares - the final without compromise. The company demonstrates that sustainability can be 10% is owned by the Dutch astronaut Wubbo Ockels. a combination of timeless beauty, state-of-the-art technology and passion. With much media coverage on the company, perhaps the best way to describe how Czeers is specifically looking for a VC, a family office or for a partner with more Czeers innovates sustainable design is by the words of Playboy Magazine: “The best strategic influence who shares the vision of “making sustainability sexy.” A large looking speedboat we have ever seen” while 100% autonomous for it’s energy supply. percentage of the shares is available to a new shareholder. TECHNOLOGY/DEVELOPMENT STAGE In 2007, Czeers developed the Czeers Mk1, previewed on the Millionaire Fair 2007 KEY MANAGEMENT/CONTACTS and officially launched on the Monaco Yacht Show 08. The boat is a unique CEO combination of hi-tech solar electric propulsion systems, a ground hull and Nils Beers exterior design, and a very innovative user interface. Nils @ A whole series of boats within the portfolio of usage and consumers have been designed as well. It’s late 2005 when Naval Architecture student Nils Beers, becomes team leader of the TU-Delft Solarboat Team. In just 7 months, the team designed and built the fastest COMMERCIALISATION/PARTNERING STRATEGY solar powered race boat in the world to ever compete in de world cup for solarboats. Czeers is exploring commercialization through the following strategies: the sale The team wins the race with a 10 hour advantage on what for them was a twenty hours of luxury speedboats, the sale of practical usage boats as well as licensing race. Inspired by this, Nils got a vision to demonstrate sustainability can be even big- contracts abroad to maximize the dezign and know-how that has been created ger, faster, and especially sexier. Together with teammate David Czap, they quit their at Czeers over the past three years. study and designed the Czeers Mk1. At the launch on the Millionaire Fair in 2007, Nils is proven right. Sustainability can be a combination of timeless beauty, state-of- the-art technology, and passion. Nils’s biggest talents are an out-of-the-box but very result oriented mentality, as a Risk, R&D and Project manager. 12 13
  8. 8. ning. Ecologic Shine™ is a biodegradable proprietary process that produces no contaminating run-off. Ecologic has a contract with Park ‘N Fly, and airport parking company, to clean cars at their 15 corporate U.S. locations with plans to expand operations to over 80 of their U.S. affiliate locations. COMPANY Ecologic is strategically expanding to car dealerships beginning with a pilot pro- ECOLOGIC TRANSPORTATION, INC. gram in California and has a pilot program to clean a truck and van fleet of 33,000 in the UK. The Ecologic Shine™ Process and products will be used for all Ecologic DESCRIPTION Car Rental locations and fleets. Ecologic Transportation, Inc. is an innovative company dedicated to environmentally Ecologic is also in development of other technologies that will help make the friendly transportation products and services by providing an unbiased approach to green transportation industry more sustainable. cars and clean fuels. Ecologic Transportation, Inc. encompasses three separate but integrated operations that address the environment and transportation holistically: COMMERCIALISATION/PARTNERING STRATEGY • Ecologic Car Rentals Ecologic Transportation, Inc. began production of their Ecologic Shine™ products • Ecologic Systems in October 2009. • Ecologic Products Ecologic Transportation, Inc. [EGCT.OB] is a publically traded company. For most Ecologic Car Rentals’ strategy is to acquire existing, profitable, stable regional brands and recent financial information, see 10K for 2009 filed on April 14, 2010. convert the fleet and operations to the Ecologic brand over a 12 – 24 month period. This allows Ecologic Car Rentals to generate revenue of $80 to $100 million USD within 12 FINANCING STRATEGY months of the acquisitions. In addition to the major vehicle rental brands, there are U.S. $2 million and $25 million USD Current Raising independent operators with combined revenue in excess of $1.5 billion USD. Ecologic is under N DA’s with several acquisition targets that will create a multi-regional U.S. footprint. KEY MANAGEMENT/CONTACTS William N. Plamondon III CEO: H as successfully served as CEO for both private & Ecologic Car Rentals will be a “test market” platform for all manufacturers. 100% of Ecologic’s publicly held companies over his distinguished 35+ year career. As President/CEO, fleet will be made up of environmentally friendly vehicles, positioning them as the only grew Budget Rent a Car by acquiring & integrating franchisees into a $2.5 billion pure environmental car rental brand. Customer trial of these new vehicles leads to overall brand spanning 3,200 locations with 15,000 employees in 117 countries. Led customer acceptance of these new technologies. Customers include: consumers, corpo- Budget to a successful sale. Successfully restructured & conducted successful sale rations, government agencies and municipalities. of Alamo & National Car Rental operations following 9/11 as President/CEO of the $3 billion ANC Rental Corporation. Seasoned executive in both public & private The worldwide automobile rental market is a proven $42 billion USD industry. There are companies in a variety of industries including automotive finance, logistics & opportunities for global partnerships in fleet rental and fleet management with govern- manufacturing. Extensive global M&A experience. ments and municipalities. Ecologic’s structure supports continuing strategic acquisitions and joint ventures. billp @ Ecologic Products and Ecologic Systems were created to provide an infrastructure for and Ecologic Transportation, Inc. support Ecologic Car Rentals. 