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  • Details of the API are available at If you are interested in the Siebel integration demo, you need to sign up with you corporate email address on our trials page.
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  • Could you send me the below details to my email id

    1. Where can i get this API?
    2. Please give me Business Service code to convert json to XML
    Thanks in advance
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Buzzientsiebelcrm 120504110642 Phpapp01

  1. 1. On Demand Education LtdBUZZIENT ENTERPRISE API
  2. 2. Buzzient Open API now online• – Full Documentation of both the Data API and the Engagement API – Testing Console – Enrol to receive API Key (required for API calls)
  3. 3. Data API• List of Posts• Specific Posts (Post Id, Author, Source, Keyword, Filter) sorted by sentiment, date, limit...
  4. 4. Engagement API• List of Channels (authorised twitter, Facebook accounts)• Reply to a Post• Publish a Post – Includes Integration Entity for linking to CRM system
  5. 5. Siebel Workflow Example• Using EAI HTTP Transport – Calling the Buzzient Open API – Getting Posts – Requires API Key – Output received in JSON format – Processed and Inserted into Siebel CRM
  6. 6. EAI HTTP Transport• SendReceive Method – HTTPRequestTemplateURL – HTTPRequestMethod• Buzzient Open API responds with Output including status and timeout / end of data flags
  7. 7. Output of API is in JSON Format Convert to XML using Web Service or Business Service
  8. 8. Siebel Operation Extract data from PropertySet and insert into Siebel
  9. 9. Summary• Buzzient Open API makes integrating Buzzient and Siebel Enterprise CRM easy by allowing Business Automation Workflow to call the API through Standard Business Services• Processing the Response can allow developers to retrieve information and insert it into Siebel Enterprise CRM