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Buzzient Webinar with Adam Metz; "The Enterprise Social Customer"

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Buzzient webinar theenterprisesocialcustomer

  1. 1. The Enterprise Social Customer: Taking Social CRM To The Next Level1
  2. 2. Agenda •  Welcome: Buzzient @buzzient •  Keynote: Adam Metz @theMetz •  Buzzient Overview: Tim Jones @tbjbuzzient •  Demonstration •  Q&A2
  3. 3. 3 Big Questions1. What
 2. What
 3. What

  4. 4. The Long Definition Social CRM is a philosophy and abusiness strategy, supported by atechnology platform, business rules,work flow, processes, and socialcharacteristics, designed to engagethe customer in a collaborativeconversation in order to providemutually beneficial value in a trustedand transparent businessenvironment. It s the company sresponse to the customer sownership of the conversation.- Paul Greenberg, CRM at The SpeedOf Light, 4th Edition ext
  5. 5. The Short Definition Social CRM is astrategy to makeconversations withcustomers whobring you moneyand make yourcustomers happy.
  6. 6. 4 Levels Of Social Customer Engagement 2011 Metz Consulting and The Pedowitz Group
  7. 7. 4 Levels Of Social Customer Engagement 2011 Metz Consulting and The Pedowitz Group
  8. 8. © 2011 Awareness CONFIDENTIAL
  9. 9. Want To Learn More?Grab a free 9-hour audio course
  10. 10. Customers are using social media – just not over your established channels …so how do you handle all this social media?12
  11. 11. The Solution: Buzzient Enterprise Posts about problems, Buzzient harvests issues, sales interest, content according to product opinion, your keywords feedback, etc. Take action, Buzzient stores and visualize content analyzes the related and analytics Social Media Analytics social media and Integration Platform Buzzient transparently integrates into Buzzient Analytics Siebel and Oracle Oracle CRM CRM On Demand Siebel CRM On Demand13
  12. 12. The Buzzient Solution •  Real Time Social Media Management •  Track social media sources like Twitter and Facebook, YouTube, as well as industry-specific blogs and forums •  Action-oriented Analytic Measurement •  Powerful sentiment analysis helps focus on posts that matter •  Works with Existing Workflows •  Perfect for customer service, sales, and loyalty applications •  Seamless Siebel and CRM On Demand Support •  Only Oracle-validated social integration app for CRM On Demand14
  13. 13. Social Media Integration Value Propositions Social Media Integration Use Cases ROI within Enterprise Workflows   Handle customer service posts from customers on social networks Customer   Lower support costs   Route and track service requests Service   Reduce churn   Communicate with customers   Find prospects who are considering purchase   Increased revenue Sales   Lower cost of sales   Create leads from social media posts   Track and respond to member posts Loyalty   Improve customer sat   Find new members on social Programs   Reduce churn media   Use analytics for brand sentiment   Effectiveness tracing Marketing G&A Cost Efficiency   Identify social media impact of   marketing programs15
  14. 14. Why Industry Leaders Choose Buzzient Key Attributes Key Value •  Largest collection of social media •  See a complete picture of Superior Data sources: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, customer and prospect social Acquisition RSS, Blogs, iTunes, Android Marketplace media •  Real time processing and historical •  Enable rapid response records •  Compare performance across Actionable •  See how you are doing over time product lines •  Discover “what people are Analytics •  Create reports in minutes talking about” •  Filtering posts by brands and products •  Cut through the noise to focus Powerful •  Buzzient Sentiment Index quickly shows how on what drive your business Filtering your customers feel about your products •  Auto-Close and route posts •  Siebel and CRM On Demand integrations •  Faster implementation Multiple •  First and Only Validated Social Integration •  No re-training as the functionality Enterprise Apps for Oracle CRM On Demand. is the same across all CRM support platforms •  Respond directly to users over social •  Quicker response times due to no Tracking of switching between social tool and media inside the enterprise application social media enterprise application •  Track all interactions in customer and interactions prospect records •  Eliminate need for duplicate work to coordinate social and support16 teams
  15. 15. Case Study: Entertainment Applications Online Community Management The Company The Challenges The Buzzient Solution The Results •  Entertainment •  Users were putting •  Provided a way to monitor applications developer comments in negative reviews in real time • Staffing costs •  Millions of players reviews •  Buzzient Sentiment Index reduced 75% •  15+ applications •  Lower review scores provides application while 4X •  Millions in revenue in were directly effecting managers yardstick for increase in 2010 downloads and usage tracking new feature social media •  In-app purchases introductions analyzed decreased •  Can respond directly to • Average monthly problem posts in seconds billings/user up 80% in 2011 • Revenue growth of 300%17
  16. 16. Buzzient Benefits: Make $ from Social •  Uncover new leads from the social channel and gain insights into your sales prospects18
  17. 17. Buzzient Benefits: Save $ with Social •  Improve customer support by easily routing issues from social media posts19
  18. 18. Buzzient Benefits: More Powerful Engagement •  Directly connect loyalty programs with social media to delight members and find new ones20
  19. 19. Buzzient Benefits: Save Time Using Social •  Use tools you already know to track social media programs21
  20. 20. For More Information •  Get the slides: •  Check out more use cases: •  Contact us: •  Follow us •  Twitter: @buzzient •  Facebook: •  Free audio course:
  21. 21. Thank You23