1327 Ocean Drive Suite B TECHNOLOGY/DEVELOPMENT STAGE Santa Monica, CA 90401 When developing the Ecologic Shine™ products, contenders were vigorously tested for Phone: 310.899.3900 everything from the application process to the look and feel of the final result of the clea- Cell: 630.258.7377 14 15
  9. 9. This light small size vehicle complements the capabilities of battery technologies COMPANY that are presently available. HIRIKO, DRIVING MOBILITY The H iriko is a front egress/ingress vehicle. The combination of in-wheel motor DESCRIPTION technology and folding capability will allow the user to gracefully exit the H iriko H iriko is a concept car project conceived and developed at the Massachusetts Institute of from the front and park nose-in (or perpendicular to the curb) to the curb, and Technology and will be fabricated in the Basque region of Northern Spain aiming to rein- step safely onto the sidewalk rather than the street. The folding also aids the vent the concept of mobility in urban contexts. H iriko has been uniquely designed from passengers to exit from an elevated position. new perspectives of architecture, energy, ecology, urban planning, and urban design, ena- bling a true paradigm shift in the way we address mobility. This new social enterprise H iriko weighs less than 450kg, parks in much less space than a Smart Car, and reinvents the car as an object, and redefines the user’s relationship to metropolitan use is expected to get the equivalent of 150 to 200 miles per gallon of gasoline. Since patterns. it is battery-electric, it produces no tailpipe emissions. The H iriko vehicle is designed to be used in shared-use rental vehicle systems, otherwise Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are housed in the floor of the H iriko, which provides known as “Mobility-on-Demand” (MoD) systems. Like the Paris Velib bike sharing pro- a large amount of space, keeps the center of mass low, and facilitates cooling. gram, users simply walk up to the closest charging station, swipe a credit card, take an Hiriko vehicles are designed to be recharged at MoD charging stations distributed electric vehicle, and drive to the nearest station. Bike sharing systems like Paris’ Vélib and throughout the city. They can be placed at major transit hubs such as subway Barcelona’s Bicing have proven that MoD systems are very convenient, flexible, and com- stations, bus stops, airports, and major conversion points to create a network of plementary to mass transit systems, by solving the “Last Mile First Mile” problem associ- charging stations. The latest Li-ion batteries can be rapidly charged in less than ated with Subway and Bus networks. MoD systems using lightweight electric vehicles, like 15 minutes, which will enable a high-turn over rate which is necessary in MoD H iriko, are born to reduce energy use, C O2 emissions, land-use, and overall congestion vehicle systems. Traditional recharging (slow charging) can also be accomplished in urban areas. with inexpensive home charging units, and with units installed at workplace par- king structures. H iriko is also currently developing contactless charging systems TECHNOLOGY/DEVELOPMENT STAGE that will allow the vehicle to automatically recharge in parking spaces without the H iriko is a two-passenger vehicle designed for urban use. The CityCar utilizes a new need to physically plug the vehicles with a corded connection. vehicle architecture that is radical and revolutionary. It does not have a central engine and traditional power train, but is powered by four in-wheel electric motors at the corners Patents of the vehicle. Each wheel unit contains drive motor (which also enables regenerative H iriko has over 12 patents on the Wheel Robot technology, actuated folding, braking), steering, and suspension, and is independently and digitally controlled and vehicular architectures. Additional patents are pending on advanced fleet (by-wire technology). This enables maneuvers like spinning on its own axis (an O-turn management systems for Mobility-on-Demand Systems. instead of a U-turn), moving sideways into parallel parking spaces, and lane changes while facing straight ahead. H iriko is capable of folding its footprint practically in half to save on parking space. When folded, the car can fit within the width of a traditional parking space and can park nose-in to the curb. Three H iriko cars can fit within length of a single traditional parking space. When the vehicle folds, the baggage compartment remains level and low for easy access. 16 17
