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The booklet from the TBLI INVESTOR SALON™

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  1. 1. January 2009 Investor Salon Funds + Companies
  2. 2. Funds Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital based in Vancouver, Canada, is a globally leading early to mid-stage VC in the cleantech space. In the past few years Chrysalix has consistently ranked among the top-5 most active clean energy venture capital funds in the world. Their unique combination of seasoned and experienced venture investment professionals, global strategic partners and specialized domain knowledge enable Chrysalix to identify, finance and develop highly profitable and innovative growth businesses in the Clean Energy sector and more recently also in Water. Founded in 2001, Chrysalix invests in companies with exceptional teams and disruptive technologies focused on large markets within the cleantech industries. The firm normally builds close relationships with its portfolio companies, providing capital and supporting them actively with deep industry and technical knowledge, management and board assistance, organized networking with industrial and financial partners and management of intellectual property.
  3. 3. Funds Many good business ideas fail not because of non-existing market opportunities or lack of know-how in the management but because of funding. Murphy&Spitz Green Capital invests in companies doing business in the renewable energies or renewable raw materials sectors. We invest in companies that are in search of a potent partner who will accompany them on the road to success and a brighter future for us all. In the end, our shared path shall yield fruit for every party when both partners have reached their goals. Murphy&Spitz has been successfully active in sustainability investments since 1999 and is one of the few experts in German-speaking countries with a proprietary research that focuses on sustainability criteria. Their extensive experience includes various projects in solar, the two Umwelt Aktiendepots and the Murphy&Spitz Sustainability Funds.
  4. 4. Funds The New Energy Fund L.P. is dedicated to participation in the growth of the global renewable energy sector without recourse to investments in fossil fuels or nuclear energy. The manager of he Fund uses the global public equity markets primarily as its vehicle through a long/short equity hedge fund. The total energy market is a $5 - $6 trillion global market. It is predominantly oil, gas, coal and nuclear-based. Increasingly however, renewable energy technologies, some used for centuries, and many new technologies, are creating a disruptive opportunity. The market for public enewable energy companies consists of a universe of over 880 companies, many with enormous growth prospects. he penetration of renewable energy in the overall energy market is still very small, consisting of a broad range of technologies that are becoming more economic, efficient and competitive with traditional energy sources. The momentum of change in these areas is now strongly under way. he new US political administration, fast-changing cost and learning curves, new approaches and reduced resistance from previously hostile market participants are creating an environment of rapid change that will accelerate growth for the foreseeable future.
  5. 5. Funds India Clean Energy Fund (ICEF) is launching India’s first dedicated clean energy fund. With a 500-member energy execution team rich in experience, possessing strong concept-to-commissioning skills and a target raise of $100 million, the ICEF will look to make investments in hydro, solar, wind, biogas, and biomass energy generation projects in the renewable energy sector including related technology, services and resource companies. Aimed at early stage to capital growth investments, the fund prides itself in its high- quality operational and investment skills, which are strengthened by a strong buy-side culture that will enable high IRR and de-risked returns to its investors. ICEF is backed by a specialist team of technical and financial experts. This includes Zeus Capital, part of Asian Infrastructure Pte. Ltd - a long-term investor focused on power and other infrastructure related sectors in India - and Shrine India Advisors, a boutique investment bank and asset management firm providing a combination of Private Equity, M&A and buy/sell advisory services.
  6. 6. Companies Surfect is at the forefront of delivering the cost-savings necessary to keep solar initiatives on the fast track. The benefits of renewable power sources such as solar energy are clear, but achieving grid parity and creating meaningful cost improvements have been the obstacles to greater market acceptance. Surfect develops and manufactures advanced interconnect solutions that are designed to support the growing demand for solar cell production by reducing the cost per delivered watt. The company’s proprietary Direct Energy Plating™ (DEP) is an innovative multi-wafer capable, single-cell electroplating process that uses ultrasonic energy to create the metal interconnects on the silicon wafers. The computer-driven DEP process is a “plug-and-play” plating and integrated packaging solution that provides customers with benefits such as a lower cost of ownership, improved process speeds and yields, environmentally sensitive processes, increased operational flexibility and a smaller operational footprint. The efficiencies to be gained from bare metal plating on solar cells compared to traditional silver paste using the company’s low-cost and modular Solargy™ tool have been successfully tested by the company and continue to drive down production costs.
  7. 7. Funds Oxford Catalysts designs and develops specialty catalysts for the generation of clean fuels, from both conventional fossil fuels and certain renewable sources such as biomass. Our patented technology is the result of almost 20 years of research at the University of Oxford's prestigious Wolfson Catalysis Centre, headed by Professor Malcolm Green, one of the world's most respected inorganic chemists. Each of our catalysts boasts several key benefits: greater cost effectiveness, higher productivity, better selectivity (leading to higher quality output), increased resistance to contaminants, as well as longer operational life. Catalyst performance is related to a number of factors including chemical composition, the distribution of active components on the catalyst support material and the method of catalyst preparation. By improving the performance of catalysts, such as those used in the production of clean fuels, it may be possible to generate significant financial and environmental benefits and capitalize on the global market for energy and environmental catalysts, which is expected to reach $13 billion by 2009. Oxford Catalysts is built on the clear vision that a simple chemical reaction could change the world. Its founders and board are dedicated to the science of developing cleaner fuels that will free the future of acid rain, city smog, diesel fumes and noisy, gas-guzzling cars and generators.
  8. 8. Funds Heliocentris, founded in Berlin over 10 years ago, is a pioneer in the fuel cell industry. By focusing on training and R&D systems at an early stage, Heliocentris has successfully contributed to developing the global market for fuel cell training systems worldwide, and is today one of the acknowledged market leaders. Building on the system integration expertise that it has established since 1995, Heliocentris today offers system solutions for research, education and industrial customers. Given the difficulties that potential industry users of this technology have in shoring up the necessary skills and experience to integrate fuel cells and hydrogen components safely and reliably into their applications, Heliocentris is able to reliably and effectively fill this market gap. The company offers potential users a range of fuel cell and hydrogen solutions for the following areas: customer-specific laboratory and application prototypes, as well as stationary remote power supplies and special electrical drive solutions. Heliocentris offers a wide range of components from fuel cell stacks and fuel cell systems (up to 16 kW), and hydrogen generation and storage systems, to power electronics and energy management. In this regard, the company cooperates with world-class partners such as Ballard Power Systems and Hydrogenics and continues to stand at the forefront of the fuel cell industry.
  9. 9. Funds Applied Solar Ventures (AST) develops, manufactures and delivers hybrid energy systems for telecom tower sites in India, a clean alternative to the fossil fuel convention that is used in the country today. AST’s proprietary solution aims to significantly reduce the cost of tower management and installation via cuts in power and energy expense - which represent the majority of total operating costs - through the elimination of diesel price volatility, site pollution and pilferage, and systems oversight, while at the same time minimizing the total carbon footprint of this billion dollar industry. Combined with an onsite passive infrastructure management, AST’s IP protected technology, will move a fractured supplier telecom market towards a single vendor model, providing an estimated cost savings of over 20%. These savings will also provide local communities with a cost effective telecom tower power supply system for vast expanses of rural sectors in India and Africa and addressing the numerous energy shortages in off-grid regions. Furthermore, with ample support in its role towards a renewable energy infrastructure, AST will also gain from the numerous green business incentive measures offered by the Ministry for New and Renewable Energy.