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Back to school tech essentials


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Back to school tech essentials

  1. 1. do you have a smartphone? download the following FREE apps to get interactive content throughout our session! iPhone: “redlaser” | android: “QR Droid” | blkberry: “QR code scanner pro” or search your app store for “QR reader”back to schooltech essentials Tinashe Blanchet @mrsblanchetnet |
  2. 2. agenda• about me (5min)• your class, online (15min)• backing up your data (10min)• your Promethean board (10min)• MY favorite tools (5min)• q&a /wrap-up (15min)
  3. 3. about me.
  4. 4. mathwith a focus on:• project-based learning• hands-on activities• technology & a lil’ “lagniappe”
  5. 5. quick poll!
  6. 6. blog wiki LMS• showcase • collect • online student work student work assessment• reflection • collaboration options (student & (student & • password teacher) teacher) protection• parent/ • store (student & community handouts teacher) involvement • share info • appropriate• great for with parents for advanced beginners users
  7. 7. scan this.
  8. 8. back that file up!- , Juvie
  9. 9. local remote• flash drive • what is “the• external hard cloud?” drive • Dropbox• cd/ dvd • wikis • Google docs
  10. 10. promethean
  11. 11. yes! you do!
  12. 12. your activclassroom• setting up• activotes• ActivInspire• Promethean Planet• Promethean knowledge base
  13. 13. my s:• geoGebra• Instructure Canvas• tumblr• goAnimate• animoto• twitter• google Desktop
  14. 14. the end. Tinashe Blanchet @mrsblanchetnet |