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TBLI CONFERENCE™ EUROPE 2012 - Zurich - Switzerland

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Benjamin Firmenich

  1. 1. I nt r oduc t i on t o t he I mpac t Fi nanc e Gr oupf er ent and com em pl ent ar y ent i t i es t o addr ess t he m ket needs ar Ent i t y Ac t i v i t y SUPPORT TO BUSI NESS PLAN, APPROPRI ATE PORTFOLI O IM PACT SCALABI LI TY & FI NANCI NG MANAGEMENT MONI TORI NG SUSTAI NABI LI TY TBLI Eur ope 2012 www. i mpact - f i nance. com M easur ement of I mpact I nvest ment
  2. 2. Ex am e of t he I m pl pac t Moni t or i ng of t he FundIMPACT FI NANCE FUND PORTFOLI O AS OF THE 23RD OF OCTOBER 20128 r epor t i ng c ompani es ; 7 count r i es ; 4 di f f er ent s ect or s ScaleIIFF Q3 2012 OF THE FUND AS OF THE 30TH OF SEPTEM M PACT BER 2012 Econom i c 2.0 Envionm ent r al 2.1 Gover nance 2.0 H um an rght i s 2.5 Labour pr i actces 2.2 Product responsi lt biiy 2.4 Soci y et 2.2 1 2 3 TBLI Eur ope 2012 www. i mpact - f i nance. com M easur ement of I mpact I nvest ment
  3. 3. Cas e s t udy : Sot r am SA iVALUE CHAI N I NDI CATORS EXAMPLES CONTENTS OF THE AUDI T REPORT Sant a Fi l omena Com uni t y m - Number of f or mal bus i nes s es : 19 - Hi gh i ndi r ect econom c i m i pact Ar t i s anal m ner s i - Pr ovi s i on and us e of bas i c - Good di s t r i but i on of benef i t s Per s onal Pr ot ect i on Equi pm ent : 3/ 3 i ns i de t he val ue chai n Sot r am SA i - I m ovem pr ent s i n t er m of s wat er f oot pr i nt - Pr opor t i on of i ndependent s i ns i de t he BoD: 0% - Reduct i on of t he - Number of di r ect s t abl e j obs : 200 cl i m e ef f i ci ency at - Di r ect CO2 equi val ent em t t ed f r om i - Good s t akehol der i nt egr at i on t r ans por t and ener gy pr oduct i on: i ns i de t he gover nance 794 t ons -Meas ur es t o pr event i n hous e - I m ovem pr ent s of t he chi l d l abour : 3/ 3 gover nance s t r uct ur e Res pons i bl e cl i ent s - Excel l ent cont r ol s of - Tr ans par ence on pr oduct s ’ hum an r i ght s condi t i ons : 3/ 3 -Impor t ant and ef f ect i ve com uni t y s er vi ces m www. i mpact - f i nance. com
  4. 4. Audi t Repor t TBLI Eur ope 2012 M easur ement of I mpact I nvest ment
  5. 5. Khar max Pr oduc t s• I ndi vi dual company r epor t i ng;• Por t f ol i o r epor t i ng f or Fund Manager s;• Audi t or t r ai ni ngs t o becom Khar m e ax Cer t i f i ed Audi t orSi de Pr oduc t s• Company Audi t s per f or med by t he I ncandescent Lab t o becom Khar m e ax Audi t ed Busi ness TBLI Eur ope 2012 www. i mpact - f i nance. com M easur ement of I mpact I nvest ment
  6. 6. Cont ac t I nf or m i ons at Benj am n Fi r m i eni ch, Exec ut i ve Di r ect or Khar max I mpact Moni t or i ng Syst em S. A. 21 r ue du Mont - Bl anc 1201 Geneva Tel : +41 22 731 05 60 i nf o@kha r m x- m a oni t or i ng. com www. kha r m x- i m a pact . com TBLI Eur ope 2012 www. i mpact - f i nance. com M easur ement of I mpact I nvest ment
  7. 7. Data Input: quantitative indicators 7
  8. 8. Data Input: qualitative indicators 8
  9. 9. Case study example: Grassboardsectors: energy efficiency, agriculture HIGHLIGHTED INDICATORS Output - Individual scorecard example 1 – Grassboard QUANTITATIVE VALUE CHAIN QUALITATIVE SUPPLIERS CLIENTS Area of grass cultivated (ha)  Independence of the Board of Directors Utilities for production (water, gas,  Responsibility and mandate of the board of 12% 52% (cash in) Distributor Contractor electricity) directors in(cash out) of corporate governance Grass terms Grassboard farmer Transport (road distance)  Internal flows of information 10% Pig farmer Growth of sales  Salary policy (cash in) SCORES SUPPLIERS CLIENTS Economic----------------- 0.5 Environmental ----------- 3 18% Insulator Governance -------------- 1 Contractors SA 6% Human rights ------------ 3 Grass Grassboard farmer SA Labour practices ------- 2 8% Pig farmer Product responsibility - 2.5 Society -------------------- 2 • The entire process is carbon negative • Sales growth and market presence are weak • The grow of grass favors erosion control • There are serious governance issues inside • The product can be easily handled Grassboard 9
  10. 10. Process 10