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Booklet from TBLI INVESTOR SALON™, 3 salons held in May 2009.

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  1. 1. IMPORTANT CONTACT DETAILS TBLI and Innovator Capital present Innovator Capital TBLI INVESTOR SALON™ Cynthia Hung (M) +44 781 716 0331 Cynthia.hung @ May 5, 6, 7 2009 Jade Summer Munich, Geneva, Amsterdam (M) +44 795 015 7775 Jade.summer @ TBLI Robert Rubinstein (M) +31 62 246 4104 robert @ Fabian Roobeek (M) +31 64 358 5241 fabian @
  2. 2. LOCATION LOGISTICS Munich, Germany Hotel Vierjahreszeiten Kempinski Maximilianstrasse 17 80539 Munich Deutschland Tel +49 89 2125 0 Fax +49 89 2125 2000 On behalf of all TBLI GRO UP™ and IN N OVATOR CAPITAL staff, I welcome you to our first cycle of TBLI INVESTOR SALO N™’s. After an inaugural Salon in 4 MAY WELCOME DINNER Amsterdam last January, we will now be hosting events in Munich, Geneva and Reservation at 20.00 Amsterdam. Bohne & Malz GmbH TUHAG GmbH Our first Salon has proven that we offer an excellent overview of quality clean Bohn & Malz tech and sustainable investment opportunities, not easily found. During the Personalverwaltung Fr. Turan course of one morning, you will be introduced to several companies and funds. Weinstrasse 3 Together, these form a showcase of the latest development in the cleantech 80333 München industry. All presenters have been pre-screened and analyzed by the existing Tel. +49 89 / 24294341/40 risk and portfolio management structures of Innovator Capital. Fax. +49 89 / 24294348 The TBLI INVESTOR SALO N™ provides asset managers and owners with an 5 MAY SCHEDULE opportunity to educate them about cleantech industry developments and risk considerations with alternative assets and non-regulated stocks. 08.30 Breakfast 08.50 Opening remarks For this cycle of Salons, we bring you a wide array of funds, from funds active in public trading to others with long track records and active in venturing. 09.00 Global Fund Exchange Group Among the companies, are those that have just acquired proof of concept and are on the verge of commercialising. 09.25 Chrysalix 09.50 New Energy Fund As the current financial crisis has shown that it has been everything but sustainable, I am certain that this morning will be extremely educational, and 10.15 India Clean Energy Fund helpful in greening your investment decisions. 10.40 Coffee Break Robert Rubinstein 11.10 KL Energy CEO TBLI GRO UP™ 11.35 Planet Green Bottle 12.00 Hansen Tie 12.25 Closing remarks 2 3
  3. 3. LOCATION LOGISTICS LOCATION LOGISTICS Geneva, Switzerland Amsterdam, Netherlands The United Nations Office at Geneva De Bazel 8-14 avenue de la Paix Vijzelstraat 32 C H-1211 Genève 10 1017 HL Amsterdam, N etherlands +41(0)22 917 12 34 +31 20 5720202 Supported by 7 MAY SCHEDULE Breakfast 08.30 6 MAY SCHEDULE Opening remarks 08.50 Arrive – Security: Photo ID and Completed 08.00 Global Fund Exchange Group 09.00 Security Form Required Chrysalix 09.25 Breakfast* 08.15 New Energy Fund 09.50 Opening remarks 08.45 India Clean Energy Fund 10.15 Global Fund Exchange Group 08.55 Coffee Break 10.40 Chrysalix 09.20 KL Energy 11.10 New Energy Fund 09.45 Planet Green Bottle 11.35 India Clean Energy Fund 10.10 Hansen Tie 12.00 Coffee Break 10.30 Nolaris 12.25 KL Energy 10.50 Closing remarks 12.50 Planet Green Bottle 11.15 Lunch 13.00 Hansen Tie 11.40 Nolaris 12.05 Closing remarks 12.30 Lunch 12.40 Please be advised that no food or drink (except water) is allowed in *Note Room XII. Breakfast will be served in the foyer immediately outside RoomXII. 4 5
  4. 4. FUND THE EARTH WIND AND FIRE FUND LTD. o Kyoto Protocol and other International-based Carbon Offset Projects o U.S. based Carbon Offset Projects DESCRIPTION The Earth Wind & Fire Fund Ltd. is a global macro, multi-manager investment fund focusing o Liquid Environmental and Energy Trading on a diversified approach to energy. o Global Emissions Trading Mechanisms (EUA, CER, RGGI futures, options, related o Cleantech o Traditional Energy derivates, etc.) o Water o Natural Resources/Commodities o Carbon / Emissions Trading o Energy Traders Energy trading and CTAs - This crucial and active sector originally incorporated for hedging and liquidity purposes soon proved to be a liquid, uncorrelated and highly profitable FUND AUM Provided Upon Request diversification tool to the more long biased sector investments in both cleantech and INCEPTION DATE January 2007 water and is now a cornerstone of our portfolio. It allows for an improvement of overall risk, liquidity and consistency levels of the entire portfolio whilst attributing significant portfolio profits, especially during periods of negative equity returns. Our diverse yet com- INVESTMENT FOCUS Cleantech - The majority of the fund’s allocation to this sector is in publically traded and plementary team of portfolio managers furthermore assists us with implementing the fund’s liquid companies - real businesses with real customers and proven technology. This portfolio macro overlay and hedging positions in a cost effective and time critical manner. does not invest in start-ups, illiquid securities or businesses whose debt requirements are excessive under the current credit conditions. Currency and sector hedging - Whilst many investors throughout the world have identified o Wind o Nuclear alternative energy and renewable resource investing as the most interesting and potentially o Solar & Solar-thermal o Transportation lucrative sector going forward - hedging a portfolio of fundamentally long equities has o Geothermal o Energy from Waste historically proven both difficult and expensive. At Global Fund Exchange we use our port- o Smart Grid o Integrated conglomerates with folio of non correlated trading strategies to implement a macro overlay hedging strategy in o Energy Efficiency multiple alternative energy businesses deep liquid markets across diversified asset classes and