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Mobile training and social media: leverage the power


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This presentation was delivered at The Innovation Leicester Conference 2014 at King Power Stadium for the benefit of businesses in the Midlands

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Mobile training and social media: leverage the power

  1. 1. Mobile devices and social media: Leverage the power Terese Bird Learning Technologist and SCORE Research Fellow Institute of Learning Innovation Innovation Conference 9 July, 2014 Photo courtesy of Dave Lawler on Flickr
  2. 2. What shall we talk about? • BYOD yes or no • Mobile training DIY • Case studies • Social media • Interactive Dave Lawler on Flickr
  3. 3. Let’s try BYOD! • Send an email to • And say in the email one positive reason or one negative reason for allowing employees to use their own devices for company business. •
  4. 4. BYOD Premise: Bring Your Own Device – what’s the idea? • Employees have their own devices • Employees have their own devices with them in every internal & external meeting • Employees’ own devices are often better than institutional equipment • Employees know how to use their own devices • Employees can save money by relying on
  5. 5. Promise: How many schools considering BYOD? ‘Tablets and apps in schools’ survey, May 2013 632 UK schools (327 primary, 305 secondary) (British_Educational_Suppliers_Association, 2013) 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 2012 - 52% 2013 - 67% Percentage
  6. 6. Leicester schools • “Some schools in Leicester are already supporting the use of student owned mobile phones in lessons. There are several drivers that make this a good time for Leicester schools to investigate an expanded and strategic approach to BYOD.”(Fraser, 2012) • Building Schools for the Future Programme • Network infrastructure • Digital Literacy • Write a policy or guidelines Photo Creative Commons by Charles Rodstrom
  7. 7. “We lifted the ban on mobile phones last term because we realised that the students (some 1600) of them had all got powerful computers in their pockets and we just wouldn't be able to afford to provide all of them with that level of technology.” -Graham Parker, Deputy Head and Head of E-Learning, St. Julian’s School, Newport
  8. 8. How BYOD is proving to be cost-effective • Schools don’t need as many dedicated IT suites – QEI and NW&H Colleges • Apps – get employees to recommend • Camera (can send to Flickr, Pinterest) or company sites) • Sound recording (SoundCloud, AudioBoo) • Voting
  9. 9. QR Codes for exploration and advertising Photo Tbird – taken at Centre for Alternative Technology, Machynlleth
  10. 10. DIY Ebooks • Epub files fit the device • Calibre – Begin with a Word doc – Save as htm – Import into Calibre – Convert to epub – Email it or post on site
  11. 11. Online training DIY video, audio, or text Put together online Wordpress Edmodo
  12. 12. DIY mobile training – case studies • Theatre for a Change registered charity • Leicester-Gondar Medical Link
  13. 13. Social Media • Twitter • Facebook • Pinterest • LinkedIn • YouTube • Tie everything to company website • Personal? Corporate? Check policy!
  14. 14. Storify: curate tweets from conferences • change-unconference-birmingham-ci
  15. 15. Conclusions Mobile learning and collaboration is the future present Social media – start small, do thoughtfully Make use of free online sites & tools Terese Bird
  16. 16. Thank you! Terese Bird • Bevacqua, J. (2012). Figuring It Out: BYOD Leadership Implications. Figuring It Out Blog. Retrieved September 25, 2013, from leadership-implications.html • British_Educational_Suppliers_Association. (2013). BESA press release: An increasing number of schools consider “BYOD” | BESA. BESA Website. Retrieved September 25, 2013, from schools-consider-byod • Childnet_International. (2013). Are you a responsible digital citizen? Digizen Online Game. Retrieved September 26, 2013, from • Fraser, J. (2012). Leicester City Schools Taking BYOD Forward | LCC SchoolTech. LCC School Tech Weblog. Retrieved September 25, 2013, from forward/ • SouthWest_Grid_For_Learning. (2013). South West Grid for Learning Trust - Cyberbullying. South West Grid for Learning Website. Retrieved September 26, 2013, from • Tablets_For_Schools. (2013). Choosing a Broadband Solution for School Tablet Schemes | Tablets For Schools. Tablets for Schools Website. Retrieved September 26, 2013, from