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iTunes U Reach Across the Ocean


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I presented this poster at OER13 conference, Nottingham, 26-27 March 2013. It shows the main findings of my project iTunes U Reach, funded by the HEA and JISC.

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iTunes U Reach Across the Ocean

  1. 1. iTunes U Reach – Across the OceanHow do overseas students and potential students engage with learning materials in iTunes U,and might this use impact their educational choices? The HEA- and JISC-funded iTunes UReach project investigated these questions by means of an online survey, focus groups,interviews, and observations from University of Leicester’s iTunes U launch.Terese Bird, Learning Technologist and SCORE Research Fellow, Institute of Learning Innovation,University of Leicester Twitter: tbirdcymru0  2  4  6  8  10  12  14  YesNoOnline survey N = 102Do you, or have you ever, used iTunes U? by country:Reason to use iTunes U Count PercentCasual interest 7 30.4%Learn specific topic 20 87.0%Establish quality ofinstitution’s teaching5 21.7%Learn another language 4 17.4%Other 2 8.7%Have these materialshelped you to achievethis aim?No  21.7%  Yes  78.3%  No  39.1%  Yes  60.9%  As a result of your experiencewith these materials, wouldyou consider studying at thatinstitution?0  5  10  15  Yes  -­‐  phone  Yes  -­‐  tablet  Yes  -­‐  mp3  player  Yes  -­‐  laptop  No   No  preference  Do you prefer to access these materials using a mobile device?Select all relevant options.I searched for ‘team management’ but I got‘Management for Dummies.’ Just snippets. Iwould have happily listened to an entireterm’s worth of lectures…If a university isreally using this technology for students, Iwould think, wow that is the way forward; Imight think to go there. --Germany, post-PhDDiscovered iTunes U when Igot my iPad. I’m a businessmajor but very interested inphilosophy and physics. I’mgoing through Yale’sphilosophy classes, watchingthe lectures, then using thenotes and quizzes to testmyself. I’m turned off to audio-only materials.—USA,undergraduateI am not sure how manypeople know about iTunesU, but we have our ownapp, Open Courses 网易公开课    which  takes  videos  from  iTunes  U  and  adds  Chinese  subItles.  Knowing  about  the  course  and  listening  to  lectures  would  help  me  to  decide  which  university  to  aLend.  –  recently  arrived  from  China,  postgraduateI was struggling with someconcepts in pharmaceuticalsand found some University ofAberdeen medical podcastswhich helped. I listened on awaterproof iPod while swimmingin the morning. Medical schoolsneed to offer learning material inpersonalised, mobile-readyways, because this is the kind oflearning students will expect. –UK, medical postgraduateOpen Courses 网易公开课How University of Leicester is doing iTunes U:• Liaising with academics to find those who were already producing and willing to share• Gathering and branding video, audio, text files – many from OER projects• Meeting in a group of academic, technical, and marketing representatives to choose materialsof desired technical quality and good content• Emphasising audio lectures and narrated presentations converted to mp4• Working with distance learning instructors who are interested to share ‘lecture-like’ material• Encouraging CC – BY - NC