Cloud company buzzient 2013


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How Buzzient moved an Enterprrise SaaS company to the Cloud

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Cloud company buzzient 2013

  1. 1. Property of Buzzient, Inc. Running an Enterprise SaaS Company in the Cloud Tim Jones CEO, Buzzient
  2. 2. Property of Buzzient, Inc. The Cloud IS Liberating  Cloud is not just an environment to deploy your product  Cloud can be used to deploy YOUR COMPANY  You’d never imagine building an on premise product in 2013 …so…  Why would you design a company as premise-bound?  Don’t just push your product to the Cloud, push your Company there as well! 2
  3. 3. Property of Buzzient, Inc. What is a Cloud Company?  SaaS product  Distributed development team w/external partners for scale  Distributed sales/service team (“JetBlue Model”)  On-demand back-office infrastructure  Minimizes hard assets via the sharing economy  Leverages a global network of talent  Enables an organically funded company to scale and compete 3
  4. 4. Property of Buzzient, Inc. Why move your Company to the Cloud  Real Estate is a luxury, not a necessity  A big expense, but is only utilized ~50% of the time at most  Why can’t ALL hard assets be like AWS, with ability to spin up/down capacity and where you need it?  Ability to tap into a larger talent pool  Breaks the “Tyranny of high cost locations” in high tech  Especially for Enterprise companies, puts your resources near your customers 4
  5. 5. Property of Buzzient, Inc. Product Strategy  Key element in product development is TRUST; team members have to trust that everyone will do their part regardless of location  Developing your product with a distributed team isn’t easy , but…  Once the product is GA, you don’t need the team in the same place  Git has moved the scrum meeting to the cloud; AWS, the server room  So, why not let everyone work from home/the mountains/the beach once your product is deployed? 5
  6. 6. Property of Buzzient, Inc. Talent in the Cloud: We are all 1099’s  Everyone a contractor, even senior management  Performance based compensation; no base/or small base salaries  Large upside potential from profit sharing, options and shadow stock  P/L rolls up from each individual person  “Profitability begins with YOU”  Aligns investor/customer goals with the company  Allows for parallel “gigs”  If you’re meeting your objectives, why not play in a band on the side? 6
  7. 7. Property of Buzzient, Inc. Development Talent in The Cloud: Destroy “Tyranny of Location” Who to Hire  20-something who deployed to Iraq  Ran combat team as a squad leader  Came back to US, enrolled in top 5 engineering program with 3.8 GPA in MS program  NOT in a major city, so “off the radar” Who Not to Hire  20-something who’d never left his home state  Complains about office chairs and type of cola in the fridge  3.0 GPA from a top 50 Engineering program  In a major city, so automatically a highly sought after development “ninja” 7
  8. 8. Property of Buzzient, Inc. Customer Service in the Cloud  “The JetBlue Model”  Provide the best service, regardless of location and personal profile  Tap into a larger potential workforce  Service doesn’t need to be centralized  Rural, Global, Regional talent enables low cost service and follow-the-sun  The Cloud puts EVERYONE in the service team, there’s no contact center in another building 8
  9. 9. Property of Buzzient, Inc. Enterprise Sales in the Cloud  Enterprise selling requires customer intimacy and knowledge  Only so much can be done over the phone; sub-$100K deals yes, but not $100K+  Customer demand is global; your HQ is probably not near your customers  Result: High T/E cost to visit key accounts  Enterprise Sales offices are more dead real estate => “Glengarry Glen Ross”?  Other than a place to keep the coffee machine…???  Conclusion: Selling should be done over the phone/web/on customer premises 9
  10. 10. Property of Buzzient, Inc. Enterprise Marketing in the Cloud  Inbound Marketing, while not yet proven for $100K deals, gets you in the door.  The best digital marketers are…well…digital  Not sitting in a CMO’s office, but in a small agency or studio building  Marketing talent is highly fragmented – no one person knows it all  Conclusion: A network of on-demand marketing professionals brings more to the table than a single dedicated team 10
  11. 11. Property of Buzzient, Inc. What do you give up?  Managing real estate, facilities, all the “stuff” which doesn’t add value to customers  Interrupts driven by service providers and other “payroll expanders”  “Geography = Destiny” behavior  “We must be good ‘cause we’re in Palo Alto!!!” 11
  12. 12. Property of Buzzient, Inc. What do you gain from a Cloud Company?  Clear, constant focus on 2 things: Product and Customers  Results-driven organization  Everything is performance based  Agility and Flexibility  “You can sleep in your car but you can’t drive your house”  Emphasis shifts from “Payroll Footprint” to “Customer Imprint”  The ultimate dent you make in the Universe is not the size of your payroll but the positive impact you have on your customers 12
  13. 13. Property of Buzzient, Inc. Running an Enterprise SaaS Company in the Cloud Tim Jones CEO, Buzzient