geography. Rather than being a cost drag on the overall portfolio, our hedging strategy is now a profit centre for the portfolio as Water - Given the dire water shortages in developed and developing countries alike and a whole. the already significant current spending and dramatic increases in projected spending in this sector - this is a sector that can no longer be ignored. Our investments in this critical GEOGRAPHICAL FOCUS Global and highly profitable sector are managed on a global macro long short basis. Allocations are made through experienced and highly specialized portfolio managers in the following FUND STRATEGY sub-sectors: The Earth Wind & Fire Fund Ltd. utilizes a diversified global macro, multi-manager invest- o Water supply and infrastructure ment approach to investing in the world’s premier specialists in all areas of the new energy o Water and waste water treatment revolution. We specifically focus on opportunities in clean tech, carbon/emissions trading, o Desalination and other recovery technologies water supply and treatment, traditional energy, smart grid, natural resources and energy spe- o Water utilities tapping public markets through debt & equity cific traders. Our broad spectrum approach to investing across the entire energy grid allows us to diversify our strategy by geography, sector, asset class and themes - which we have Carbon Trading - Our highly specialized and experienced originators and traders in the found creates uncorrelated performance in the portfolio. This combined with our macro carbon and other emissions space provide our portfolios with a highly liquid and completely overlay and active portfolio management style significantly reduces the volatility. uncorrelated asset class that benefits directly from the current shifts in global policy towards emission reductions, cap and trade systems of offsetting carbon emissions and both public and private sector initiatives. 6 7
  5. 5. FUND KEY MANAGEMENT/CONTACTS THE EARTH WIND AND FIRE FUND LTD. Lauralouise Duffy has worked as the CEO of Global Fund Exchange since 2006. In September 2007 she acquired The Global Fund Exchange Group and moved headquarters to New York. As HISTORICAL PERFORMANCE CEO, Ms. Duffy built a broad-spectrum platform service business offering independent fund sup- M O NTHLY RETURNS port, structuring services and consulting to a wide range of hedge funds, fund of funds, and insti- tutional clients. In 2008, she launched GFX Alternatives, a company dedicated to the alternative Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total energy and renewable resources sector. Prior to Global Fund Exchange, Ms. Duffy spent 15 years on Wall 2007 2.15% 1.06% 1.19% 1.52% 1.57% 1.76% 3.19% 0.63% 3.32% 0.58% 0.18% 0.90% 19.56% Street working in the capacity of CEO, CO O and Managing Director in the H edge Fund and 2008 0.73% 2.50% -0.52% 0.64% 2.01% 0.71% 0.09% 0.41% -0.77% -0.12% 1.64% 2.39% 10.09% Alternative Investments community. Most recently Ms. Duffy was Founder and President of Golden 2009 0.22% 0.61% 0.25% 1.08% Retriever Capital, a global strategic development firm, consulting to major financial institutions in the alternative investment arena. For 6 years, prior to that, Ms. Duffy built and ran, as Partner and C O O, F NY Capital, the alternative investment arm of First New York Securities. Ms. Duffy has CURRENT PORTFOLIO spent 17 years running the operations, administration and distribution of eleven hedge funds, STRATEGY LIMITS Min Max Current building and running investment fund businesses for Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia and ENERGY 15% 50% 26.4% South America, including equity, global macro, emerging markets, venture, and private equity CLEANTEC H 15% 50% 19.7% businesses. She has extensive experience working in the areas of financial and risk management, RESO URCES 0% 25% 12.8% fund launches, legal structuring, fund conversions, platform development, infrastructure building, operations and reporting, legal, compliance, client services, manager due diligence and selection, CARBO N 0% 25% 10.6% branding, product development, global distribution, and disaster recovery and business continui- CTA 7% 25% 10.6% ty planning. Tel: +1 212 570 7970 Ext 3 - lld @ OTHERS 0% 10% 9.0% WATER 7% 25% 8.1% Anric Blatt has been with the Global Fund Exchange group since its founding in 2005. His prin- CASH 3% cipal areas of focus include strategy allocation, portfolio management, manager research, due dili- gence as well as new product development and structuring. Mr. Blatt has been performing exten- STATISTICS/RETURNS SUMMARY sive research and due diligence on hedge fund managers for over 12 years. He has been instru- Provided upon request mental in the development and management of a number of successful investment vehicles both private and public. He has initiated and supervised the creation of the Global Fund Exchange INVESTMENT SUMMARY Platform, has overseen construction of a proprietary database of 3500 hedge fund programs, and during INVESTMENT SUM MARY Class A Class B Class C the past decade, he has overseen his research team’s on-site due diligence of over 1500 managers. Min Investment / Unit Size US $1,000,000 US $10,000,000 US $250,000 Mr. Blatt has served on the board of more than 50 investment focused companies, funds and Management Fee 1.00% 1.00% 2.00% trusts in virtually all the major money management centers in the world. Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Blatt was the Founder, CEO and Chairman of the Infiniti Capital Group where he was involved Incentive Fee 15.00% 10.00% 20.00% in all aspects of building the business including product development, branding, portfolio manage- Investment Time Horizon 2-5 years 2-5 years 2-5 years ment and research. During his tenure as CIO and CEO of the firm, he successfully created and managed 12 public investment funds, a capital markets and securitization business and a hedge fund research organization. He was responsible for a portfolio of investments in excess of $ 2 billion AUM. Prior to this, Mr. Blatt was the regional director in Asia for the qualitative fund of funds group Forsyth Partners and before that he built the Asian business for managed futures specialist Kenmar after a period as portfolio manager for Horwath International. He is a member of the International Association of Financial Engineers. Tel: +1 212 570 7970 Ext 4 - ab @ 8 9
