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Mass-use models for OER


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Gabi Witthaus and Terese Bird presented this at the final SCORE event 11 July 2012 in Milton Keynes, UK. It covers iTunes U and the OER University as mass-use OER endeavours.

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Mass-use models for OER

  1. 1. SCORE Showcase 11 July 2012 iTunes U and the OERu: Two Different Ways to Reach the World Terese Bird: Sharing Practice with ITunes U Digital Educational Resources (SPIDER) Gabi Witthaus: Testing the OER university Concept: a National Study (TOUCANS)
  2. 2. SCORE Showcase 11 July 2012 IntroductionTesting the OERuniversity Concept:a National Study Sharing Practice with iTunes U Digital Educational Photo courtesy of dmroblero on Flickr Resources
  3. 3. SCORE Showcase 11 July 2012100 million adults can’t afforduniversity (UNESCO) Image by James Cridland
  4. 4. SCORE Showcase 11 July 2012iTunes U: free learning since2007
  5. 5. SCORE Showcase 11 July 2012
  6. 6. SCORE Showcase 11 July 2012
  7. 7. SCORE Showcase 11 July 2012
  8. 8. SCORE Showcase 11 July 2012Downloads as of June 2012University DownloadsOpen University, UK Over 50 million since June 2008University of Oxford Over 18 million since June 2008Coventry University 2.5 million in 2010 aloneUniversity of Warwick 1 million from Jan ‘09 – June ‘10Cranfield University 5000 in the first 10 days
  9. 9. SCORE Showcase 11 July 2012Users: ‘addicted’ ‘love’‘obsessed’
  10. 10. SCORE Showcase 11 July 2012International reach 3 June 2008 – 2 January 2012
  11. 11. SCORE Showcase 11 July 2012 iTunes U v YouTube YouTube iTunes U Ease to publish Easy Not so easy Ease to grab Easy-ish Easy Ease to adapt Not so easy Not so easy CC Catered but hidden Catered but hidden (?) Formats Video Audio, video, pdf, ebook Academic quality Mixed, diluted Very Good Internet connection Required at the time Not required at the time Software Any browser Free iTunes software Time limit 10 – 15 minutes* None Restrictions Banned in China, others None Restrictions in UK Schools don’t like Some unis don’t like Mobile-ready Smartphones, tablets All including non-smart iPods, best on Apple Ads Irritating ads No ads
  12. 12. SCORE Showcase 11 July 2012Conclusions from iTunes Ucases• Individual ways of implementing iTunes U based on university’s strengths, academic emphases, organisational structure• ‘BBC quality’ is great but not necessary• Capacity-building• Audio-only is good• Marketing is key
  13. 13. SCORE Showcase 11 July 2012Further research• Ebooks, iBooks, courses, and openness – there is a way!• iTunes U for learning in UK universities• iTunes U in other countries • Accessibility • Leap-frogging
  14. 14. SCORE Showcase 11 July 2012The OER university concept
  15. 15. SCORE Showcase 11 July 2012OERu Anchor Partners
  16. 16. SCORE Showcase 11 July 2012What is the OERu? Image by normanack on flickr
  17. 17. SCORE Showcase 11 July 2012TOUCANS Data Collection• Interviews with OERu network partner members (14)• Interviews with UK HEI thought leaders (11)• Survey among UK HEIs (42 respondents)
  18. 18. SCORE Showcase 11 July 2012Responsetheme (1) Photo by rightee on flickr
  19. 19. SCORE Showcase 11 July 2012Response theme(2) Image by Jans Canon on Flickr
  20. 20. SCORE Showcase 11 July 2012Key concerns (UK respondents)• Student support (volunteers are not seen as the answer)• Online learning seen as second best• Quality and QAA requirements• Assessment & credibility• True cost• Credit transfer difficulty• Perceived devaluation of qualifications
  21. 21. SCORE Showcase 11 July 2012Mass Models of OERConclusions• Compromise• Even small efforts can be successful
  22. 22. SCORE Showcase 11 July 2012With many thanks to…• Patrick McAndrew, Alejandro Armellini, Wayne Mackintosh and Angela Murphy for their support in the TOUCANS project.• Melissa Highton, Peter Robinson, Andy Beggan, Steve Stapleton, Andrew Law, Ben Hawkridge, and Catherine Chambers for their help with the SPIDER project.