I ormyx wireless framework


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I ormyx wireless framework

  1. 1. iORMYX WIRELESS FRAMEWORK: Enabling Wireless Customer Content DeliveryCompanies that have got a good web site often tend to think that they have their content deliverychallenges covered. This was true until the explosion of wirelesss devices changed everything. Thesecompanies are losing potential business opportunities, if they are not present on the wireless web too.This lost competitive edge can be regained, if there is was a way to render one’s web site on thescreens of the innumerable wireless mobile devices available now.There are two ways to achieve this: First, through Manual content reengineering, and second throughthe use of transcoding applications. The former method is an expensive and time consuming processand the latter is very cost effective and can be implemented almost overnight. The iORMYX WirelessFramework is such a tool which will enable your company to Go Wireless overnight.The iORMYX Wireless Framework is a plug-in solution, based on the eba Site2Wireless product(EBA Systems), which will work with your existing web site. Requests from mobile devices areserviced by the on-the-fly conversion of the web contents, transcoded according to the requestingedge device’s content handling capability. Hence there is no need to manually reengineer the site.Thus, this non-intrusive transformation engine leaves the original web content intact so that it isavailable for browsing from the normal desktop web browsers.ADVANTAGES OF OUR SOLUTION This Wireless Framework allows you to render your site’s contents to almost any wireless devices. Thecontent can be rendered using different types of markup languages like HTML, CHTML, HDML, WML, etc. andhence mobile presence anywhere is assured. No expensive manual content reengineering is not needed and hence the time taken to wireless enableyour site is very minimal. Client side scripting is supported by executing the same from the server side. Since this product has been done in Java, platform independence is achieved which goes a long way intodeploying this solution anywhere. Since this is a non-intrusive approach, practically no client resource is needed to execute the project andfull consulting support will be provided from iORMYX Global. This product can be integrated with eba Enterprise2Wireless Server (EBA Systems) which is theworld’s first Siebel certified Wireless Application Integration product. Integration with Enterprise Information sources can be easily built using either the lightwieght connectortechnology based on the eba SDK or using the iORMYX XML Framework Process. The connectors canrange from synchronous lightweight connectors to persistent, queued, asynchronous connectors dependingon the specific needs of the customer.COMPONENTS OF OUR SOLUTIONProxyModule: This module intercepts the requests from various wireless devices and can beconsidered as the entry point to the Wireless Framework. After identifying that the request is from awireless devices, ProxyModule will invoke the other modules in the Wireless Framework namely, RMT(Rapid Mobile Transformation Engine) and ESCAPE (Engine for Script Control And Program Execution)to optimize the response to the wireless devices. After transformation the response to the wirelessdevice is sent back by the ProxyModule.Escape Engine (Engine for Script Control And Program Execution): This module is responsible forhandling the client side scripts. Scripts are handled at the server side on behalf of the devices whichdo not have the capability to handle the scripts at all or for devices which do not handle certain kindsof scripts.Caching Engine: This module acts as a repository to help the smooth and efficient functioning ofRMT and ESCAPE Engines. The transformed contents optimized for a particular device are stored in theCaching Engine by RMT, so that these pages could be served dynamically as and when needed later.ESCAPE Engine also uses Caching Engine extensively in the process of its execution of client sidescripts.RMT (Rapid Mobile Transformation) Engine: RMT is a vital component of the Wireless Framework.
  2. 2. This component will use XML based Device Profiles and Content Profiles to transcode content inaccordance with the capabilities of the device. The rendering content may be HTML, WML, HDML etc.depending on the device. The transformations performed by this component are Image Conversion,Video Skimming, Content Selection, and Text to Speech Conversion.CUSTOMIZATION STEPS • The transcoding technology built into the solution can format generic content very well. However, there may be site specific, repeating transactions that you may want to more define very precise formatting parameters. This is easily done using the Markup IDE. This visual tool uses the familiar browser paradigm to markup the target pages and store the formatting of those pages separately from the pages themselves as RDF files. These RDF files are then used dynamically to transcode pages on the fly.Integration of existing Enterprise Information sources into this solution can be done very easily usingthe eba connector technology as well as the iORMYX XML Framework Process.