  6. 6. FUND CHRYSALIX ENERGY VENTURE CAPITAL DESCRIPTION FUND STRATEGY Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital based in Vancouver, Canada, is a globally leading early to mid-stage VC in the cleantech space. In the past few years Chrysalix has consistently ranked HISTORICAL PERFORMANCE among the top-5 most active clean energy venture capital funds in the world. Their unique Individual fund managers have track records of 30+% IRR to investors. Our most recent combination of seasoned and experienced venture investment professionals, global strategic fund, CELP II, begun in 2005, has demonstrated an IRR of approximately 22.1% (gross). partners and specialized domain knowledge enable Chrysalix to identify, finance and develop This is after taking voluntary write-downs in the current economic environment. This is top highly profitable and innovative growth businesses in the Clean Energy sector and more quartile performance for 2005 vintage funds, and is in line at this stage of the fund develop- recently also in Water. ment, with achieving the target return of 30% IRR, having already seen it’s first exit at a 3.7x multiple in 24 months. Founded in 2001, Chrysalix invests in companies with exceptional teams and disruptive technologies focused on large markets within the cleantech industries. The firm normally CURRENT PORTFOLIO builds close relationships with its portfolio companies, providing capital and supporting Chrysalix is one of the most active VCs in the Cleantech space, ranked 3rd overall by New them actively with deep industry and technical knowledge, management and board assistance, Energy Finance. Our extensive portfolio consist of 24 companies in 3 directly managed and organized networking with industrial and financial partners and management of intellectual one affiliated fund (SET VP in Europe ). property. STATISTICS/RETURNS SUMMARY FUND AUM USD $180 Million Provided upon request INCEPTION DATE July 2000 TARGET FUNDRAISING USD $150 Million INVESTMENT SUMMARY - $77M closed Min Investment / Unit size: USD $10 Million - $25M committed Management Fee: 2.5% of committed capital - $50M additional to reach target After investment period declining 10% annually - $250 million hard cap. Carry: 20%; 8% hurdle with catch-up Investment Time Horizon: 10 years INVESTMENT FOCUS Targeting early stage companies with exceptional teams and pure play disruptive clean technologies in: - Energy Generation i.e. solar, geothermal, wind, ocean - Transmission, Control and Storage i.e. smart grid, EV infrastructure, energy storage - Efficient Use i.e. LED lighting, improved industrial processes, green building - Resource Management i.e. cleaner hydrocarbons and efficient water usage GEOGRAPHICAL FOCUS North America & Europe 10 11
  7. 7. FUND CHRYSALIX ENERGY VENTURE CAPITAL KEY MANAGEMENT/CONTACTS Michael Sherman, Managing Director has been with the Chrysalix since its inception in 2001. The investment team consists of seven members, four of whom have worked together since its inception, representing one of the strongest clean energy domain knowledge bases in the industry. He was promoted to Partner in the fall of 2007. H e is Chairman of the Board of ReliOn Inc., a Presenters at the Investor Salon: Director of PurFresh Inc., an observer on the board of Epyon BV, and an observer of Lilliputian Systems. H e manages interaction with Chrysalix’ European fund SET Ventures and is Chief Richard MacKellar, Managing Director joined Chrysalix in April of 2007. H e is a director Marketing Officer for the Chrysalix group of funds. of both of Chrysalix’ LED related investments Bridgelux and Light Based Technologies. Richard is a serial entrepreneur who has worked with Chrysalix team members for the past decade. As an engi- Mr. Sherman brings more than 12 years experience in marketing, finance, and strategic planning neer Richard started his career with NEI Parsons, a division of Rolls Royce that designed steam turbi- with early stage clean technology and growth companies. He possesses broad knowledge in clean nes and generators for power generation. H e worked on Drax, the largest coal fired power station energy technologies as well as skills in marketing, financial analysis, and business development. Mike in Europe and Bruce, the largest nuclear generating station in the world. Rolls Royce fully funded currently leads Chrysalix’ efforts in bio-fuels & bio-chemicals, water technologies, advanced batteries his MBA studies where he moved from England to Boston, then continued working for Rolls Royce & charging, thermal conversion, and backup power technologies. in Canada, again supplying power equipment to the electric utility industry. Prior to joining Chrysalix he worked in strategic planning with Starbucks Coffee Company’s For the past sixteen years Richard has been running venture backed startup companies. Most Corporate Business Alliances group. There he focused on expanding Starbucks’ brand by esta- recently, as President and CEO, he successfully sold LED display technology company BrightSide blishing and growing joint venture businesses beyond retail stores into airlines, bookstores, hotels, Technologies to Dolby Laboratories for annualized returns of 45-60%. Prior to this he was and groceries. H e has experience working in Canada, the United States, and the Netherlands, and President and CEO of NxtPhase, raising $57 million in venture capital financing. H e grew the has both Canadian and Dutch citizenship. Mr. Sherman is also a Partner in the BC Technology company from two to 100 people and built relationships with GE, Honeywell and Mitsubishi as Social Venture Partnership, a charitable foundation created by individuals in BC’s technology industries well as Canada’s three largest utilities and three of the larger US utilities. that support innovative non-profit charitable investing combined with active Partner mentoring. Richard holds a Metallurgy Degree from Sheffield University and an MBA from H arvard Business Mike holds an H onors Bachelor of Business Administration from the Richard Ivey School of School. Business at the University of Western Ontario. Contact Information: Contact Information: Phone: +1 604.659.5485 Phone: +1 604.659.5474 rmackellar @ msherman @ 12 13
