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Mobile devices, esafety, digital literacy: 21st Century Issues for Schools


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A look at how UK schools are handling discussion and guidance around esafety and digital literacy issues.

Published in: Education
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Mobile devices, esafety, digital literacy: 21st Century Issues for Schools

  1. 1. Mobile Devices, e-Safety, and Digital Literacy: 21st Century Issues for Schools Terese Bird Kazakhstan Scholars at University of Leicester 11th August, 2014 Photo by RiverVschoolLang on Flickr
  2. 2. 21st Century Problems • New sites, tablets and phones present new freedoms and new responsibilities • Prepare for adulthood by thinking and discussing appropriate use, and using for learning (not just for goofing around) • This presentation shows how UK schools discuss and provide eSafety guidance and address digital literacy issues in the current age of mobile device use
  3. 3. Cyberbullying • Schools treat cases of cyberbullying in the same way they treat bullying. Most schools have policies about these on their websites. • Gatwick School Anti-Bullying Policy content/uploads/2014/07/14-0606-The- Gatwick-School-Anti-Bullying-Policy.pdf
  4. 4. Example Anti-Cyberbullying campaign by St. Paul’s High School, County Armagh
  5. 5. eSafety videos • Online safety services • ThinkuKnow Internet Safety Resources: • Sign up for TES Resources
  6. 6. First2amillion – Online Peer Pressure • om/watch?annotation _id=annotation_39103 9&feature=iv&src_vid =HpHvj9JhBy0&v=Deb bx0SuntE • Discussion about online pressure
  7. 7. Josie Fraser’s Digital Literacy in Leicester •
  8. 8. • Example of teacher studying this topic with students creating the resources