  10. 10. COMPANY HIRIKO, DRIVING MOBILITY COMMERCIALISATION/PARTNERING STRATEGY FINANCING STRATEGY H iriko consortium has nurtured 3 companies: H iriko cars, H iriko services and H iriko To prepare for the project financing needs, the Spanish Government has poured infrastructures. H iriko cars will fabricate the automobile, H iriko services in a total of 6 million as pre-operating/ pre-commercial investments. Total will offer engineering services to the cities integrating this mobility concept into their project cost (2009-2011) of 150 millon will be financed by a combination of transportion system and H iriko infrastructures will provide the recharging plants, par- a 0% interest loan provided by the Spanish Government (up to 50 million ) king spaces and logistics. and 50 million euro invested by manufacturers of the city car. PARTNERS SHAREHOLDINGS Professor William J. Mitchell, director of the Smart Cities group, worked with the H DM Private Investors. 51% internationally awarded architect, Frank O. Gehry to form the initial concept. Today, Manufacturers. 21%. Hiriko is a reality thanks to a new consortium led by DenokInn (the Basque Centre External investors. 28% for Corporate and Social Innovation), Epsilon (Motor Racing Innovation & Technology Centre ), Afypaida and the MIT Media Lab. Hiriko is also negotiating a collaboration CURRENT RAISING agreement with the London School of Economics Enterprise for reinforcing the Hiriko seeks external investment of 44 million Euro. marketing strategy and operations. MANAGEMENT DenoKinn DenokInn, the Basque Centre for Corporate and Social Innovation leads Epsilon the consortium of enterprises and research institutions involved. Afypaida MIT Media Lab http:/ / KEY MANAGEMENT/CONTACTS CEO Carlos Fernandez Isoird cfernandez @ DenokInn. Fraile Leku 1. Bermeo 48370. Spain 18 19
  11. 11. Innovator Capital Limited (London) is a multi-disciplinary corporate finance TBLI GRO UP™ raises consciousness of self-interest to institutionalize advisory firm, holistically addressing the needs of emerging cleantech and sustainability in the financial sector. We do so by using various tools, such biotech companies. We look to help these companies raise finance, secure as TBLI CO N FERENCE™, with one annual event in Europe and one in Asia, and protect their IP, gain commercial contracts and adapt suitably within the and through TBLI CO NSULTIN G™. individual policy framework of each locality. To that effect, we aim to establish long-term relationships with these companies in order to provide the value-add OUR VISION that they need to succeed in the market. “The world will benefit when the economy supports well-being.” - Robert Rubinstein The team remains technology agnostic and open to the most innovative and OUR MISSION novel technologies in the targeted sectors. We review over 600 companies every year for technology uniqueness and credibility, strategic soundness, Mobilize Capital for Sustainable Investment, by raising awareness of the benefit competitive advantage, IP value and management expertise - identifying the and opportunities of sustainable investments. leading companies throughout the industry. ORIGINS Innovator Capital’s expertise extends over 50 years of combined technical, Investment interest in sustainability (Impact Investing), and Economic and Social commercial and financial experience, offering a comprehensive approach to Governance (ESG) has expanded immensely. Research continues to show that social, the commercial markets via: environmental, and financial returns can be gained in parallel and that the risk profiles of sustainable investments are attractive to mainstream investors in many • In-depth technical understanding of the cleantech industry cases. Moreover, new models of sustainability are being developed and deployed • Broad experience in international intellectual property worldwide at financial institutions and corporations. • Fundraising expertise in all major global markets TBLI CO NSULTIN G™ was found in 1999 to respond to these developments by • Wide network of policymakers, regulators and legislators assisting sustainable business ventures and funds to secure financing in this • Partnerships with 200+ of the world’s top commercial and industrial players landscape of new opportunities. Since then, our services have evolved to assist • Thorough knowledge of the industry’s investor base financial institutions and business organizations in the development of financial • Adept and skilled in corporate finance including M&A products and services related to ESG investing. We also offer a comprehensive • Global scope of exposure of all leading media, trade contacts range of strategic consulting services in ESG investing. Innovator Capital is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services NETWORK ORIENTATION Authority of the UK. TBLI CO NSULTING™ maintains a network orientation, with expert contacts world- wide. Our large network expedites the development of sustainability programs by linking partners with a mutual interest. The network includes investors, financial institutions, sustainability consultants, government and non-governmental organi- zations. Leveraging the expertise of our network enables TBLI CO NSULTING™ to increase the quality of outcomes while reducing the costs of our services. 20 21
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