  8. 8. FUND NEW ENERGY FUND LP FUND AUM USD $8 Million DESCRIPTION The New Energy Fund L.P. is dedicated to participation in the growth of the global renewable INCEPTION DATE Jan 1, 2005 energy (RE) sector without recourse to investments in fossil fuels or nuclear energy. The TARGET FUNDRAISING $500 million manager of the fund uses the public equity markets as its vehicle with a long/short equity hedge fund. The goal of the fund is to outperform the 20 - 30% expected growth rates of FUND STRATEGY the renewable energy markets. INVESTMENT FOCUS Public and Private Companies The total energy market is a $5 - $6 trillion global market. It is predominantly oil, gas, coal and As of today there are some 880 stocks quoted on global markets, amounting to $450 billion nuclear based. Increasingly however, renewable energy technologies, some used for centuries, in market capitalization. They each have a focus on one of 20 sub-sectors of RE such as and many new technologies, are creating a disruptive opportunity. Fossil fuels and nuclear solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, fuel cells etc. power have 7 external costs which make the ‘traditional’ energy sources much more expensive The penetration of RE in the overall energy market is still very small, consisting of a broad than they are perceived to be. We don’t pay the extra when we buy a gallon of gasoline. range of disruptive technologies which are getting more economic and efficient. It is a complex Renewable energy mitigates these costs which are admittedly difficult to quantify, but there is subject with many badly understood possibilities and answers a sweeping range of human no denying that dollar signs hang over each one: needs. It garners wide global political support making it into a huge investment opportunity. Geopolitics - unequal distribution of resources is less evident with RE As quality of life (Q OL) and GDP growth in developing markets such as China and India develop, increased demand for energy stresses the supply and prices climb. We will never Health - Respiratory, cancer, immune diseases with circumstantial evidence for more run out of oil, but as we use up the ‘low hanging fruit’ what’s left becomes more expensive to recover. Discovery and consumption figures suggest a story with close ties to a thesis Pollution - Brownfield sites and species extinction put forward by a Shell geophysicist, King Hubbard, called ‘Peak Oil’. His idea was that the US domestic reserves of oil would peak in about 1970. H e made the prediction in 1956 Subsidies - for fossil fuels and nuclear and are rarely mentioned in comparisons when it seemed like an absurd idea. Oil volumes indeed peaked in 1971. The US has not pumped more volume out of the ground since that time. The same thing happened in Depletion - not often seen as a cost but underestimated when the alternative is infinite 1982 in the North Sea oil reserves. Now, attention is focused on OPEC and non-OPEC global production, with the reasonable assumption that “peak” might be a characteristic Reliability - decentralized power will be more like the reliability of the internet of supply for the world. Climate - 380 ppm of C O2 on the way to 700 with melting ice, storms and rising sea levels It’s apocryphal to say that 1% of the Sahara Desert is enough for all the worlds’ electricity, or all the wind in Montana is enough for all the USA, but we are checking the math for Inflation - None with renewable energy, releasing productivity gains. such claims. We believe that the momentum of change in these areas is now strongly under way. The new US administration, fast changing cost and learning curves, new technologies and approaches and reduced resistance from previously hostile market participants are creating a new environment of rapid change that will accelerate growth in the medium term. 14 15
  9. 9. FUND NEW ENERGY FUND LP KEY MANAGEMENT/CONTACTS HISTORICAL PERFORMANCE Mark Cox. Investment Manager Founder and CIO, has 25 years of experience in global small cap equities. H e gained extensive knowledge working in a highly rated team at Pinnacle 2006 2007 2008 Q1 2009 International Management, LLC. Before that he was at Credit Agricole, Swiss Bank and Enskilda. He +69.7% +18.2% -77.4% -4.5% holds an MBA from Columbia, and has held NASD series 7, 63, 24 and 65 licenses. He developed the renewable energy thesis over the past seven years using his macro, top down experience. CURRENT PORTFOLIO GEOGRAPHICAL FOCUS Abigail Laufer , Chief Operating Officer has been in the investment industry for 26 years US–57% and has held executive positions at Frank Russell Company and MerrillLynch. She oversees non- Europe-30% investment related issues at the fund and is chief of operations. She has an A.B. from Princeton Other - 13% University and an M.B.A. from University of Michigan. She holds a series 7 and 63 license. INDUSTRY FOCUS Solars 42%, Wind 16%, Efficiency 16.4%, Geothermal 7.7%, Storage 8.0%, Biofuels 5.0%, Fuel Cells, 4.0% INVESTMENT SUMMARY Min Investment / Unit size: USD $250,000 Management Fee: 1.5% Incentive Fee 20% of the capital appreciation annually Investment Time Horizon: 3-5 years Portfolio Turnover: 50% 16 17
