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Oracle and collective intellect | buzzient


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Oracle and collective intellect | buzzient

  1. 1. Oracle and Collective Intellect | Buzzient Customer Login | Resource Center Products Solutions Partners Resources About Blog Search Blog Oracle and Collective Intellect Start your Free Trial June 5, 2012 Yup, the hits just keep on coming. Following the earlier Vitrue deal, and Buzzient, Enterprise Salesforce’s response of buying Buddy Media, Oracle acquired Collective Recent Blog Posts Integration, Oracle, Intellect (CI) today. CI has quietly built a great reputation as a social, Siebel, monitoring tool, and a really strong analytics platform. Oracle and Collective Intellect Social Media Analytics Yup, the hits just keep on coming. Following the earlier... Read More » tbj That being said, I point readers back to a previous post: No Comments Thoughts on Vitrue and BuddyMedia Edit Man, how things can change quickly.... Read More » The CI deal is representative of larger vendors’ buying up the first two phases of the enterprise social What’s the value of Facebook? media revolution; first monitoring, then analytics tools. What’s still missing? Integration! With the IPO of Facebook on Friday, and the subsequent... Read More » Have Oracle and other vendors forgotten how hard integration is? Even of their own products? Oracle’s acquisition of Peoplesoft, Hyperion, Siebel, JD Edwards, and others to build Fusion is what, 6 years and counting? Tag Cloud Expecting the customer to buy standalone social monitoring and analytics tools which don’t integrate with adam metz Buzzient CRM the applications they have today is a suboptimal strategy. Customers might buy into a new application Customer Service Customer platform which will bring these capabilities to bear in the future, but many more will demand that integration Support echo chamber Enterprise with the installed base applications. Enterprise Integration Facebook Innovation District Entrepreneurship Instagram Integration Interactive Intelligence Lead That’s where Buzzient has made a bet; not only on integration with Fusion CRM in the future, but also with CRM On Demand, Siebel, and other current in-market Oracle applications. That’s also where the Generation lessons learned Loyalty M&A Open Social maintenance revenue for Oracle and other vendors is generated, so keeping that installed base happy is not only the right thing to do from a customer relationship standpoint, but also from a financial one. Enterprise Oracle Press Radian6 Retail Siebel siebel crm It will be interesting to see how the CI deal and others like it sure to follow will shake out. Social CRM SocialCRM social social enterprise customer applications Social Media Social Media Socialmedia Analytics social media Post to Facebook integration Social Media Management Social Post to Media Marketing Social Media Publishing social Add to LinkedIn Twitter media reach Social Media Tools social network analysis 1 1 1 Techcrunch Technology Twitter workflow Edit Social CRM and the Enterprise Leave a Reply Adam Metz Enterprise Software Insider Oracle CRM Blog Paul Greenberg CRM Web Strategy by Jeremiah Xenophon Strategies1 of 2 6/5/12 9:49 PM
  2. 2. Oracle and Collective Intellect | Buzzient Logged in as tbj. Log out » Comment SUBMIT Our Products Our Company Follow Us Contact Us Social CRM for Oracle Press Buzzient, Inc. 34 Farnsworth Street, Fourth Floor Social CRM for Salesforce Leadership Boston, MA 02210 Social CRM for Zendesk Board of Directors Phone: 617.904.9876 Customers E-mail: Partners Copyright © 2009-2012 Buzzient. All rights reserved.2 of 2 6/5/12 9:49 PM