  10. 10. FUND INDIA CLEAN ENERGY DESCRIPTION INVESTMENT SUMMARY India Clean Energy Fund (ICEF) is India’s first dedicated clean energy fund launched by Zeus Offering Size: USD $30M (30K unites of USD $1,000/unit) Capital, part of Asian Infrastructre Private Limited, a specialist long-term investor focused on Minimum subscription: Institutional/Corporate USD $2 Million; Individual: USD $500,000 power and other related infrasturcutre sectors in India and Shrine India Advisors, a boutique Management Fee: 2% investment bank and asset management firm offering specialized services in private equity, Carry: 20% M&A and buy / sell advisory. Investment Time Horizon: 5 + 2 years from final close date The fund boasts a 500-member experienced energy execution team, possessing strong con- Close Date: Commitments of USD $ 30 Million by 30.9.2009 cept to commissioning skills with proprietary deal flow available to the fund at discount-to- Final Close: 31.3.2010 market price. With the acute power shortages in India, the peak power deficit is predicted to rise in excess KEY MANAGEMENT/CONTACTS Sanjiv Gupta was former President and CEO Coca-cola India and South Asia; with extensive expe- of 16% (2008). The large dependence on conventional power sources – 52% from coal – rience in Indian consumer, distribution, logistics and manufacturing sectors. H e was also part of a means that a significant opportunity arises for clean energy, particularly as the Indian govern- US$ 425 million private equity fund, with investments across industry verticals such as renewable ment continues to raise incentives for businesses entering the sector. energy, food processing, construction, retail, media and e-commerce. Currently, renewable energy accounts for 9% of total installed capacity in the country and is Amongst other Directorships he’s held, Sanjiv is currently, Director, BSNL, India’s largest telecom expected to increase to 12% by the end of 2012. operator and the seventh largest in the world H e also has a JV partner with Wasserstein for an India specific Fund. Wasserstein and Sanjiv Gupta INCEPTION DATE Jan 1, 2005 have a strategic alliance memorandum with Growth Gate Capital in GCC, looking at India-GCC part- TARGET FUNDRAISING $100 millionn nership opportunity PROJECTED IRR’S 20-25% (pre-tax) Gaurav Mehta has over 7 years of experience in private equity and mergers & acquisitions space, FUND STRATEGY haing initiated and led General Atlantic’s clean energy efforts in Europe with specific expertise in transactions in the offshore wind and biofuels space. INVESTMENT FOCUS - Energy generation projects in: H e also served as an advisor to Commonwealth Business Council Clean Energy Initiative for the Indian Government in 2008. Hydro Solar Wind Biogas and Biomass - Related Technology, Services and Resources companies Energy Saving companies PROPRIETARY DEAL FLOW USD $180 Million projects already identified GEOGRAPHICAL FOCUS India predominantly, global scope 18 19
  11. 11. COMPANY KL ENERGY CORPORATION KEY MANAGEMENT/CONTACTS Alan Rae, Director of Corporate Finance has over twenty-five years of diverse commercial DESCRIPTION experience in the automotive, financial and service industries as a consultant, business owner, and KL Energy Corporation is the leader in commercially and technically ready 2nd generation manager. Mr. Rae studied Mechanical Engineering at Paisley College, Scotland. technology for the conversion of cellulose from waste biomass to ethanol and high value Tel: +1 605 718 0372 x 41, Cell: +1 714 307 7634, Email: arae @ energy co-products. Executive Team: Tom Scheuller, Executive Chairman has extensive business experience, including 10 years as TECHNOLOGY/DEVELOPMENT STAGE a CPA with a Big Eight accounting firm. Mr. Schueller was a financial officer of an American Stock Patents are currently being filed. Exchange company, and developed and owned several businesses in Europe and the US. He was also the national President of a multi-billion dollar corporation in Europe, and has 17 years of ownership KLE’s proprietary thermo- mechanical pre treatment, enzyme recovery and energy efficiency of real estate development and financial companies in the United States. Mr. Schueller received his processes, combined with their knowledge and experience in process design and engineering MBA in Finance from Michigan State University. for fermentation, distillation and dehydration have led to the construction of the first commer- cial scale plant in the world producing ethanol and valuable co-products form wood waste. Steve Corcoran, CEO, President Mr. Corcoran’s principle areas of experience are project management, logistics, business development, training management, safety compliance and conti- COMMERCIALISATION/PARTNERING STRATEGY nuous process improvement. Prior to joining the company in 2002, he served as a Program Manager 2008 Revenues - $6.07 million. providing research and analysis to assess interagency contributions to homeland security for the US - 8 near term projects to build full-scale commercial facilities Government and as Senior Analyst. Mr. Corcoran served 20 years in the employment of the US - 3 to commence in 2009. Government in a variety of executive positions and was responsible for operating budgets in excess of $50 million. H e holds a Masters Degree in Business from Central Michigan University. See Presentation for projections David Litzen, CTO, Founder currently serves as Vice President of Engineering and Chief Technical Officer of the Company. He has 28 years experience in the petro-chemical industry, including 20 years FINANCING STRATEGY as a Shell Oil senior process engineer and consultant. H e has extensive background and experience $10.1m invested in two tranches Oct ‘08 ($6.1m) and Feb ’09 ($4m) by in process simulation, plant process design, and process de-bottlenecking. Mr. Litzen is a registered Niton Capital - 21.7% Professional Engineer and holds a B.S. degree in chemical engineering. Greenfund - 21.5% Warcoing Sucre SA - 8.7% Dennis Harstad, VP, Plant Operation has served in his current position since January 2006. Pierre de Boek - 8.7% H e was the Plant Manager and Construction Manager for Midwest Renewable Energy from 2004 to 2006 and member of the board of directors from 2004 to 2007. He as served as a manager of WBE since 2006. Mr. Harstad has over 27 years experience in agricultural and renewable energy business. OTHER SHAREHOLDINGS Management - 29.4% Tom Bolan, Acting CFO has recently joined the company to develop the financial reporting and Raising $30 - $50m to participate in ownership of near term projects planning systems commensurate with a fully listed company. From October 2007 through December 2008, he was the Corporate Controller for a publicly-held development stage alternative fuel marketing business. Prior to that, from 2002 through 2007, he was a consultant with Resources Connection, a publically-traded international professional services firm. Mr. Bolan earned his CPA certificate in 1978 and holds a Masters Degree in Finance/Economics from the University of Connecticut. 20 21
  12. 12. COMPANY PLANET GREEN BOTTLE CORPORATION DESCRIPTION 200 billion PET (polyethylene terephthalate ) plastic beverage bottles are produced per year PGBC has closed 12 transactions that should generate $12.6 million of annualized globally, part of the 500 billion plastic bottles and containers in all categories of plastics. REVERTE-related revenue and is in negotiation with 13 additional beverage and health/ Only 24% of these PET plastic bottles were recycled in 2007. beauty aid bottlers that, if consummated, will generate in excess of $4 million of added annualized REVERTE-related revenue. - PET is 98% oil-based. - PET plastic was invented in 1973 formulated to last forever. PGBC has entered into joint venture agreements with local partners in China, South - Currently with virgin PET (and oil) at low prices very little recycling is Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Italy. Beyond the occurring since virgin PET is cheaper than recycled. foreign JV’s, the Company is also negotiating with 11 companies outside of the USA and - Landfills, rivers and oceans have become saturated with plastic. Canada that, if consummated, will generate in excess of $3 million of annualized reve- - Consumers are now driving the market of the plastic bottle, demanding nue. The majority of these contracts are expected to close in the next 60 days. that plastics producers go GREEN. With all the approvals necessary for a beverage producer across the globe, PGBC’s own Planet Green Bottle Corporation (PGBC) sells an additive, infused into the virgin PET pellets brand of water is already in production and on store shelves. during the manufacturing process that causes a PET bottle to oxo-biodegrade programmed over 5 to 20 years. FINANCING STRATEGY PGBC plans to complete USD $ 3 - 4 Million in a private placement in the next 15 days. In month of June, we are looking to close an institutionally placed private offering of TECHNOLOGY/DEVELOPMENT STAGE PGBC contracted with Wells Plastics (UK) to develop a proprietary additive to cause the USD $10 - 15 Million. oxo-biodegrading of the PET plastic bottle. The use of proceeds will be to continue biodegradable technology R&D, purchase patent Patents are pending in Europe, the USA and strategic markets globally for our PET plastic rights from Wells Plastics and continue a full scale production and marketing strategy to additive. fulfill the USD $40 Million + annualized backlog. PGBC has a six-year global exclusive right to develop the market for these proprietary oxo-bio- degradable plastic bottles. COMMERCIALISATION/PARTNERING STRATEGY PGBC makes profits selling additive, and oxo-biodegradable pre-forms and bottles with no costs attached, by licensing the REVERTE™ logo at 1 penny per bottle. Thus, PGBC has developed a business plan similar to that of NutraSweet. PGBC wants its REVERTE™ logo on every plastic bottle globally and desires the REVERTE™ logo to be the “tiebreaker” when the consumer is making a buying decision between two similar products displayed side by side on the retailer’s shelf. 22 23
  13. 13. COMPANY PLANET GREEN BOTTLE CORPORATION KEY MANAGEMENT/CONTACTS Nicholas Anthony Havercroft, Chairman Mr. H avercroft is C O O of V20 Corporation BVI. Mr. H avercroft has successfully established and currently operates various large scale farming enterprises, steel manufacturing business, fruit and vegetable importing and tobacco manufacturing businesses. Understanding the intricacies of how global markets operate is a real asset to our company. Robert G. Cunningham, Vice Chairman Mr. Cunningham is Chairman of Eco-Container Corporation. Mr. Cunningham has been involved in the beverage business for over 35 years in both the Corporate and entrepreneurial venues. With his 25 years of experience working with Pepsi Cola Canada/Pepsi Cola International in various positi- ons, which included, President of Pepsi Cola Bottling International Toronto/ Ottawa, he broadened his beverage scope in all areas of the beverage business. Mr. Cunningham also served as CEO of a new age beverage company for two years. H e formed a bag in the box juice distribution company, which he eventually sold and remained a consultant for the purchaser for three years. For the past ten years, Mr. Cunningham has worked directly and indirectly with Pepsi Cola in the Caribbean and South America as a turn-around expert. In addition, he also acted as Managing Director of a water company and distiller in both the Caribbean and South America. Barry Saintsing, President and Director Mr. Saintsing is also President of V20 Bio Corp LLC. Mr. Saintsing was the Master Product Developer for R J Reynolds, and is actively involved in the development of flavors for the tobacco industry and other industries. H e has established a large distribution network throughout the United States for tobacco and related products. Mr. Saintsing also owns and operates a Consulting Firm for International Product Development and has partnerships in Cigarette Factories and Smoking Cessation Products. Patrick Rooney, Director of Corporate Development, Director and Consultant Patrick Rooney has, for the past 5 years acted as Director of Corporation Development for IMAGIN Diagnostic Centres, Inc., a company which is a pioneer in Canada in imaging-based cancer, cardiac and neurological disease diagnosis. Mr. Rooney became CEO and sole director of IMAGIN in February, 2007. Patrick Rooney has a long career of founding and funding early stage technology- based companies that have a purpose of making a contribution to the health and wellbeing of soci- ety. H istorically, Mr. Rooney has completed approximately 150 initial public offering (IPO’s) and/or reverse mergers. Mr. Rooney was the control shareholder and CEO of an office services company Services Resources Corporation (SRC) (name changed to Ameriscribe ) that traded on the N.Y.S.E. and was sold to Pitney Bowes for approximately $150 million. 24 25
  14. 14. COMPANY HANSEN INDUSTRIES NORTH AMERICA DESCRIPTION KEY MANAGEMENT/CONTACTS Steve M. Hansen (President and CEO) The invention of a tire distribution industry executive, the H ansen Tie is the world’s only Founder and CEO, Hansen Industries North America, Inc., Hansen Rubber Products, Inc. and the railroad tie manufactured from recycled tires and has the potential to revolutionize the inventor of The Hansen Tie. Steve has nearly 30 years of experience in the rubber tire industry in areas railroad industry forever. such as rubber recycling, tire export, and vendor relations. In addition, Steve worked in the railroad tie industry disposing of waste ties. His knowledge and experience in these industries provides us with an Traditional ties are treated with creosote for preservation. Creosote is a known carcinogen opportunity to profit from each of HI’s profit engines. with so many harmful effects that Congress has banned its use. The single exception is the Railroads because there has not been a viable alternative to creosote-treated wood +1 (661) 703-9723 ties. The H ansen Tie is the single solution to the rail industry’s need to stop using expen- hii @ sive unsafe wood ties (sleepers) and the environmental problems of deforestation, waste tires and creosote Steven P. Hansen (Executive Vice President) Executive Vice President of Hansen Industries. He is a student at Brigham Young University seeking a TECHNOLOGY/DEVELOPMENT STAGE degree in entrepreneurship. Steven has experience in tire recycling and a degree in Business The H ansen Tie, also known as The Recycled Rubber Railroad Crosstie, is a railroad sup- Management. As a Founder of HI and his extensive knowledge of various industries put him in an port member made from scrap tires. H ansen Rubber Products, Inc. the company Steve excellent position to secure funding and initiate production on the Hansen Tie. H ansen uses to hold his patents, has received patent protection around the world for the tie as well as the process to make a tie from scrap tires. +1 (661) 431 – 4251 steven @ H ansen Rubber Products has received 10 patents for the Recycled Rubber Railroad Crosstie and has been approved for 21 more. COMMERCIALISATION/PARTNERING STRATEGY Hansen Industries is now ready to begin tie production and has already received an LOI from Union Pacific, BNSF, and Ferromex (1 M ties a year) and is close to receiving a purchase order. Partners in Mexico have been identified. FINANCING STRATEGY The company has been funded by private sources thus far in securing patent rights, tie develop- ment, testing and research and is now currently looking to raise $30M USD to build two pro- duction plants in Utah and Texas, (both locations permitted). Debt financing of $90M has also been approved and a $300M grant has been approved and is awaiting program funding. 26 27
  15. 15. COMPANY NOLARIS SA Off-shore Concept DESCRIPTION Nolaris designs, develops, implements and commercializes Solar Islands™, a solar solution • The torus floats on open water, is GPS guided and is equipped with an electronic anchor for large scale production of various energy outputs, such as: system • Electricity • The rotation is provided by small hydrodynamic motors fixed on the torus • Purified and potable water • An overpressure is applied below the membrane allowing the load of the solar panels • Cooling (AC) • Hydrogen or other fuel COMMERCIALISATION/PARTNERING STRATEGY The company was founded in July 2007, in Neuchâtel, Switzerland and is the 25th spin-off Revenues generated of CSEM (Swiss Center of Electronics and Microtechnology). 2007 2008 C H F’000 345 1,300 TECHNOLOGY/DEVELOPMENT STAGE Patent Status LOIs and Customer Contracts signed: - The initial patent application for the S.I. project was filed in July of 2006 in the Swiss Patent Solar Island Prototype under construction is Ras Al Khaimah (CSEM contract) Office (file number C H 01227/ 06). The document describes and claims the basic configu- Feasibility study for CSTI consortium ration of a sea based solar island and especially the technical means necessary to maneu- Fundacion Chile, commercial agreement ver such a structure. This application was extended internationally through the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) within the priority year. FINANCING STRATEGY - In March of 2007, a first US-patent application was filed that concentrated on the actual Current investors in the company are, Jade, CSEM and other private individuals who con- realization of the solar island from a structural and an engineering perspective. This tribued a total 2,500,000 C H F in November, 2008. The company is currently seeking 3-4M application also proposed a land based version as it is currently being realized for the C H F to finalize the prototype and fund M&S expansion. Nolaris expects to realize profita- first time in the UAE. In December 2007, a further US patent application was filed which bility in Q4 2010. incorporates the earlier US-application and which provides a large number of engineering details that are essential in order for a solar island to become feasible from a structural KEY MANAGEMENT/CONTACTS Thomas Hinderling, Founer, Chairman of the Board, CEO /CTO Holding a Master perspective. Degree in nuclear physics, Thomas Hinderling worked in different Swiss industries in miscellaneous Nolaris core product is Solar Islands, a circular floating platform of several hundreds of functions of technology - and R&D management. Since 1997, he has been the CEO of CSEM. Under meters of diameter, equipped with solar modules and a rotating system to track the sun his management, CSEM has created over twenty start-up companies, in which he is co-founder. movement. Focused on R&D, engineering and design, Nolaris is developing local market partnerships to build these competitive large scale solar plants. In a 1st phase, the solar Andre Laville, Board Member, Acting CFO has acquired an extensive experience in private modules will be based on CSP (Concentrative Solar Power) technology; knowing that the banking. In 1997 he left his Vice President position, to become the CF O of CSEM and joined the mem- patents cover as well the usage of PV and/or CPV (Concentrative Photovoltaic). bers of the Board. Since then he became a Board member of various CSEM Start-ups. On-Shore Concept Virginie Carniel, COO is specialized in turnaround management and new business building. She • The islands are designed to float and rotate to track the sun movement held several management positions in high-tech industry (strategic director, CEO, CO O) and was • The torus floats on a water channel director of Economic Promotion Agency of Neuchâtel State. • The rotation is provided by motors along the water channel • An overpressure is applied below the membrane allowing the load of the solar panels 28 29
  16. 16. Innovator Capital Limited was established in 2003 and focuses on the provision TBLI GRO UP™ raises consciousness of self-interest to institutionalize of expert strategic and capital markets advice, transaction arranging and M&A sustainability in the financial sector. We do so by using various tools, such services for a broad range of emerging Cleantech and BioMedical companies as TBLI CO N FERENCE™, with one annual event in Europe and one in Asia, regardless of their nationality, whether they are established private enterprises, and through TBLI CO NSULTIN G™. publicly quoted or just starting out. OUR VISION We address the continuing unsatisfied capital requirements and other needs “The world will benefit when the economy supports well-being.” - Robert Rubinstein of next generation technology companies by assisting them in their understan- ding of the numerous alternatives and opportunities available around the world. ORIGINS Investment interest in sustainability, and Economic and Social Governance (ESG) Our objective is to provide managements with a well crafted, innovative and has expanded immensely. Research continues to show that social, environmental, high value-added approach to capital raising, partnering, product licensing and and financial returns can be gained in parallel and that the risk profiles of sustainable strategic decision making. investments are attractive to mainstream investors in many cases. Moreover, new models of sustainability are being developed and deployed worldwide at financial Innovator develops tailor-made solutions to satisfy emerging companies’ institutions and corporations. individual requirements, particularly in situations where a company’s valuation TBLI CO NSULTIN G™ was found in 1999 to respond to these developments by is perceived to be below reasonable levels. These solutions are executed bearing assisting sustainable business ventures to secure financing in this landscape of in mind the limited amount of time that executives have to devote to non-ope- new opportunities. Since then, our services have evolved to assist financial insti- rational issues. They are then freed to concentrate on the execution of their tutions and business organizations in the development of financial products and business plans rather than spend an inordinate amount of time looking for services related to ESG investing. We also offer a comprehensive range of strategic capital or raising awareness of their organisations. consulting services in ESG investing. Innovator Capital has various new approaches to funding for public and private NETWORK ORIENTATION companies, which have been proven in numerous world financial centres. The TBLI CO NSULTIN G™ maintains a network orientation, with expert contacts approaches allow companies to determine the precise timing and scale of their worldwide. Our large network expedites the development of sustainability access to the capital markets, while delivering greater direct control over pricing. programs by linking partners with a mutual interest. The network includes investors, Innovator benefits from: the track record and multinational expertise of its financial institutions, sustainability consultants, government and non-governmental founder; the breadth and depth of knowledge across the organisation; the edge organizations. Leveraging the expertise of our network enables CO NSULTIN G™ it has as a result of different and objective use of the equity capital markets; to increase the quality of outcomes while reducing the costs of our services. and the nature of the business model we follow in multiple financial markets. We are at the forefront of innovation. 30 31